SaLuSa, October 19, 2012

Now we are on the threshold of a great moment of your journey through duality, which will end leaving your current measuring those who are ready to ascend. This does not mean that things will change soon, but it will lead to the fact that you will rise to a higher dimension, where you'll be with other souls who have a similar vibration. You will have a life in which you will learn close harmony and happy relationship with all souls.

Rudeness and confrontation that you face today, gone forever, for those souls who are causing you problems, not ready to ascend. Ascension for those of you who have awakened to their true self and tends to rise. When you can take all the other as one with you, and live their lives, giving unconditional love, then you will be a great example of someone who is ready.

If you do not feel ready, but still wish to ascend, focus on climbing up, making every effort to achieve the goal. You probably do this at this time, because in your world now comes large amounts of energy, and you'll attract them to himself. You will learn that this is because few souls can accept energy, not feeling the effects of this. This can be felt as a slight dizziness and a general feeling of lightness in your body. There are other conditions that can make you believe that you can get sick, but they will soon go away without any consequences. You probably will find themselves able to remain calm in the face of negative forces, and that curbing emotions allow you to reach this level. At the same time you will be an example to others who will benefit from your presence.

Light continues to grow steadily, and it carries you forward faster than ever. It reaches its highest peak of December 21, 2012 and will Ascension of Mother Earth and all of the souls who are willing to go with her. By then you'll be confident in the safety and future of those who choose a different path, and everything happens as it should according to universal laws. Simply put, it states that no soul can not go up until it reaches a similar vibration. All taken care of, and at the time the Ascension every soul will know what has to happen. Due to the end of the cycle will be the natural changes that open up to you the next stage of your journey, leading you on. For every soul there is always the possibility of all.

In some ways, life goes on as usual, but you can already see the signs of imminent change. How much pain will depend on your government, and how quickly they adopt new ways that they are offered. Military power will not delay the change, although the Illuminati offered to apply it against us if we try to make the disclosure and to appear on Earth. We can easily deal with these threats, but we do not want to cause conditions that may affect you. We all stand for the disclosure as soon as possible, but it should happen in a peaceful manner. Whatever it was, it can happen when you least expect it to, because there is a lot more than one country, who support such a declaration.

You have been patient for such a long time, and it is very much appreciated, but be aware that events should begin very, very soon. We are ready and we rely on our allies, that they paved the way for our arrival. In the meantime, live normally and accept events as they happen from day to day. Over time, all your needs will be met, even though some of you will experience more discomfort than others. We all know what can happen, and we shall not let the situation out of control. We protect you and guide you on the path for a long time, and now here we are present in the greatest numbers than ever before. We still can not unmask many of their ships as long as do not address all threats to us. Once this is completed, we will make a huge demonstration to welcome all of you.

In the early days of UFO sightings we had regular contact with those whom you would call ordinary people, but even so, their experience has been deliberately hidden from you. We even took them to travel to your solar system, showing them that the other planets also have intelligent life, and still attempts to hide the details. After the disclosure of evidence will be absolutely irresistible, because you will not only humanoids are out of your system, but also from other star systems. We were separated from you for too long, and we share your excitement at the thought of meeting you.

The Galactic Federation of Light in any case is not a military organization, but there are forces in the universe, from which we need to protect ourselves. This is mainly dark forces reptilian group, but we hasten to add that there are others with peaceful intentions. In your Galactic history there are many stories of massive war between civilizations. But that era has passed, and the warring groups has been declared the world, and part of our responsibility is to monitor compliance with the world. On your Earth still has evidence of their visits, but they are not always recognized and the way they are ignored because it does not fit with the standard version of your story. In fact, a large part of your history is a fiction and a little reflect the truth. These are the questions that we be clear, because it is important that the facts are known.

Keep looking forward, for the event is about to start to happen, and you will not be disappointed. Dark forces ran out of steam when it comes to imposing his will for you. They are like a toothless tiger, but still they need to avoid and curb to completion. Many of you know who their leaders are, as we know it, and we will not allow them to rise again. Money while they buy them time, but they never will buy them the freedom to escape justice for their crimes against you. Never too late for them to change, and it will be reckoned to them if they left their desire to continue as before.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I see the clock begins to break through midnight, and the countdown has begun. So stay a cold-blooded for some time, for he who waits, and to be rewarded. Yes, God bless you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light
Translation: Sergey Z

Category: Channeling

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