Russian scientists closer to a flying saucer

Russian scientists closer to a "flying saucer"a step closer to the creation of the so-called plasma sheath for supersonic aircraft, which will allow them at times to increment the speed approached Russian physics. As told in the Samara branch of the Physical Institute. PN Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI SF) actually clarified the nature, structure and impact "of shock waves in a nonequilibrium environment," which appears around the wing of the aircraft.

According to one version, specifically by managing such waves will achieve the incredible maneuverability, which science fiction writers endow the "flying saucer" intruders from other planets.

"It is fundamentally understand all the details of the configuration of resistance and shock-wave structure — says one the effect of the researchers, a graduate student of Samara Municipal Aerospace Institute. SP The queen Rinat Galimov. — Without it impossible to pass the practical application of the idea of "plasma membrane" hypersonic aircraft. "

"By controlling the flow through the magnetic field can be controlled and by the aircraft itself, but you need to make the flow of plasma in the right place and with the right qualities," — said Galimov, who became one of the main developers of the topic.

For the work of a young scientist at the end of April this year, received the Medal of Russian Academy. "The work on the creation of the plasma membrane has been going on for more than 20 years. One of the fundamental in this area is the discovery of Russian scientists with the role of AI Klimov, made in the late 80's. This can be called the start of the birth of modern science — plasma aerodynamics" — says manager works manager. theoretical sector SB LPI, Dr. Sci. Nonna Molevich Sciences.

At the current time Samara physics began exploring the structure of shock waves in chemically active consistencies. At work there were also notable astrophysical applications. It turned out that such an approach is also applicable to the study of non-equilibrium of the interstellar gas, because research in this area posodeystvuyut shed light on the nature of some astrophysical phenomena, ITAR-TASS reported.

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