Scientists have found the zipper on an altitude of 100 kilometers from the Earth

Astronomers Cambridge Institute found signs of the most common lightning at a distance of 100 kilometers from the Earth in what is called the thermosphere, where no oxygen at all.

Lightning appeared in the place where the Earth's atmosphere ends and space begins (line pockets) in appearance of the aurora. And no volcanic eruptions recorded in a given time was not, that would cause a similar phenomenon.

The upper limit of the thermosphere — about 800 km. Temperature rises to the heights of 200-300 km, where it reaches values of the order of 1500 K, and then remains almost constant up to high altitudes. Under the action of ultraviolet and X-ray solar radiation and cosmic rays are ionized air ("aurora") — the main areas of the ionosphere are inside the thermosphere.

"We have a 90 percent chance of sure that it was the lightning. Maybe it's natural anomaly, but we will continue to monitor this area of the sky, "- said George Airy, a student at the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge.

Astronomer also revealed that shortly before the events of his friends in the UK have seen unusual flashes of light in the sky on a clear day, but did not attach great importance to it.

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