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About an unusual human being sixteen appearance, which lives in the water and comes ashore only in search of food, fishermen have long told of the Indian state of Karnataka. Power to the stories treated like an obvious tale. But the realities of our time prompted them to seek the truth. The police laid food on the beach near the village Tenginuagundi and ambushed. At night, a mysterious young man out of the water and went to the bait and was caught …

Rune mystery Shah

Known ichthyologist Hans Pettersson in 1948 stated that at depths greater than 6500 meters there is no life for a pressure of 650 atmospheres die even the simplest organisms. But only a year later, experts from the Danish expedition ship "Galatea" by lifting the dredge from a depth of 10,190 feet, found in her dozens of sea anemones, sea cucumbers, bivalve shells and many other creatures. They lived there, where the pressure is turned into a fine powder lowered from the vessel glass floats!

According to some scholars, from ancient times on the planet next to earth exists underwater civilization. The Sumerian legends, for example, found a description of race "monsters poluryba-half people," which led Oanka came out of the sea and taught the people writing, science, and housing construction.

Japan has long been a legend of the "reed people" who are able to live under water. To VIII century Japanese prints depicting one of the "reed people" on his arms and legs are clearly visible membrane with claws.

Also in Japan believe in Ning — the mysterious sea creatures similar to humans. It is believed that they are immortal. The man who ate meat ningyo can live a very long life, in fact, himself to become immortal. Popular legend tells of a girl Yao-hime, whose father gave the meat to try the "sea of man." She lived 800 years after that, saving face 15-year-old girl. In honor of her temple was built.

But legends legends, but in XX and XXI century in many countries recorded numerous eyewitness who claimed that they saw water, mermaids or creatures like them.

"At the end of March 2003 on the Caspian Sea appears strange creature reported Azeri trawler fishermen from Baku."

"" For a long time he was sailing far away, going on a parallel course — said he came down to the shore in the Iranian port of Anzali, local newspaper Zindagi shipmaster Gafar Hasanov. — At first, we thought the big fish. But then noticed that the head of the creature hair, and the front fins and does not fins and … hands! '"

A little later, with the captain in Azerbaijan Hasanov did not want to even talk. Well swim people abroad, drunk, hangover naplel knows that, and believe it, then why. The Iranians, however, by the revelation of a visiting captain reacted differently.

According to researcher Eugene Kamyshev, gathered a lot of information about the "phenomenon of the Caspian," the residents of Iran before rumors of a man of the sea. But after the publication of the newspaper faced a wave of letters and appeals Iranians in one voice say that after waking up in February 2003, submarine volcanoes in Babulsar and enhance oil production in the Caspian Sea Fishermen on the sea and on land not seen a strange-looking creature.

About Marine humanoid beings in all cases identical. Slightly below average height, 165 — 168 cm, thick, with raised comb stomach pinnipeds feet, four toes webbed hands. Leather lunar color. Hard black and green (probably from algae) hair. His arms and legs slightly shorter and thicker than the average person. Nails grow not only on the fingers, and on the tip of the nose gorbovidnogo, forming something like a dolphin's beak. Ears are not visible. The eyes are large and round. The mouth is large enough, with a protruding upper jaw, with smoothly into the neck (no chin) of the lower lip — reduced similarity shark jaws.

In Iran, the human-amphibian called Rune Shah, that is lord of water and rivers. In places, the appearance of the fish greatly added, as if he was always floating in the midst of his subordinates.

Fishermen have seen Rune Shah emerging from the depths of, say: surviving fish in their coastal networks feels like his approach. For two or three minutes before man amphibious fish becoming active, becoming almost candles on the tips of their tails, and — for the fish completely unnatural — uttering barely audible gurgling sounds. And Rune Shah answers them throaty gurgling bubbling. In this case, attempts to release the fish and does not take into contact with humanity does not want to join.

Interestingly, according to E. Kamysheva both. Romantically inclined scientists have already expressed the view that they believe the stories of Iranian fishermen. Rune Shah repeatedly seen in fishing villages between the Azerbaijani town of Astara and Lankaran. In this regard, marine scientists have suggested that this is not a copy, but a family of people underwater, extremely dissatisfied with what humanity has made the Caspian Sea.

Papuans were selling meat "Ichthyander" in the market

Until recently, the "people of the sea", as they are called Papuans, one often found in coastal waters of New Guinea. Local natives claimed that they met with hundreds of times "Ichthyander", at which the normal human body below the waist ended huge fin.

