Secrets of subtle matter

Most people realize, a few even believe that the physical body has an energy basis. This framework in the esoteric tradition called "etheric body", it provides a number of surprising phenomena and effects, and simultaneously serves as a source of mass speculation. The existence of the etheric body also questioned many of the principles of traditional medicine and points to its alternatives.

Esoteric view of the world suggests that a man has seven subtle bodies: atmanicheskoe, buddhialnoe, causal, mental, astral, etheric and physical. These bodies and their relationships are the main tools used by man in his daily life. And he appears there is much more complex than it seems at first glance, and thus acquires an additional perspective.

Higher, atmanicheskoe body knows the most common religious and world outlook of man, it can be represented by means of such concepts as "mission" or "ideal". In buddhialnom body reflected the basic contours of human destiny or the main plot, there lay the key internal setup man, including his attitudes, outlook and methods of philosophy. Causal body contains information about specific events internal and external life.

Each event is marked in the causal body the brighter, the more significant it is for the individual and the more connected with the past and future of his life.

If the three higher subtle bodies are difficulties for ordinary perception, then as you get closer to the body of the physical situation becomes clearer. For example, the mental body is an instrument of rational thought and consciousness.

It is important to distinguish between the mind and the mind: the first record certain information and the flow of energy, the second is to interpret, that is, takes on a symbolic language, and in addition, creates mental models. The most amusing that simulates the human mind and his own, that is to each of us creates his own mental model (in other words, such as myself thought), using the general social concepts and ideas adopted by the surrounding society.

Esoteric (Greek, inner area) — a concept that emerged in the school of Pythagoras. Originally, it meant the knowledge that is available only to a small circle of initiates, that distinguished from esoteric exotery, which refers to the explicit, external, knowledge available to everyone. Today, under the esoteric meant any belief system, based on non-rational ways of perceiving and understanding the world, making the esoteric tradition includes lots of different sources of information and events. Any esoteric doctrine presupposes the existence of the astral plane, that is a reality that is fundamentally different from the material world.

From the point of view of esoteric everyone is not only the physical body, but also of energy, so-called thin bodies of nested dolls on the principle. Although the concept of "body" in relation to intangible structures existing on the astral plane, looks quite ambiguous, it was confirmed in the esoteric traditions of the West. Initially, the concept of subtle bodies originated in the spiritual teachings of the East (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism), and only in the nineteenth century, thanks to the theosophical school (Blavatsky, Besant and others), is widely used in America and Europe.

A distinctive feature of our century is the rapid mental fact that emotions (their own and others) are not experienced as much as comprehended by man. Therefore, the specific emotion is often thought of people only as good a reason to talk about it. As a result, modern man has an average of more than modest astral body (primarily responsible for our feelings), and therefore often has an emotional hunger and frustration. At the same time, the astral experience much closer to the true interests of the people (to the fact that he cares "in the heart") than the mental reactions that much ephemeral. Culture of the astral body is, first, the ability to restrain the lower emotions, and secondly, the ability to perceive and experience the rest.

Diseases of the physical body is usually preceded by violations of air power.

Finally, the etheric body is the energy basis of the physical. About them and we'll talk in more detail, as these bodies are easier to understand and are perceived by most people as the most important. Here we look at the range of phenomena and effects that, on the one hand, well-known to everyone, and on the other, are the subject of speculative interest in the general public, gravitating to the miracles, especially in light of the problems of their own health.

Etheric and physical body

All information about the structure of the physical body is in his ethereal analog, according to her growing child, and older people recovering from illnesses and injuries. Diseases of the physical body is usually preceded by violations of air power. The state of his etheric body the person feels a presence of vitality, vigor, vitality, tone, and immunity.

Etheric body receives energy from three sources: his neighbor feed the body — the astral and physical, as well as the environment. The influence of the astral body in the air is determined, in particular, the influence of mood and emotion on vitality. The influence of the physical body to air is even more pronounced: it felt after various exercises and activities (eg, walking in the woods) and in the process of digesting food. The third source of energy of the etheric body — is the human environment (which can, however, and his poison), it is represented by the four elements: fire, earth, air and water.

