Russian tank fell victim to intrigues

Russian tank fell victim to intriguesCompany "Uralvagonzavod" wants to present to the Russian arms show Russian Expo Arms-2010 new T-95 tank. These plans may interfere with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, whose representatives said the closure of the development work in this area. Instead of T-95 obsolete before the birth, the military offer subsequent upgrading production model -90. Experts believe a similar point of view, at least, debatable. But he learned "RusBusinessNews" columnist, this debate is stupid, because the debts "Uralvagonzavod" make 10s billion rubles, and the establishment hopelessly out of date.

Municipal programm arms for 2007-2015. provides for the delivery of Russian armed forces modernized tanks 630 and 770 — a fundamentally new. Rearmament is to begin in 2011. Specifically, by this time of "Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau" (comes in JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod ") has promised to introduce a fighting machine 4th generation T-95, and an improved model of the T-90 series with the newest tower, a gun and an improved fire control system .

In April 2010, it became clear that the programm will be failed. Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin told reporters that the development work on the T-95 decided to stop, because in 20 years that they are carried out, tank hopelessly out of date. The question of whether to provide funds for the development of modern military machine, was left without comment. Representatives of the developer said that funds for R & D have not.

Not cope with the manufacturers and supply the army modernized tanks: improved version of the T-90 will not be ready before the end of 2010. This means that the "Uralvagonzavod" will be able to produce 630 tanks in the best case after 6 years — unless, of course, will be phased out all export contracts. Deliveries over the limit are unlikely to be stopped as there are countries willing to take the T-90. Capacity as the manufacturer is not enough to supply tanks and the Russian army, and for export.

The decision to close the "Project 195" (T-95) has raised eyebrows in expert circles. The fact that a month earlier by the Defense Ministry General Vladimir Goncharov said at a meeting of the Sverdlovsk Union defense industries that the T-90 — the last car of the day, and "Uralvagonzavod" so as not to be left without orders, should urgently develop a tank of the latest generation. On the possibility of upgrading the main fighting properties military technology developed in the 70s, a voice, and other senior leaders of the Russian army.

Managing the analytical department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Hramchihin not rule out that T-95 could become a victim of intrigue — faster commercial than political. The essence of this infighting, but it is not clear, taking into account the fact that the T-90, of course, is out of date.

Fellow at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Andrey Frolov implies that General Popovkin, maybe uttered: the project for the production of T-95 is not locked, and stops for a while until they have developed the 1500-strong engine and a number of other devices. Used on the T-90 unit capacity of 1000 hp for the new tank obviously weak. In general, even if the deputy minister of defense and has not mentioned, the expert said, in any case, his statements must be treated very cautiously come another general, and the position may change.

The problem, according to the views of Alexander Frolov, is different: Our homeland to this day do not determine to what kind of war it should be ready. For local conflicts is quite enough, experts said, and the upgraded T-90, why he is in steady demand in a number of Asian countries. Export potential of the tank so far from exhausted: the enthusiasm for him showing Libya, Turkmenistan, and several other states. Role in the modern global war will claim a fundamentally different approach to the development of modern technology. Previous installation — who thicker armor and gun stronger, he will overcome in war, no longer works. The most modern tank without air cover and turn it into battle management system becomes an easy prey to the enemy advanced. For advanced countries pay much attention to the means of protection of combat vehicles from homing weapons.

Our homeland can not brag that it is able to calculate and hit detection system and anti-tank guided weapons. Accordingly, it is not ready for a global war. But the desire to get into a series of highly developed countries have — at least in order to be on the world arms market. Shortage of funds for R & D, but it puts the Russian military in a situation of permanent choice between preparing for a local or global war. The lack of military strategy makes it difficult to answer the question of what tank Russian army is needed. This makes the additional tasks ailing "Uralvagonzavod".

The company produced during the Russian Union of up to 1,200 tanks in year, now lives in the main due to civilian production. With the onset of the crisis mastered by the construction equipment was not needed by the market, and the Open Society "Russian steel road" has strict requirements for quality cars. At the end of 2008, the factory sent a railroad gondola car 284 with the latest cart. In 2009 Russian Railways ordered 1.5 thousand of these wagons, but, as the press office Uralvagonzavod crisis has prevented their purchase. Made only had 305 wagons. Were not very successful implementation and conventional rolling stock. "Uralvagonzavod" is facing a severe shortage of orders. In 2009, the debts of the enterprise have gained 66 billion rubles, which made it a day lost 30 million rubles to maintain interest. In April 2010, says CEO Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko, the debt was reduced to 26 billion, but the problem remained orders — including military products.

Managing Rosoboronzakaz consulate in the Urals region Sergey Perestoronin said the 3-year contract for the supply of Russian army in 2008-2010, 189 tanks, "Uralvagonzavod" performed almost completely in the first two years. New agreement, which is likely to also be 3-year, the consulate has not yet acted. No, respectively, and means, although the Russian government has promised up to 80% of the funds for the execution of the state defense order list in the first quarter of the year.

Andrei Frolov believes that the funds in one form or another for Uralvagonzavod still forthcoming, and the plant will produce in 2010 100-120 tanks. These volumes are not in any way change the landscape in the Russian army. Alexander Hramchihin not vary that program from the municipal arms in 2007-2015 no one is going to do, and so to say what will be the state defense order for Uralvagonzavod quite unrealistic.

To "Uralvagonzavod" has become even more uncertain after the requirements of the Ministry of Defence to lower the price of weapons and military equipment by 15%. Immediately this steelmakers have announced price increases for its products by an average of 20%. Oleg Sienko told reporters that the company will have to cut staff to lower costs.

The plant is now required to pay by credit obligations 8,000,000,000 rubles year, it is very difficult to implement vkladyvatelnyh projects. On the creation of a "Uralvagonzavod" very outdated: even coloring products made by hand. At the current time Uralvagonzavod "grinding out" the latest ins
tallation of painting stripes and replace individual machines where it is very necessary. CEO of the company says that patching the holes to fix the situation will not work: need a brand new concept of manufacture of products from start to finish.

In the current projects being considered for deep modernization and development of existing companies in the iron and steel facilities. Not ruled out the option of building plants from scratch, because due to poor casting plant incurs significant costs and losing markets. The problem, but, in the absence of funds for the project. Means the country is coming in very slowly: the promised Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in September 2009 received 10 billion rubles into the bank account Uralvagonzavod only recently.

Noteworthy that specifically untimely financing of R & D is very overcast development of the latest generation of the tank and did not wanted anyone to T-95.

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