A famous American anthropologist Ray Wagner, who collected in New Guinea eyewitness accounts, there are "people of the sea", found out that they live in groups of 40 — 50 and when the creatures are swimming together, line up. Their skin is shiny and white creatures, they look like people, except the mouth, lips because they are straight and thin. Females have large, round breasts in males — sexual organs of a man. Legs — from knee to ankle — stuck together, and the feet in different directions. Black hair and very long.

July 5, 1983, when Ray Wagner and zoologist Richard Greenwell located on the Bay of Ramat Bay, local children suddenly began to show their toes in the sea where splashing humanoid creature with a shiny, supple body coffee and white. It jib jump out of the water and then again disappeared in the waves.

The scientists asked the Aboriginal boat and sailed the strange sea creatures. Anyone feeling the threat, was slowly away into the open sea, while Wagner and Greenwell were convinced that "Ichthyander" could easily develop and more speed.

Greenwell tried several times to take pictures of the sea people, but every time a scientist placing the camera lens, he was hiding under the water, and, in the end, finally disappeared in the abyss.

In the following days, scientists have several times seen the creature, which seemed very watchful eye. Any attempt to persecution, it is immediately hidden under water.

Back in the U.S., researchers shoveled mountains of literature in the university library, comparing them memorable appearance marine humanoid beings with all known mammals of the ocean, but nothing like has never been found.

Incidentally, the Papuan tribes has long belonged to the "men of the sea" as a game, as the meat in high demand in the markets, and for him to pay big money. But after the departure of Wagner and Greenwell home fishermen could not go out to sea. The fact that, in the coastal waters of the giant fish appeared needle. She suddenly, like a bullet, jumped out of the water and through person sews.

Most likely, the "people of the sea" thing of the depth of water, stir, and drove to the surface of the most dangerous fish needles.

The village is under water

Fortunately, fans of gourmet meat Papuan not have the ability of amphibians and did not follow "Ichthyander" in the depths of the sea. However, for good reason, it is believed that the original people — being water. History has preserved for us a lot of evidence is truly amazing possibilities seemingly ordinary "land" people.

No, it's not about record-setting divers, which was mentioned above. In some provincial areas of the planet and still live only ones that are "tucked in his belt" of any diver. Their art, they do not advertise and use it only in the most extreme cases.

Here he writes about them famous traveler Ivan Sanderson.

It was in 1932 in the then British colony — South Cameroon. Once the official resident of N. Cleverly told that Ibibio people in the area do not pay taxes. He, without hesitation, ordered immediately investigate the situation and punish the guilty.

And I must say that the Ibibio area at that time was completely covered with swamps perished. The people there lived on a small plot of land cleared of lush tropical vegetation. However, the messenger "to pacify the delinquent taxes," a band of soldiers safely made his way through swamps and landed on the shore of the island that housed the rebellious village. To the surprise of the military, it was completely empty: gone not only people, but animals …

Then tax collectors have seen that coming to the island cockleshell with people. It were local natives were returning to the village after a long absence. Arrived immediately took the turnover and forced to confess to hiding the villagers. Prisoners of war have led to an unusually pure for these places the creek with a dam, asked them to lie down and look at the bottom. There, deep in the clear water, at a depth of 2.5 meters the soldiers saw … the entire population of the village!

Men, women, children and old people were sitting on the floor, leaning against the steep bank, or to each other. Their faces were serene. They all seemed to be asleep! In this case, the air bubbles from the breath of the surface is not raised. At the feet of "Ichthyander" were woven baskets, which were dogs, cats, and monkeys! Picture, according to one of the English-witnesses could swoon anyone.

Villagers forced out of the brook, and then the doctor, who was in the military unit, examined some of them. To his surprise, the indescribable, Africans felt fine and were ready right now to go back to his underwater hideout.

A detailed report on this fantastic event colonial authorities sutured to other business papers, as well an official document.

"On another occasion Sanderson said sociologist Geoffrey Gorer. Once he and his friends went to the local ocean coast of Senegal. On the African coast, apparently deciding to hit the white man offered Goreru look at a curious folk custom of walking underneath the water. Senegalese with solemn mien on his face suggested to look over the side. At the bottom of wandering naked fishermen tied instead of ballast stones and harvested seafood, though they were mushrooms or berries, put them in baskets and sent to the surface of the rope. "

"Asking the fishermen, Mr Gorer learned that every diver can remain underwater for up to an hour. For this they swallow some medicine that helps them to manage the circulation of blood. But what is this medicine, Goreru never found out. Fishermen were not going to disclose to him the whole secret. "

Mermaids and water — our ancestors?

