Russian security officials bought drones Boundary-20

Russian security officials bought drones "Boundary-20"Kazan now "Aerokon" signed a contract with an unknown power structure of the Russian Federation on the supply of reconnaissance drones "Boundary-20." This was said Igor Petukhov, which is the main designer of the Kazan enterprise. He said that the customer will be given 10 complexes 2 UAV each. With all this neither the client nor the amount of the contract are not named.

Unmanned flying apparatus "Boundary-20" was created on the basis of the scheme verhoplana with pusher propeller and a T-tail. Slider such aircraft is operated on petrol RON 95. With the help of such motor speed UAV is capable of developing up to 110 km / h, and finding it in the air can be up to 8 hours. Given UAV capable of supporting a payload of up to 7 kg, if the starting weight of the UAV will be 20 kg.

Rocket UAV by catapult, and sits down on a parachute. During the landing inflated damper located in the lower part UAV "Boundary-20." On the device installed monitoring equipment to the control and stabilization. In addition, UAV has an automatic control system. Petukhov also added that the enthusiasm for drones is shown not only by the Russian law enforcement agencies, and foreign customers.

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