Whatever role the environment plays no, the main sources of energy of the etheric body is in man himself: his astral and physical bodies. Lower energy vibration of the etheric body gets physical, rather, it takes a portion of the vibrations produced during food absorption or active action. In the first case, the ready to take the energy of the etheric body is an appetite, which will also tell the person to which it is food it needs.

The feeling of hunger — a manifestation of the direct requirements of the etheric body to the physical, "Give energy," or simply, "I'm hungry." If a person is hungry for several days, a sense of the need for food is often weak or even disappear altogether, as the etheric body partially rebuilt powered energy decaying physical body fat and, in addition, establish a much more intensive exchange with the environment and the astral body.

If a person eats without appetite, then the energy of digested food is sent to the more subtle bodies, bypassing the air, causing, for example, severe emotional stress in the astral body: a person begins what is called a mad fat.

The physical body is in the esoteric understanding studied very bad — its capabilities are significantly higher than those to which used modern civilization. Through the physical body, in particular through its specific movement is sometimes materialize highest vibrations and movements of the spirit. And vice versa — depending on the spiritual development and metabolism are in the physical body, and its chemical composition. It is known, for example, that the remains of the holy elders were not subject to decay. All of these important facts, however, is very poorly understood by modern science, which has a very scant idea about the structure, composition and functioning of the physical body.

Chained Together

It is important to realize that not just the subtle bodies co-exist in the structure of the person, but also interact with each other. It is easy to trace the following example. In the absence of adequate amounts of energy in the etheric body, immediately bad mood (astral body begins to starve.) Then slows down the thinking, introducing human intellectual stupor, and freeze events (decreased mental energy, and later causal bodies), then weakened and questioned attitudes, based on a specific human experience (buddhialnoe body stops under the causal-impregnated) . This, in the end, lead to a loss of faith in the ideals which the person lives.

For those whom this picture is not very scared, can be drawn back chain: from the higher to the lower body. Thus, the lack of impact on the body atmanicheskogo buddhialnoe leads to the fact that man is losing ground, that is his position in life and set sail, becoming lightweight and flimsy for him.

A weak stream of buddhialno th body causal life presents no interesting events — the nightmare of modern civilization. On the mental level, this leads to the terrible boredom and dullness of perception of reality, and such a "hunger strike", in connection with a total sense of the meaninglessness of existence, inevitably causes negative emotional experiences. The man lost the desire of the sensible reality. A weak flow of the astral body in the air, usually generates heavy power depression: people just do not have the energy move hand or foot. As a result, it can end in disaster: the weakness of the etheric body prompts, for example, uncontrolled growth of cells of the physical body (cancerous tumors).


What is health? Before discussing this question, you need to determine which came first: the health or illness, whether to consider health as the absence of disease or, on the contrary, the disease as a health problem. In my view, the second point of view is more legitimate: health should be called a state of the subtle body (any) under which the burden on his lot, do not cause significant damage and a large imbalance, and do not result in damage to the other bodies.

Vitality, stamina, and resistance to various infections of the physical body on the state of the etheric body, for diseases of the physical organs and systems necessarily precede a problem with their broadcast counterparts. Good etheric energy gives good protection to the physical body. People do not have it freeze, with some effort, can walk barefoot on coals or without harm to himself to keep his hand in the flame of a candle, it does not burn out even the smallest hairs. On the contrary, the gap of the etheric body is intractable disease corresponding physical body. Because doctors' efforts should be directed precisely on essential treatment, but otherwise will not be able to overcome the disease, or it quickly resumed after sham recovery.

Depending on the spiritual development and metabolism are in the physical body, and its chemical composition. It is known, for example, that the remains of the holy elders were not subject to decay.

Culture of the etheric body of an ordinary modern man is very low. We experience it only in cases where there are strong ethereal disorders accompanied intense physical pain, then listen unwillingly.

However, there are times when even the most ethereal outsider clearly feels his etheric body. This happens, for example, in the following cases:

hunger and thirst, or, on the contrary, a pleasant fullness after a delicious meal, sleepiness, fatigue after heavy physical work or vigor after sleeping in the open air, nausea, when the physical body is preparing itself to wrest from him the wrong ether product; physical contact with loved ones or, conversely, unpleasant person, at the beach, in a warm bath or a hole.

