Scientists recommend catch in the Pacific in 2013, fewer salmon

Far scientists recommend a possible catch in 2013, 313.2 thousand tons of salmon, which is almost a third less than the actual catch this year, told RIA Novosti the Pacific Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (TINRO Center) Konstantin Osipov.

"At the meeting of the Far Eastern specialist Salmon Council, held in TINRO Center, scientists have determined the recommended catch limits for 2013 in all six species of Pacific salmon, it will exceed 313,000 tons. Possible catch volume compared with record catches in 2009, 2011 and this year, when fishermen in each fishing season to produce more than 430,000 tonnes, "- said the source.

According to him, the reduction due to the fact that the major share of the total catch — salmon, stock condition is very variable and difficult to predict, especially in a constantly changing environment.

According to the observations of the salmon population experts initially decided to give below the predicted figure, especially in the basin of the Okhotsk Sea, where the odd-numbered years, his approach is mainly limited to the coast of Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands.

"Due to the partial funding of research, which severely limits the ability to fully capture all the waters of the Far Eastern basin, it is difficult to develop a precise picture of the status of salmon populations and the capacity to harvest," — said Osipov.

He stressed that scientists provide information support to salmon fishing throughout the year. In 2013, the accounting will be constantly surveying the number of individuals that will adjust the level of the forecast catch salmon up to 50% and increased. Therefore, the actual catch may exceed 400,000 tons.

"This year, the possible catches of salmon were corrected more than 20 times during the year. Thus 2012 was a record year for catching salmon in even-numbered years, the history of its fishery and the total catch of all species was about 438,500 tons. According to experts in the period 2014-2015, it is expected to steady growth in the Far East salmon fishery basin ", — he added.

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