Swedish biologist Jan Lindblad has put forward the hypothesis that even before it appeared on earth the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals in fresh water and next to them were living beings, which scientists named "ikspitekami" water primates, do not need gills and successfully bypasses the lungs .

Ikspiteki have sufficient layer of fat that protects the body from exposure to cold, streamlined body and hairless skin. Amphibian legs were longer-hand, they are slightly stooped gait.

Initially, before the advent of «homo sapiens», «Ichthyander" belonged to the whole planet, but in an era when the warming ice water went into the ocean and many freshwater ponds have dried up, the situation changed radically. People amphibious were forced to "reservations" — a perennial swamp, deaf inlets and deep lakes like Lake Baikal …

In these places, according to Jan Lindblad, feral and slowly dying descendants "Ichthyander" and still live a beautiful name swamp devils, water and mermaids!

Paranormal researcher Alexey Kazakov somehow managed to talk to the border guard officers 3., Who in his youth had the opportunity to provide medical care to one of these "water". The case was still in the Soviet times Kagul swamps near the Romanian border.

"When the service is enabled, I was hunting in wetlands — a huge lake, overgrown with reeds, — says Z. — that September day, I rode about twenty kilometers from the border, motorcycle — the road, dressed in boots and went smoothly. Behind me left the road on which I came, left front — wheel, standing on a small artificial dam.

Silence, rustling reeds, but that is — I hear some groans are heard by an excavator! Listened like a man. Approached — and me in a cold sweat with surprise cast.

"Though I am an atheist, and now, really, for the Lord God remembered. Floating on" cake "is kind of eerie humanoid creature. Black-brown body, some oily, long, dirty, matted hair, the beard to the navel, covered in green slime

I walk closer. I see — all in the eyes and red veins like a drunken man, maybe the pain and blood loss. Then he came to like and said to me, something that it gurgled, or zakvakal. He raised his good arm, pointing to the wound, and then I was thrown back into the pot: I looked, and between the fingers on his hand — the ear, like a duck. Then he his webbed fingers on an excavator and shows something of his own gurgles like bubbles under the water let me. Then I realized that the day before, during the reclamation works, it hooked bucket and get hurt, so he "talks."

I went up to him, took the field first aid kit, an injection of tetanus — he did not even flinch, cleared his wounded arm of leeches, bound higher lacerations harness. I see you nodding your head, thanks. I gave him a few cubes injected glucose. After a few minutes he felt better, he sat down on the reed island, pulled the foot out of the water — and then I saw his feet as flippers — large, webbed.

He sat for a moment on the mound, and then my back went under the water, almost scraped my boots — and the more I saw of him … "

On another mysterious case says a resident of Nizhny Tagil A. Azisova. As a child, with his father, she went through the Ural Mountains in the village of Elizabethan Smorodinka to the creek. About three hundred meters away is the abandoned graphite mine. In place of the long-standing production formed narrow, but very deep lake, whose banks are already overgrown with bushes and trees.

It was there that my father's daughter showed some humanoid creatures with arms and legs of a man. Father and daughter for a long time watching them. These strange creatures appeared out of the water and climbed a tree, from which every now and then jumped into the water. At the same from them came the melodious "singing" without words …

Road to Atlantis

But "Mermaids" and "water" numerous witnesses are found not only in fresh water, but the salty seas and oceans! It turns out, lives in the deep sea is another dead-end of humanity, pushed in ancient times under the water? Many scientists in this connection remember the legendary Atlantis, owned complex technologies, and then because of the tragic circumstances sufficiently moved by the water.

Ancient legends say that the Atlantean civilization far superior to the cultural and technical level of all modern nations it, is at the stage of the Copper Age. Another group of legends indicate that the court mechanics last kings of Atlantis did not just mechanical drives for ships, but also underwater and air vehicles. If this is not an exaggeration, it is likely that a large part of the inhabitants of Atlantis was able to survive the catastrophe that destroyed the continent, move the water and settle there for ever.

Deep-sea research conducted in the Atlantic Ocean at the foot of seamounts Ampere and Josephine (projected area of finding sunken Atlantis) have enabled scientists to see firsthand the stairs that go to the caves, vertical and round off the "walls" built of huge stones, some arches, transitions behind which may lie underwater entrance to our fellow …

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