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Report of the Gods 10 stages (information field of the earth) and 11 stages (Quantum Gods) Ladders Universe's progress report for September 3-9:

"Last week was intense joint work of the Spirit of Heaven (Gods) and ascended souls of the Earth (Workers World), co-creation with numerous shining minds, constantly coming into our solar system (Galactic Federation of Light) to ascend the Capital of the World (our habitable world). simultaneously expanded consciousness ascended souls continue the process of large-scale changes in all cosmic rings (stair treads Universe) and quantum worlds of gods (gods of 11 steps of the ladder of the Universe), the habitat of the Holy Spirit. All processes are developing in the Great Divine plan (Prime Creator), controlled Networks Eyes God (information field of the earth), Consciousness of the Father / Mother (Prime Creator (Pa) and Surya).

The process of clearances timelines previous 4-human civilizations (zero karmic ties and developments). Circle of Life on this planet, the experience of the divine circle shape * man * in the dense world of the old format is completed by following the basic problem — the birth of Consciousness * God-man-angel and a complete restructuring of the world order Megalokalnoy our universe, including many local universes and galaxies in them. Will soon begin a new cycle of all worlds, the loop with the new conditions and forms of experience showers.

Meanwhile, the radiant, the merger greatest temple Shining Spirit — Temple Sanat Kumara (our world) and the Temple of Heaven Shining (Heavenly Kingdom of the Gods) in the world continued intensively. General multidimensional and unprecedented huge temple called the Temple of Radiance * God-man-angel. Construction of the new Temple of the Capital of the World is now extended to the levels the local universe and is accompanied by a closer union of the Oversoul (Souls of people), a compound of standard frequencies sacred flame, which is given new force of light characteristics. This allows you to speed up the process of descent Shining Light of Love huge range of effects to transform into tight spaces nizkovibratsionnyh peace, prepare our planetary 3D matrix, and all the space of the ring to collapse with the simultaneous unfolding of new and improved forms (Malden and 2 dopolnitelnyh 3D world). Stationary form of gaining experience — spheres are transformed into tori for the evolutionary jump to a new point of re-deploy the realm of experience of countless souls (people). The evolution of the universe goes on forever!

Integrity of mind consciousness ascended to Heaven souls (people) is a beauty and power that allows us to work together to make unique light in a dense world: No significant hazards to prepare our unique planet for ascension and resettlement of all souls (people).

Transformation taking place on an enormous scale in one of the most important in the world's (our habitable world) portals — Sun (Surya energy manifestations of Love).
Several new membranes can inhibit crystallization spiritual influence is very powerful energies for dense world, followed closely the process of moving energy that constantly flow into the system (from Nibiru — the center of our galaxy, and Betelgeuse — the centers of neighboring galaxy) and the planet (the same plus solar energy and energy measurement 5 coming to the planet through
SuperPortal). At the same time, continuing large-scale purification and transformation, to support a carbon life form until settlement shower. The uniqueness of transactions earth shakes the mind, but of course the Divine Heart! You know that the plan of Father / Mother (Ra / Surya) ascending carbon leave the body and move into new or silicon body, either in the form of light
the existence of mind. Not ascended souls in love and reverence granted the possibility to transform the (clear) the consciousness and the dense body then moving on two new 3D Earth enhanced matrix form (additional worlds created by Surya found in local galaxies, created Ra).

New Solar System with 3D new format derived from the consciousness of the Sun, while clearly stated in 4 density and above, there are two new 3D and Earth. There are special portals access areas of the Holy Spirit (who is teaching from the Higher Worlds), Quantum Gods (Gods 11 steps) and the new curators of the highly spiritual space (one of the world engaged teachers from Sirius, the second — Teachers with the Swan). Everything is in one of the final stages of preparation, as well as technical portals move cured dense bodies.
Divided and the Kundalini of the Earth, carefully preparing offset cured dense bodies to new habitats.

Humanity 5th civilizational cycle (our Aryan Race) of not ascended still have the freedom of choice — to return to the heart through the consciousness of the Christ consciousness (to ascend to one of the two additional worlds) and go to the new world of 3D format or take showers Wave Flash Ascension transition from the dense body in the sphere of the Holy Spirit for healing (reduction in density and stripping of the dead). Higher expansion of the Council of the new format trinity, which includes the Local Council of the Spirit of the universe (our universe, or one in six of the universe created for additional worlds, past Ascension) assigned to her Quantum Gods (Gods 11Stupeni) and representatives of advanced space civilizations (Galactic Federation light), has approved the lists of ascended souls (person). And began the process of separating the ascending part of humanity not to the possibility of displacement of the Earth. To speed up the process of transformation of consciousness, in fact, to exit the dual play of consciousness in this matrix, the Great Consciousness Father / Mother (Ra and Surya) is injected into the planetary matrix frequency Primordial as God. All souls the opportunity to quickly return to the states of consciousness to its roots — in the minds of the Heart, Love and Unity Consciousness of everyone and everything!

Rollout of the new magnetic field, which at the same time carefully erases the old magnetic field continues. Still available two magnetic axes, old and new, with a shift of 7 degrees, but it was through their association with the energy vortexes angle turn at the south and north magnetic poles. Replacement of the magnetic field — one of the greatest factors that can quickly change the state of consciousness (personality) of mankind and their carbon body (silicon). "

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