Russias role in European energy security: A new perspective

As reported by the newspaper "Sight", "Rosatom" suggested the use of "North Stream" is not only to supply natural gas to Germany, and for the supply of electricity there. The offer of "Rosatom" is, that to build a Baltic Sea gas pipeline along the cable, powered via the Baltic nuclear power plant under construction.

The offer is dictated by considerations of a possible appeal to Germany, which recently refuse to use its own nuclear power plant and is likely to face a certain lack of electricity. This attraction can be called even relevant intrigued, especially when you consider the current international situation around raw Near East countries.

Russia's role in European energy security: A new perspective

Press-service of "Rosatom" confirms that in the case of the project, the electricity in Germany will go with the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant, which is under construction in the Kaliningrad region. The project provides for the construction of nuclear power plants 2-units with a total capacity of 2.3 GW. Commissioning of the first unit power plant is scheduled for 2016.

As for naikrupneyshgo project to provide energy safety Europe gas pipeline "Nord Stream", by which of RF piped gas to Germany, his first trumpet is already working its launch in September last year. And at full capacity is to be launched by the end of this year.

The offer of "Rosatom" just in time. Recall that the policy of not using nuclear power plants and the development of other energy based on renewable energy sources, was hailed by the German government after last year's tragedy at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima — 1". Due to the reduced amount of electricity generated, Germany is currently faced with significant growth rates. Michael Suess, member of the Board of Directors of Siemens, said that in the case of non-nuclear power plant before 2030 Germany would lose more than 65% of its own annual GDP.

Do not add fuel and energy and optimism Germans fact of permanent impermanence in North Africa and the Middle East — a region of prosperous oil production directly depends on what energy safety the whole of Europe. Due to the never solved the problem of civilian confrontation in Egypt, able at any moment to break out the newest force is still possible development of events in this country, as a result of which will likely overlap of the Suez Canal, through which the mainland receives about 50% of its oil consumption and oil products. According to estimates of professionals, in the case of overlapping the Suez Canal, the oil price could double.

Today's reality is that Europe and its core — Germany nowhere to expect stability in ensuring its energy security, except on the part of its own powerful neighbor to the east — RF. Accidental whether the fact that Germany has abated quite anti-Russian rhetoric, not so much as the far-right with their calls for the return of "native German" lands of East Prussia (Kaliningrad region). In this sense, the land of the rising sun's position on the status of the Kuril Islands looks particularly tough — still: Japan where the least energy-dependent RF, although in this direction are likely the root configuration — the movement for a complete rejection of nuclear power in the country after the events in "Fukushima — 1" has become even stronger, and abilities in a crisis the Japanese economy for the creation of much-or at least an adequate supply of other countries are not so much . Neither geothermal or tidal or wind energy is not able to provide a more fully the needs of the least developed economies or, much less such as the Japanese or German. Professionals in the global energy industry in one voice they say that the country is now capable of absolutely move on to other sources of electricity, does not exist, because it is unrealistic. For stays or develop nuclear energy, taking, by the way, not only the well-known risks, and taking advantage of obvious environmental benefits — peaceful atom if properly used a million times more environmentally friendly fuel oil or coal. We will not, but this raise endless questions, saying only one thing: Our homeland will continue to develop nuclear energy — the energy of the future, and the rest — a private affair Germans, who, according to Putin, will soon be "heat with wood," wood of our "Northern flow. " They do not have to "go after them in Siberia" — judging from the pace of climate configurations, Siberia, in comparison with Central Europe will soon appear inhabitants of the Old World real tropical resort.

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