Russian-US counterterrorism exercises

Russian-US anti-terror exercises

May 12, 2012 Russian military delegation flew to the U.S. Navy for a role in the first-ever 2-of US-Russia Counterterrorism doctrine, which will take place on the territory of military base Fort Carson (USA, Colorado).

From the U.S. side to accept the teachings of the role of special operations forces unit of the Army U.S. Army, from the Russian side — a special intelligence unit of the destination of the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces of the Navy military unit stationed in Kubinka and a control group of Airborne Command.

Plan of teaching at the preliminary investigation stage foreseen Russian paratroopers South American infantry weapons, gear and equipment, reconnaissance and communications, parachute systems and methods for landing.

Development of personnel of foreign weapons and equipment will be held at the military base of Fort Carson's training ground in the course of employment, organized by the American side.

At the preliminary stage, after adequately prepared, Russian paratroopers will conduct qualification and combat small arms fire from the U.S. Army, along with South American employees will be trained in mountain training program there, and subversive of the case, will make teaching and training in army parachute parachute systems, the South American production.

The active phase of the exercise will take place at the end of May this year In the process of joint reconnaissance and sabotage operations South American and Russian soldiers perform combat training puzzle to detect, capture and destruction of a large database (the camp) international terrorists.
The military base Fort Carson posted near the town of Colorado Springs (USA, Colorado). Here are housed the 4th Infantry Division U.S. Army 10th Special Forces Group operations, 4th Engineer Battalion, 13th Operations Support aviaeskadron Army Air Force and other units.

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