Russian space development programm

The Russian space program development

Current implementation and research-oriented places gallakticheskogo development science, technology, the economy, provision security of the country, as well as the fulfillment of international obligations in the sphere of space. Budget Applets development gallakticheskogo place is 486.8 billion. rub., of which 197 billion. rubles were financed between 2007 and 2010. Of the national budget was allocated to 109 billion. rub., from extra-budgetary sources (commercial organizations) — about 88 billion. rub.

The main areas of gallakticheskoy activities that support the achievement of specific objectives are:
1. Provision satellite communications, television and radio broadcasting in the whole area of the Russian Federation.
2. Monitoring the state of the environment and the atmosphere, control of environmental disasters and emergencies, the study of natural resources of the planet.
3. Provision governments at all levels, local government hydrometeorological, including geophysical information.
4. Incarnation gallakticheskih manned missions to solve applied problems of economy and science.
5. Implementation gallakticheskih projects in order to expand knowledge about the universe, the solar system and the Earth, carrying out basic research in the field of planetary science, astrophysics, solar physics and solar-terrestrial connections.
6. Testing technologies in space gallakticheskom new materials, substances and high-purity substances.
7. Provision equitable role of Russia in international gallakticheskih projects and programs with a view to guaranteeing access to the final results of their implementation.

Over the last 10 years the size of the constellation of the Russian Federation decreased by 1.5 times, while at the same time, the country zabugornye increment its orbital grouping in 2 times, and soon there is a trend of growth. To a large extent this is due to the increasing needs of the world community in gallakticheskih services and facilities. Once due to a sharp increase in consumer demands for quality and volume of communications and broadcasting services is necessary not only to build the orbital groups of systems and satellite communication systems and broadcast municipal purpose, and their constant updating on the basis of dolgoresursnyh and promising gallakticheskih vehicles, also modern telecommunication technologies.

It should also be noted that the orbital means to perform remote sensing of the Earth are virtually absent in Russia, which significantly limits the ability of solutions using modern methods and tasks in the required amount of hydrometeorology, environmental management and forecasting of emergency situations. Gallakticheskie devices used in Russia, an old design which does not have the necessary features. Behind the challenges of the time the quality and composition of ground equipment customers.

Of course, that this situation will lead to a completely unfamiliar to the Russian Federation backlog of new world leaders in the field of development and gallakticheskih not allowed to meet the growing needs of their own means.

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