At the same time it is important to feel the essential structure of a normal healthy state. This will determine how the well-being of all the organs, and the efficiency and beauty of human movement. Clumsy, awkward movements, inability to round corner table without touching it constantly slips out of his hands and crashing on the floor of small items, dishes — all this gives a person no longer in contact with his etheric body, and because living in disagreement with him.

However, the external traffic is not all, also the most important. Imagine you, as arranged your wrist? Does it seem to the elbow?

In fact, between the hand and forearm are placed in two rows of eight small bones rather complicated form, packed in joint capsules so as to ensure the brush is much greater wealth of movement than the forearm relative to the shoulder.

Thus, the study should not only visible, but hidden under the surface of the physical body movements. You must have a good idea of tensing and relaxing the muscles, sprains, moving bones in the joints, and more about what the average person never thinks until you feel, for example, severe pain in the ankle or burning sensation in the urethra. Culture etheric body includes accurate and courteous behavior with individual essential organs, according to their spatial relationship to the physical counterparts. In the interests of both the body and it is, after all, is an excellent prevention of diseases.

Developed etheric body, which can stably transmit through a powerful flow of energy, you need a good actor, singer, lecturer, speaker and trainer of animals. Etheric energy Sounds like bass in a symphony orchestra — it is the basis, the foundation on which lie the astral, mental, and finer vibrations.

The boundaries of the etheric body are fickle. If a person is healthy and feels good, it goes beyond the physical to a few centimeters or tens of centimeters.

Etheric body is at all things and objects, and when the man comes into contact with them, there is a kind of meditation. Its character depends on the person as a cat can be ironed on or against the grain, depending on what she starts to purr or claws, and with any thing you can access a pleasant way for her or not.

On the ability to build relationships with things, though it may seem paradoxical, depends largely on the ethereal atmosphere in the man and his energy. No need to be a psychic to experience the etheric body CUSHION: if it does not feel the hand of the "field" at a distance, it's easy to run your hand over the surface, and much of the tactile sensations will refer it to the etheric body pillows.

Objects around people all the time, get used to it and adapt to it, except the already quite disorderly persons and frank essential vampires, ready to break and destroy the energy field of any thing. Usually, such a person is touching a shiver of disgust — the etheric body tries to get rid of the unpleasant intrusion. Appearing in the room and working on it, ethereal vampire can roughly by a barbaric, erase all the spatial power room that it survives as an aggression and humiliation. Conversely, you can try to gently blend into the interior, finding a place which the room is ready to offer you. Moreover, one is able to completely change the space of the room to another, even without moving from the place where it sits or stands. To all individuals in the room was uncomfortable and restless enough to one of them to sit down in an apparently uncomfortable position for himself — this nervous even closet and chandelier, not to mention the people.

Physical behavior in the social space — is an art that few people possess, in spite of its great practical importance. It's amazing how few people see and feel your physical body, and almost do not realize what effect it has on the area and surrounding. Typically, a person identifies themselves with the astral ("my emotions"), causal ("the events of my life") or mental ("My Thoughts") body, having a physical absolutely false impressions.

Modern man knows how bad harmonize their physical behavior with the state of the world, leading to a mismatch between the internal organs and body parts. For example, urban residents do not pay much attention to the road surface beneath your feet and always acts as if the asphalt. As a result, muscles, ligaments, and the bones of his feet and legs are extremely monotonous load (compared to the one that is calculated), and of the myriad of interfaces muscles, ligaments, and bones actually operated only a small part. From this, first, weakening the etheric body, he does not have enough energy physical movements, and second, the legs become clumsy, unable to agree to work their muscles.

Any person can easily feel the difference between the motion of the positive balance of ether, which increases the etheric energy of the joint (muscles, ligaments), and negative when the power is reduced. In the first case, it is subjectively experienced as a pleasant tension produced by outsiders to the joint forces, until the light of pain, perceived as healthful. After the cessation of tension in the joint feels pleasant warmth and fullness of life energy — so the etheric body is grateful for the recharge.

