Servicemen of the Russian military base in Armenia received new navigation system

More than 200 new, modern navigators "Perun", "Grotto" and "Breeze" was received in the current year adopted a Russian military base stationed on the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Devices compatible with navigation systems GLONASS and GPS, which improves the reliability and accuracy of their application.

Navigators are able to work up to 12 hours in active mode at temperatures from -30 ° C to +55 ° C, under conditions of high humidity and exposure to rain. They also have the ability to program up to 200 routes.New Navigation "Perun", "Grotto" and "Breeze" use a wide range of frequencies have increased resistance signal, greater accuracy in determining the coordinates and increased resource supplies. 

In addition, received this year's systems can solve a number of tasks in preparation for firing and fire control units: the topographic data to determine goals, calculate the proofs for the shooting, etc. 

Practical application of navigational equipment during combat training in the infantry, reconnaissance, artillery and other units of the military base will start in the summer training period.

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