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Many of us are in the process of completing their old stories. This means that many of the delinquent behavior patterns, ways of perceiving and limited long-suppressed emotional fallout rise to the surface, so we let them go. This will continue as long as we do not stop wearing them inside.

Our old stories need to be completed before we can start writing our new stories. Most of us faithfully seeks to complete our old stories, we were able to finally start living the true life as the truth, and to find its new true destiny. Fortunately, many of us no longer resist burning bridges in the past, and they are willing to let go of the old stories. But there are still those who cling to them because of fear or a sense of familiarity has long been exhausted. Although this time it took just …

Some of us have already completed their old stories and put them aside. We expect the start of our new stories. Since then, as the eleventh place Activation Gateway, we are in a deep state of Sacred Pauses, integrating and connecting with our advanced new LANDSCAPE Diamond Invisible.
Do we live now in our old stories or new — is the main factor that determines what kind of experience we will experience this year. If we still write our old stories, our experience will be completely different from what we would experience if started a completely new story. Therefore, the main priority now — complete our old stories as soon as possible.

2013 is full of the green signal, juicy melons and golden opportunities implementation of our Wildest Dreams and even display elements of what is beyond our Wildest Dreams. These are dreams that are too numerous to see them from our current perspective. These are the dreams that we did not dare to dream, simply because they we most want and they tell us are most needed.
Many of us have given up their Wildest Dreams and resigned to the fact that they do not come true in this life. We learned how to handle any given us a crumb like a delicious cake, reducing your dreams and making them more accessible. And in spite of this, we are on the verge of execution of our Wildest Dreams. They materialize this year. They come to us to be much more significant than anything we can currently imagine. All we have to do is finish writing our old stories, put them aside and take a pen to write in a very clean, new book.
We need to significantly develop our game in 2013. This is the same year in which to everything we say, think, do and feel make a real and genuine. We can no longer compromise or hide any aspect of themselves true. We must be true every second. And then we can start writing our new stories, and our Wildest dream come with amazing ease.


Since the 11:11 Doorway first opened in 1992, we were living in the two systems of reality simultaneously. There was also the old world and the new world of duality Oneness. For many years we have tried to stand with legs wide apart in these very different realities, sometimes jumping back and forth. But as the separation between them has become even stronger, we have to choose which reality we live.
Since resonance Ultra Greater Reality Matrix Unity has never been stronger, the duality matrix weakened and began its long collapse. As an example of the terrible but accurate analogy, it was like cutting off the head of a chicken. Hen began to make its long dance of death, spraying blood and tumultuously. This is what we have experienced over the past few years. During this time, the duality of fighting for its survival. It may seem that things are getting worse and worse in the outside world, but the days are numbered duality. She left a short time. We do not cherish it, because it is no longer our dominant reality.

In 2013, the world of duality will continue to flash terrible disgrace. At the same time, the Ultra Greater Reality will continue to grow stronger. And not only — they are completely separate. World of duality does not cease to exist, but two of these realities will become more and more invisible to each other.
In this manifest a clear division between the old and the new. Manifest separation between the truth and those who are still motivated by selfish offices. The division between rich and poor will become even more prominent. But since many people are losing their financial support, it will change their outlook on life.
Choosing which reality implant itself this year, will have far-reaching consequences — more than ever before. We can no longer mix of energy that do not match each other. Such attempts to become as awkward, we just have to make a choice and live what appears to True. Circumstances or created by us as the internal pressure will force us to make decisions in your life that resonate with our true knowledge of the heart.

The difference in the resonance of these two realities will create two different worlds, which, although they will be for some time to coexist on the planet will be less and less influence on each other. New world will be born in the middle of the old world, who is dying around us.


During activation, the eleven gates on 22 November 2012, the expanded space Diamond invisible became visible. This incredibly huge, multi-multi-dimensional world, which has never before existed on this planet. Since then, we adjust our beings to this vast expanding space. This requires a massive restructuring at every level. That's why for this powerful Activation followed by a period of deep Sacred Pauses.
Since then, as we got into so much expanded new reality, we often feel cars with eight-cylinder engines that run on two cylinders. However, this does not mean that our car is broken or something is wrong. We do not need to be repaired. Just everything was completely different.
We feel that we are working on two cylinders instead of the usual eight, because it moved to a completely new landscape. Our cars are still running at full capacity of eight cylinders in our old known worlds. But our Known Worlds now seem little more than before. So eight cylinders in the known worlds now seem like two cylinders in our new landscape.
In the same way the old ultra-fast mode known worlds does not feel like ultra-fast and even as a regular in the New Terrain. Often it seems like we're barely moving, even if the High speed mode is still active in the old known worlds.
As new components are present in the air we breathe. We do not breathe air exclusively earthly based on duality. The air we breathe, there is a new, refined essence PURE TRUE LOVE. This gives us a new vitality. We updated and filled with renewed enthusiasm, as net True love permeates our cells.
We need to thoroughly adapt to this fundamental change of scale in the greatly expanded new landscape. The adaptation is not so much what we do, but in how we perceive what is happening and what is happening. We can see something happening in the world, because it forces us to the outside world, and then suddenly we see more clearly what is really going on. That's when we say, "Wait, actually all the way, and I do not have to base their actions on a distorted perception."