Driving mode with a negative balance of ethereal etheric energy reduces joint, ligament, organ. Say they work overload, wear, and the etheric body to urgently take energy from others of its parts, throwing her body laden. In this circuit, built the entire modern sport, in fact little different from the bullfight, which serve as the athletes, and banderilleros and Picador are spectators, coaches, referees, and the whole system of competition.

Must take into account large differences that may exist between the subtle bodies of a single individual: for example, he may have a rude and cheeky astral body, but the quiet, humble and downtrodden physical, and sometimes vice versa.

Smaller than that of professional sports, but no less devastating for the evil man is sedentary. In this case, the physical etheric body transmits energy only through food. Of course, neither of which positively ethereal balance is not out of the question, because it occurs only at a certain (and not too big or small) load on the muscles, ligaments, joints, and then they become warmer and independent sources of energy and heat.

Good etheric energy provides excellent protection of the physical body: the people do not have it freeze, with some effort, can walk barefoot on coals or without harm to himself to keep his hand in the flame of a candle.

Great exercise for the etheric body is a long-distance running cross country. At this time there is not only an intense meditation in it, but there is an active interaction with the physical body and the environment. Currently, a person is considered healthy if he has no pain and is able to walk up the stairs to the third floor, so that it was not a highlight of the day. However, these figures — not the limit. Patients should be any person who can not easily run a forest path ten miles an hour.

During this time, time to "ring out" all of the major organs, and they are turning to the person at a time and you can manage to talk with everyone, listening to his requests and complaints, and then make the necessary arrangements.

Modern Western medicine and under the influence of the social subconscious regard man as a car, but a disease — a defect of any parts. It is very convenient for doctors, allowing them to be narrow specialists, but it is not in the nature of the body in general, and the etheric body in particular: the disease of any body is merely a symptom of a separate violation of the total energy potential of the person.
However, the rules of etiquette prescribed filing claims in the first place to himself. I respect his etheric body? I love him? Listen carefully whether or respond only to signals deafening alarm accompanied by severe pain and complete loss of strength?
The art of living is largely in collaboration with his own body, which not only takes care of itself, but also delivers remarkably accurate signs, visible only to his "master" and relating to any and all areas of its concerns and activities.

Based on the book "The Return of the occult, or the tale of the seven thin" and "subtle body."


The 20th century turned the majority of conceptions of the nature of things.
Major contribution to the development of human thought of the past century have scientist Nikola Tesla, the mystical philosopher Rudolf Steiner and psychologist Wilhelm Reich, one of which was fully convinced that the world is ruled by power. Today, many researchers believe that the visible world the physical world does not exist outside of the vast energy field and is just a reflection of it materialized substance.

American physicist Serb Nikola Tesla was extremely popular at the beginning of the last century, but then went into the shadows of Einstein (the theory of relativity, he contrasted his theory of the ether, which was not supported by the scientific community). However, in the last two decades, interest in the ideas and personality Tesla suddenly broke out again. Perhaps because he, more than anyone else in the XX century. Managed to synthesize scientific and esoteric notions of reality. Such synthesis appears highly relevant especially for the day. Tesla had no doubt that "our world is immersed in a vast ocean of energy, we are flying in the infinite space with the speed, everything rotates, moves — all the energy."

Any material phenomena scientists explain the resonant interaction of photons that make up air. Therefore, each object is visible reality emerges from the ether, and it is at the end of their life dissolves. Essential field structures, in addition to the matter, time, space, physical strength and other values that a person operates in the course of their lives. Tesla's theory of implied that the energy can be transferred to any distance at a speed exceeding the speed of light, as it is known, is fundamentally contrary to the findings of Einstein. Recent scientific experiments and parapsychological experiments show that the rights most likely was just brilliant Serb.

