Scientists predict that Icelands new cataclysms

MOSCOW, September 2 — RIA Novosti.Earthquake of magnitude 3.2, recorded Icelandic weather service near Katla volcano on Friday morning, has allowed scientists to determine the most likely "candidates to the eruption" of Icelandic volcanoes, said in a Friday newspaper Iceland Review.

This earthquake was the continuation of seismic activity in the region. Earlier on Sunday, there were two tremors, east of the volcano Hekla a magnitude of 2.4 and near the volcano Katla magnitude 2.3. The strength of the current earthquakes, as noted in the article, does not exceed the maximum value for Iceland this summer: the most violent shocks that occurred in the area of the volcano Katla in July, had a magnitude of 3.8.

According to the newspaper, geologists are expecting an early disasters, but volcanoes Hekla and Katla can be considered as the next "candidates for the eruption."

Earlier Icelandic media quoted the scientists reported that the earthquake occurred on Sunday, did not indicate an awakening volcano.

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