Secret areas: Legacy alien architects watch online

Secret areas: Legacy alien architects watch online
In various parts of the world, archaeologists find and explore the huge ancient structures that were more than 10 thousand years. This town, buildings, caves and amazing stone figures. Who and for what purpose built these megalithic structures?

Pyramid Cheops Giza and pyramid Sun in Teotihuacan complex — have a repetitive geometric proportions. The layout of streets and squares of Teotihuacan — is a clear model of the solar system, and the pyramidal complex in Giza -Repeating arrangement of Stars in Orion's belt.

"Alien dwarfs"
Ufologists call these creatures — "gray" and said that people malehankih growth once lived on the planet Atex. after it broke out global tragedy Lilliputians moved the Earth in the underground of the town, which have built themselves and in the event of disaster gallakticheskoy …

Hidden areas — a series of programs

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