Scientists have proposed an explanation of the anomalous heat in Russia 2010

Climate change is "slow" movement of air in the atmosphere above the mid-latitudes, and may stay there for a long time the warm air masses — is, in particular, could cause abnormal heat in Russia in 2010, the authors of an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .

Scientists have suggested that heat waves, for example, in Europe, in 2003, in Russia in 2010 and a year later in the U.S., may be a common cause — the anomaly process of air circulation in the atmosphere in middle latitudes. After the analysis of meteorological data for 1980-2011 years, researchers have concluded that climate change is caused by human activity, can create the conditions for such anomalies.

"An important part of the global air traffic in the middle latitudes of the Earth — the wave," vacillating "between the tropics and the Arctic. On the way" up "the waves bring warm air from the tropics, and down — from the Arctic cold. We found that in the last cases of extreme heat waves on the week "froze", not bringing cold air to replace the warm, "- said the study's lead author, Vladimir Petukhov, whose words the press service of the Potsdam Institute for Research on the effects of climate change (PIK).

Climate change does not mean a uniform temperature rise in all regions — for example, in the Arctic is warming faster, causing the temperature difference between the northern region and the middle latitudes is gradually reduced. According to the authors, this factor, along with the different rates of heating and cooling the oceans and continents, playing a key role in the formation of abnormal air flow.

Scientists generally do not directly bind specific extreme weather in some regions, such as hot summer 2010 in Russia, global climate change, but it is believed that under the influence of this process the frequency and magnitude of such events will increase. As the authors of a new article of the proposed mechanism may explain how it "works" this relationship.

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