Russian TSAMTO was a scam

Russian TSAMTO was a scamPaul, finger, ceilings — these are three reliable source disk imaging forecast disposition for Analysis of World Trade Center tool.

When abbreviation TSAMTO have unsophisticated citizen of our country's outlook may appear that this center is the tremendous high-rise building with glass, steel and concrete. On each floor of the hundreds of highly qualified employees track down the real-time situation on the global arms markets, and provide on-mountain reasonable forecasts of future development of the situation in the sphere of military-technical cooperation (MTC). But in fact there is no structure. The number of employees — a staff unit. The office's registered office is not a swimming pool, not kindergarten. Near or bakery or auto repair. Paid in capital — 10 thousand rubles. Self-appointed director — Igor Korochenko. In my work, these are typical weapon "Barnyard" is used only secondary information. Representatives of the Russian expert community has repeatedly directed attention to the lightness and incorrect predictions TSAMTO, sucked out of 3 "P". Our story is just about the only one of the last puncture of the center.

To start pay attention to the "Moskovsky Komsomolets» № 26050 of September 25, 2012. Newspaper reporter asked the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Ruslan Pukhov (question and give an answer to one hundred percent)

— Usually they say that our home is a measured second place in the world after the U.S. arms sales. Continuously we are able to help in these positions? Which segments of the market are losing what stepping up? What regions of the world and the country are turning away from us, and which we still hold in our own field of impact?

— The measured second place of the Russian Federation to export weapons — is an old and very zhiznestoyky myth. Since the reasons for state pride is not that is not small, he strongly supported. In fact except for a few years, we have almost always ahead of England, which is an average of exports weapons to 8 billion pounds year, in other words, regardless of the program is 13-15 billion dollars here and there. Our exports last year — 13.2 billion dollars. So in the last seven or eight years, in most cases we were all the same a bronze medal. A first zero years ahead of Russia also French. Then they were in a period of very low sales and we have overtaken France. But since 2008 the French uniform implementation of its increase, and when the supply under contracts, for example on naval systems in Brazil and India, will begin in Paris will return his third place. We come on the heels of the Israelis, who are appearing at the level of sales of 10 billion dollars.

As far as our bestseller — it's Su-30 fighters, air defense systems, and some non-nuclear submarines in the least degree T-90S tanks. Excellent sold combat and transport helicopters landing in the near future grow rapidly implement training equipment. But the losses of the first I'd said our forced withdrawal from the Gaza military transport aircraft.

If we talk about the markets, that for the foreseeable future buyer naikrupneyshim Russian guns is India, with which the work is being done on a sustained basis in the ten-year programs. Although competitiveness in this market intensifies. Indians themselves evenly go into niche expensive sverhtehnologichny arms where we are weaker than the Yankees and Europeans, but the place for Russian products out there yet still be long.

Very comfortable and great friendships are formed in our case with Vietnam. First, zero years the Vietnamese took arms in Russia once a year only 100 million dollars, at the moment annual purchases exceed billion.

Very versatile influence on us and the Arab revolution. It is believed that in the end we lost them the Libyan market and are required at this time to suspend deliveries to Syria. But on the other hand, the Western intervention in Libya has urged the Algerian purchases, which seem to have made up for lost Libyan demand. Well, in Libya itself is not that exactly. Not the fact that at least stabilize the new government completely reoriented to Western sources of weapons.

Also in Iraq, we have litsezreem that the Shiite government spends far more independent of Washington's military-technical policy than it might have been expected. I hope we are still waiting for surprises.

But the real big disaster in the MTC system in recent years it has become Russia's accession to the embargo against Iran. As in the time read Talleyrand — Minister of Foreign Affairs of France at the time of Napoleon — it's worse than a sin, it is — a mistake.

Let us pay attention to the assessment of the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov prospects of military-technical cooperation with Iraq: "I hope we are still waiting for a pleasant surprise."

Obviously, here with his predictions in one of the news agencies and the network edition came out self-appointed director Igor TSAMTO Korochenko. Here's what he said, almost on the subject, commenting on media reports that in the coming years, Baghdad can buy from RF guns and military equipment worth 4.3 billion dollars:

"The United States will cut off any large purchases by Iraq Russian guns. Over the past four years — from 2008 to 2011 — Our home has sold weapons to Iraq in the amount of 246 million dollars, in the main helicopters. With all of this for the same period of the actual delivery of weapons and military equipment, the South American production amounted to 6.56 billion dollars. For the period 2012-2015 Our homeland while in general does not have any weapons contracts.

