Sanat Kumara. People about future events.

The events that will soon begin to happen in human society, and the world at large, will be unusual in the sense that they have not previously occurred and are not clear if they are not explained in advance.

The fact that people, living their lives in linear time, become accustomed to the fact that the past is what has already happened, and the future — what will happen. But now, before going into the fourth and fifth dimension, the planet and people are almost close to this critical point, so to speak, can occur and will occur events that do not fit into the usual framework of world order, that is, do not fit the linear flow of time .

One of these events, which will occur in the near future, is the appearance of the living creatures that scientists believe died on the planet millions of years ago. You will see firsthand dragons, dinosaurs and other animals, which until that time was known only to the design, created by fossil skeletons. These animals are alive, they are not extinct, but simply moved to another dimension. That is, there was a transition for them for quite a long time by your standards.

They will appear in different parts of your planet, they will see not only the seers, but also people with normal vision. They will come and go suddenly, appearing only for a short time, but they will have time to take pictures, and most people will see them only on TV, in the news. Be aware, this is not a hoax, not a computer game and not extraterrestrial aliens. They have always lived close to you, but in a different dimension, or, as you sometimes say, in a parallel world.

Another event that is waiting for you and which you must notify in advance. This appearance on your planet many things about which you have not heard anything and do not know. Those orbs, which now is in the pictures almost every amateur photographer with a digital camera, it is, as you mentioned, different entities, who came from different parts of the universe as observers and assistants, will be manifested in the physical body. That is, they are already adapted to terrestrial conditions and were able to lower their vibrations to the formation of the dense physical body. But their bodies are different from men, because they are not typical of your anatomy and physiology. Therefore, they will be in the part, but the dense, that is visible to the eyes, the body.

So I want to warn you ahead of time, do not panic, be prepared for any guests in your homes, in the woods or on the street. Now it's your neighbors on the planet. They will not cause you any harm, they are here to help you, protect you. And the worst damage which they may cause you, it's instinctive fear, because even knowing of their existence, any, almost any person will experience fear of the unknown and unfamiliar to the consciousness of being.

Further developments that will occur on your planet, eventually cease to scare you, because your consciousness expand to such an extent that can easily accommodate all of that would not have happened. And you do not will need a preliminary preparation, as now. That's all I wanted to say.
Loving you Sanat Kumara.

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