Tesla was different from the vast majority of physicists a new era that skillfully combines theory and experiment. He, for example, created in the laboratory "globular lightning." This experience, by the way, still vainly trying to reproduce other scientists. And at the end H1Hv. in Colorado Springs, scientists carried out a unique experiment in the wireless transmission of power, being able to make a special transformer electromagnetic discharge at power greater than atmospheric lightning. Located away from the lab 200 white hot lights of the received energy. After a few years in the legendary tower laboratory Uordenklif, 60 miles from New York City, he is using some kind of experiment, "lit" the sky is not only over the largest American city, but over the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tesla's amazing ability to transfer energy through space led to the legend that the Tunguska explosion over — the work of a genius inventor.

Tesla was convinced that the time for his most important experiments is not yet. Therefore, soon after this unique experience he ever left Uordenklif and moved on to other classes — the good, the range of his scientific interests was very wide (some inventions Tesla made more than 800, including, he invented the AC generator, invented antenna and discovered the principle of radio).

Ethereal beings

No less popular than the Tesla only among Mysticism and spirituality, at the beginning of the last century used Rudolf Steiner. He also lived a very colorful life: created the Anthroposophical Society (with the idea of combining science and religion), supervised the construction of the temple Getenaum, was the founder of Waldorf education alternative, the purpose of which — the free development of children without the stress and educational cliche. Steiner's collected works (including transcripts of lectures) is 574 volumes.

Austrian philosopher doubted the existence of the etheric body, and insisted that it is — "not the product of matter, an independent real essence that animates and supports the physical matter." Steiner claimed to be able to see the etheric body of the people to the naked eye. Subsequent discoveries revealed that all living creatures emit electromagnetic waves in the form of glowing sparks. So, in theory, very insightful person able to see the ethereal outline of another person.

Steiner's esoteric concept implies the existence not only of the etheric body of individuals, but also the public broadcasting world, with which it is associated is much stronger than an individual 'I' person with material reality. In this ethereal world, there is also a lot of essential things that a person implicitly contact throughout their lives. What he considers his "I" is only a reflection of the true, essential "I" in a physically sensible world.

Steiner believed that, in order to learn to differentiate between the aura of people just need to wake up his "spiritual eyes."

Comprehension of its ethereal essence (and through it — the higher energies of the universe) is possible through internal exercises, the goal of which, as expressed metaphorically Steiner, is to cease to live in "the element of heat," where resides the physical body, and begin to live in the "element ease. "

Raich v. REICH

The concept of the Austrian-American psychologist Wilhelm Reich can be considered as a synthesis of ideas and Tesla Steiner. Reich believed that in nature there is a special kind of energy — orgone, which determines the existence of all living organisms, and, above all, people. According to scientists, orgone, penetrating into the human body becomes the creative force that lies at the basis of sexuality and other active forms of activity. Reich believed orgone sense of the sixth sense, the most important of all.

Mental and physical health of the people believed Reich, is directly related to their sex life (by the way, he introduced the concept of "sexual revolution", and long before the beginning), so any artificial ban on sex by society is fraught with serious consequences. Reich was actually a pioneer in body-oriented therapy, trying to teach patients, from his point of view, the main point — the ability to earn and orgone.

His famous book "The Psychology of the masses and fascism" visionary Wilhelm Reich wrote in 1930 and 1933, just at the time when the authority in Germany successfully broke through Adolf Hitler.

After the Nazis came to power, Reich moved to the U.S. where he subsequently developed an apparatus for the collection and concentration of air power — a box with six walls made of alternating layers of metal and organic materials. Scientist attempts to put into practice orgone accumulator, which allows, in his opinion, to raise the level of human orgone, angered the U.S. authorities. They ordered Reich to stop their activities, decided to burn all of his books and publications, and then imprisoned psychologist in prison, where he died seven months later of a heart attack.

Quantum PERSON

American physician, philosopher and author Deepak Chopra Indian origin at the end of the last century, put forward another theory linking the ancient esoteric concepts and ideas of the scientific revolution in the XX. Chopra suggested that the physical body is the gateway to the quantum human body, in which each body has its own equivalent.

Although the fluctuations of quantum particles are extremely weak, man, thanks to its high sensitivity of the nervous system, is able to catch them. This determines whether the interaction between two bodies. At the same time, the energy at the quantum level is extremely high, which makes the people in the event of a successful "use" their quantum body, beings with limitless possibilities.

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