Based on these data, we can talk about the fact that the United States are kept well under control policies Baghdad's procurement tool. Expect that this trend will change and our homeland will receive contracts worth 4.3 billion dollars, is unrealistic. U.S. will block the conclusion of similar agreements. In the Russian Federation there is a certain ability to increase exports of arms to Iraq. But most of all, it can only be on the nomenclature of helicopters Mi-17 and its maintenance. What did Iraq for the foreseeable impact of procurement of Mi-28NE and MiG-29M/M2, it is entirely mysterious given the predominance of this sector of the American aircraft. "

In other words, self-appointed manager TSAMTO too bad about the prospects of military-technical cooperation with Iraq.

Together with those still at that time, informed sources have warned that plans to sign contracts for the sale to Iraq MiG-29M/M2, armored vehicles, air defense systems (namely 42 combat vehicles complex "Armour-C1"), and 30 combat helicopters Mi- 28NE. With all this Iraq almost become the launch customer for the Mi-28NE. In the first package, reasonably implied in the expert community, will include "shell-C1 'and Mi-28NE.

And that is what is called, announcements, under the heading "In the last hour." Last week, during a visit and. about. Minister of Defence of the Government of Iraq to Moscow 2-states agreed on the purchase of Iraq Russian weapons and military equipment. Moscow will supply Baghdad AME worth about 4.3 billion dollars. A similar agreement is signed for the first time since the South American invasion of Iraq.

On the issue of recovery of arms procurement Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki met in the spring and summer of this year. True professionals already done
forecast, In October, during a visit of the Iraqi delegation to Moscow to be signed big contract. And so it happened. Dmitry Medvedev and Nouri al-Maliki, which put an end to a string of negotiations on arms deliveries, was accomplished last week.

In agreements signed deals with the supply of 42 cannon and anti-aircraft missile complexes "Armour-1C" and 30 Mi-28NE. According to the deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko, Our homeland is also planning further agree with Iraq to sell MiG-29M/M2 and armored vehicles.

The signing of the 1st of large contracts in the sphere of military-technical cooperation in the recent history of the Russian Federation with Iraq, which until now are U.S. troops, Pukhov explained to 3-factors.

"First, of course, that the impact of the U.S. on Iraq is very exaggerated. Shiite government of that country starts to spend more and more independent of Washington politics, more than glancing in the direction of Iran, "- said the expert. The second important factor he called the personal contribution of the former Governor of the Federal Service for military-technical cooperation Misha Dmitriev, who as director more than once said that "you can not give up" and "need to continue to work with Iraq." In addition, Pukhov said, in the past 10-13 years, Russian arms exports have found a huge support from the Kremlin. "In such a piquant area as the MTC, very principled political support gunsmiths of the management of the country, and they got it and get so far" — identified managing CAST.

According to forecasts of the publisher of the magazine "Arms Export" Ruslan Pukhov, strategic buyers of military equipment and weapons from the Russian Federation in recent years are India, Vietnam and Libya. Although the revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East badly significantly reduced demand for Russian tool, still true catastrophe was the accession of the Russian Federation to the embargo against Iran.

Let us return to TSAMTO. As we litsezreem, forecast, made him manager, by and large the majority of positions does not correspond to the real situation. And simple enough, if we refer to the individual self-appointed director of the office of Igor Korochenko. It has the form in the amount of the provincial military schools (more never studied), to a minor officer positions served in the Armed Forces of 12 years (or a platoon commander or a company and dismissed from the army with the rank of lieutenant colonel at a very shameful to the article), experience in DIC has not.

Because one can only wonder at the position of the representatives of some TV channels, news agencies and online publications that publish forecasts and extensive commentary TSAMTO self-appointed manager. All this is sucked from the finger. And its exclusive source disk imaging TSAMTO does not possess any reports from its agent, allegedly rooted around the world, does not, so that all the forecasts, estimates and comments TSAMTO — is less than the outlook separately taken person. And such professionals with a butterfly net in hand on the area of 3 stations can catch a fish tank in an hour. But the value of their statements and forecasts about the need to keep in mind is always to be less than 20 cents per bundle.

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