SINP contribution to space exploration marked on the state level

Medal "For Merits in Space Exploration" awarded to employees of SINP Yuri Logatchev, Ivan Yashin and Ilya Rubinstein,
reports Press Service Institute.

Yuri Logatchev, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, received the medal for the experimental study of cosmic radiation in the near-Earth space in the magnetosphere of the Earth, the inner and outer heliosphere. These studies now have the ability to diagnose the interplanetary space and thereby ensure maximum safety of the astronauts flying.

Ivan Yashin, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, received an award for participating in the experiments to study high-energy cosmic radiation of galactic origin. He — the leading artist of the first satellites of the university "University — Tatiana" and "University — Tatiana-2". Currently, Yashin is the chief designer of the scientific equipment satellite MSU "Lomonosov".

Merit Ilya Rubinstein, candidate of technical sciences, to develop several types of spectrometers of energetic electrons and protons, complex scientific instruments for experiments on board the satellite "Cosmos", "Lightning", "Horizon", "University — Tatiana" for research Earth's radiation belts were also recognized at the state level. In addition, the scientist performed several tasks nuclear modernization workshop.

The medal "For merits in space" is a state award, established by decree of the President of the Russian Federation in honor of the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight into space. The obverse of the silver medal round diameter of 32 millimeters is shown which starts the first space launch vehicle R-7 and three stars. On the flip side — the inscription "For Merits in Space Exploration" and under it no medals.

This state award honored cosmonauts and space industry workers for his great achievements in the field of space activities. In general, a medal awarded to individuals for research, development and use of outer space for his contribution to the development of missile and space technology and industry, for training, for research and design activities, as well as for the implementation of international programs.

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