Exploring our new landscape, we follow our true direction without any expectations. This new landscape seems completely intact and clean. There is not a familiar labels or signs. It's filled with potentials, each of which — a treasure beyond all we know. Stay open, listen and look carefully before you take action. If we act automatically, or by habit, we will repeat old patterns that are stored in our physical bodies, which is slowly replaced. In the first month of the year is best to remain still and quiet and listen and watch closely all her being. Do not move until then, until you hear the call of a strong and clear knowledge of his heart. Otherwise, no matter what we do, it will be a continuation of the old stories. Unnecessary movement disrupting the delicate relationship with the New, causing us to walk around aimlessly instead very clearly and do what is necessary when it is needed here and now.
Continuing to expand our in-depth substantive internal and external new landscape, we see how gradually begin to approach the use of four cylinders and then eight, then eleven and twenty-two. This will occur throughout the year, until we merge with who we have now become, and of where we are now. And then we will begin to feel and experience the High speed mode that will move us forward so that we were able to fulfill their wildest dreams and live the true life with our true people in our True Homes, fulfilling our true purpose.


We enter into 2013, going through incredible changes and going beyond all previous boundaries. Many have experienced an infusion of love in the scale seen before. Some have experienced a profound paradigm shift based on the illusion of duality — that "someone" or "something" will come to "save us" — a simple awakening that we have them! It is a journey from the "external expectations" to "inner knowing" took only a nanosecond, but changed everything.
Now we live in, at first glance, as well as before, but everything was completely different. We were pushed to the greatly expanded new landscape. Our vision has become so advanced that a large part of what our attention is covered before, now seems even smaller. 2013 — a year of profound change as we take our place as the truth, and are living everyday life, anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality, as we had always intended.

2013 — according to the Chinese calendar year of the Snake, but more accurately can be described as Snakes shed their skin year.
Since all untrue and unreal will be leaving us, level by level. Often this will happen with surprising ease, it just melted. We dug a pile of ancient tombs that require our attention. If we try to hide them back to nooks and pretend nothing is happening, you may have a health problem. Any attachment to duality will continually increase, until we let them go. If we still keep the old stories, and we continue to repeat old, based on duality, model, year, can shake us to the potholes, until we learn to set aside all that aside.

All so deeply changed since the events of the final months of 2012, we have to re-open, who we are and what we really want. Once we decide what we want, rather than that old dream, everything will fall into place. Agree with the desires of his own heart, because they are like little lights shining jewels, dropped as "bread crumbs", Decree of the way. Listen to your own knowledge of the Heart. Ask yourself again and again, "What do I really want?", "Who do I get?", "What I make in my life?" And "What gives me the greatest pleasure?".
We must prepare for the unexpected. Expect the unexpected all year. Can happen, anything. It may be brilliant, terrible, elegantly beautiful, very sad, deeply touching or beyond our wildest Dreams. It is important that we do not limit any of the potentials unfold their belief or conviction, it is — way beyond anything we can imagine. Be open, not being tied to any time periods, results and expectations, because no one can see the whole picture. In 2013, there will be many unexpected twists and turns, so it is necessary to always be incredibly flexible. Important freshness. At any time, as soon as new information, we must be ready to change course. If we expect the unexpected, gliding over the waves of change will be fun. This is true even for the most challenging tsunami, because they allow us to demonstrate a new skill.
We begin this year in the purified state, feeling that there should be a decent proportion of our surface false identity. We understand that it will not miss it and do not need it. We are still integrating the profound changes that have taken place in November and December last year. Everything should be completely recalibrated. Everything should be extended to the maximum to move in vast areas Diamond Invisible.

