Sivakova assets are not frozen by accident or not?

The European Union is preparing to fix upushchenni the list of Belarusian officials banned from entering the EU. In particular, thither Yu Sivakova suspected of laundering money, eliminate duplicates and delete the person is no longer alive.

"For many members of the European Union is clear that the list of persona non grata and must be Yuri Sivakov, who is suspected of money laundering", — quotes the EU Observer's European diplomat. — We are working on this together with diplomats in Minsk. This technical specification, which is easy to do. "

65-year-old Yuri Sivakov is now the Vice-Chancellor of the Minsk Institute of Management and has taught at the Academy kryminalegiyu Republic of Belarus.

It is unclear whether he is engaged in a commercial activity. But 2006 He has collaborated with a company called "honor" of suspected money laundering by $ 1.5 million a day in favor of high-ranking officials of Alexander Lukashenko, — writes the EU Observer.

Former Minister of the Interior was listed as banned on the territory of the European Union in connection with a suspected him of involvement in the murder of four opponents of the Belarusian regime. But he did not enter either then or now in the list of persons whose bank assets be frozen.

Inaccuracies in compiling lists of representatives of the EU account for difficult working conditions in the country with a repressive regime.

On the question of whether what Sivakou hitherto not included in the list of people with frozen assets, mean that it creates the patronage of one of the European Union, a senior diplomat in Minsk, said: "I can not exclude it."

The current list anyway must be updated. For example, it appears twice Judge Leonid Lasyanovich (his name written in a different script), and the list will be vykrasleny Michael Pischulenok since he died.

Thus, after the list of amendments nvyaznyh will consist of 156 people. Previously, it had included one hundred and fifty-eighth

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