If we completed the old stories, then go into 2013 with a blank canvas in front of him. These clean canvases were donated to us before, but only now dare we throw at them the boldest strokes, the most rampant colors and the deepest yearning for his most daring dreams. We are no longer limited to the old perception of "what is possible" or "what we thought we wanted."
We will feel the deep silence and stillness Sacred Pauses until the end of January, and perhaps longer. All this time, we will clean the layer upon layer of untruth. Many new discoveries, insights and opportunities to visit us, and we will prepare for the upcoming. Even in this case, it is important that we not try to rush, but let events unfold in due course.
By early February, the Quantum Surf great waves begin to rise again. As long as we are true and clean and open — they do not take us out of balance. If we are still holding on to old stories — they throw the whole ballast overboard.
The funny thing is that our old stories is not only a story that we wrote over a lifetime. This is our last day. What was true yesterday may not be true today, but if so, it will go, creating space for greater truths. It is important not to be attached to the tools that we used, and the steps that we are taking to become a pearl, to that worked fine before and served us faithfully, to what led us to where we are now. Perhaps they have no place in our modern history.

March — the month when the tsunami begin to rise. High speed mode is activated, and many of the elements start to fall in the right places. April — A `Mu'a month, which is still more accelerated. Then open area beyond our wildest Dreams on the rest of the year for those who have completed the old stories.

The new, expanded space Diamond Invisible much sometimes retains its usual form, but we will see how to show and you'll see the true nature of things, so we can use them in a completely new way. This will make our life more color, more vibrancy and a whole new dimension of possibilities. This is relevant to the hidden treasures and Vision Invisible. All that reveals its true nature, like a hidden treasure, which opens for us. We will see and interact directly with the innermost essence of things that will give us a new vision and the ability to create new, more profound and true way of life.
Many of our favorite left the planet in the past year, and more will take it. But surprisingly, people leave the Second Wave. This persistent warning for us is always the true way to go. His every day we live, as the first and the last. Read the value of their relationship. Tell those special to you that you love them. Express your gratitude. Remember that everything is sacred, and every moment is an opportunity of a lifetime.
Some friends and family members, too, leave our lives, not through death, but simply because the lack of a stable foundation of honesty and transparency. We can no longer remain in dishonest ways, because now they are too uncomfortable. The need for honesty, openness and mutual support. When such a relationship suddenly collapse, then letting them go, we feel amazing freedom.
During this important year of a sharp turn to the Oneness. The duality of the past sends signals and creates a lot of dramas, attracting attention to himself. But the truth they know better. Mother Earth is cleaned, prepared, and so do we. True needed more than ever to guide and help those who are still awake.

All year, many missing parts of the Cosmic Jigsaw will fall into place. Soon Big Picture will be much clearer for everyone, not only for experts in reading between the lines. As an essential part of humanity will see the big picture, people will massively activated, knowing what to do, because I suddenly realize who they really are.

With us, there are events that are required for our full manifestation as the bright pearl, to live a true life in the New Reality. 2013 will bring many of the Quantum Leap, breakthroughs and new discoveries. Green light finally turns to those creative projects that waited for us to become the crown jewel. There is a sense that we can be and do not know how, but knowing that we will.

Much of the year will take place in the study of the unfolding new landscape. To do this, we will strongly expand its creatures. We will look at the babies, discovering their own fingers and toes, are learning to walk and gain a voice in this strange but wonderful new place. We discover new ways to interact with each other, new ways of interacting with each other and new ways of interacting with the Earth. Many of us feel that we have more energy inside, ready for the New Year. Many natural phenomena appear this year, such as solar and lunar rainbow in the sky, confirming that we are in a completely new landscape.

During the year, will be a selection of creative possibilities and activities. This will help ease our way in the transformation turning to living nonduality. Instant manifestation — a common occurrence now and in the future. Our energy is irresistible and incredibly strong. We can transform everything. There will be more events of destruction of the Old World, as it is no longer the case. Power is expressed softer, deeper, truer ways — Immaculate Heart of Love One. Much will be washed / blown / burnt / shocked, and these strong shifts, we will hold the resonance of truth at the core of our beings for the benefit of all.
We are more and more aware that our new real purpose — it is a collective, not individual. To connect to our true destiny, we must first unite with true people and true place. And within a year it will happen. That's when we take a leap into the ONE in action, and all will be possible.

2013 will bring us a completely new beginning. We are ready — a real, honest, strong, clear and loving than ever before. We provide all the support as is necessary, level by level, to bring our lives to the very right way. New MUA fully entrenched. Our new true life began.

Welcome to 2013!

Connect with the True People, True Homes and true purpose.

Living Life as a True True.

With clean True love


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