Space News, September 17-23

Released a report on the 10 steps of the ladder of the Gods of the Universe on the work done to prepare for the Rapture of the world, as well as two additional 3D worlds for an early settlement of:

"The speed and scale of the ascension process Capitals of the World (our inhabited world), and hence the Earth increases, native! Multidimensional set of processes deployed merge with heaven (the spiritual world), very close to a dense 3D world of matter (the world in which we live .) For all multi-variant eventfulness Freedom of Choice in Human remains unchanged promotion of the ascension process, which cover all the structures of the Universe. Birth of the God-Man Angel takes place rapidly, delightful, and in accordance with the Great Divine Plan! 22/23 September we went into the next layer photon belt and another high-vibration band of the source of all Waves of Love (Energy Prime Creator — Pa), accelerating the change!

Huge transformation affected, above all, the main portals traffic light source of all love. Passed the next grand recrystallization, to more complex, portals to capitals of the world and of it, our crystal structures (our new silicon body), because we are — part of the spiritual crystallization. Ascending soul is born God-man-angel on earth, remain the main conductors and co-authors of all large-scale transformations and the world, and far beyond thanks to the unprecedented expansion of consciousness and ever closer union with monadic tree (the person on the past life of the Soul) . All ascending — complex and wide funnel-shaped portals of Light to dense world inclusive, overlapping one consciousness of the Divine Heart!

Last week, a close ended ascended souls merge with monads (Soul), a planetary level from the 7th to the 3rd (Parallel Worlds on past life, in which live our past Person after his death of the body on the ground) is holistic in our own structures (completed their merger into a single identity — current), this means that the planetary structure of these levels are already operating as one. This also means that after Quantum Gods (Gods 11 steps of the ladder of the universe), is free to move in seven densities, and our cosmic aspects (Persons on past life) to 7 inclusive outer ring, also act as a whole with our earth. So we found a new Power One Divine Heart more extended and closely!

Underwent another transformation and our Great Sun — to pass descent female halves of the Sun God, and they have found integrity. Great Merger Great Quantum Gods at these levels pleased us all, for it possible to begin to implement more ambitious climbs and descents consciousness of love equilibrium. Sun at the matter has found new vibration characteristics, more appropriate maintenance of a new magnetic field of the Earth (which takes out the old) and all forms of life in a totally new format (corresponding to 5 measurements). We continue to support the 3D matrix, invisible eliminating all that prevents souls wake up, steadily moving in this direction. Since joining the new strongest frequency photon belt preceded the installation of new software shields mitigating effect on the 3D matrix. Unity Consciousness of Earth and Heaven so much now that we solve all the tasks without hesitation. Faced with the resistance of the old dual thinking of humanity, we will quickly extinguish all likelihood, that hinder the achievement of goals (Ascension of the planet and humanity.)

The whole week was held in the large-scale mergers in different directions and co-creation. Continued to experience various forms of merger and Consciousness Quantum Gods (Gods 11 steps), the connection methods of creation, merging all the oversoul, cosmic shower and monads. Divinely ambitious plans — to expand the diversity of slopes Consciousness of the Creator (it is shown through all life in the universe) and gaining experience in the worlds through transformation into more advanced forms, a variety of DNA at the level of spaces. The purpose of the rapidly moving Love One Heart and Mind — the improvement of all the manifestations of the Creator of all and the accelerated development of all in the infinite expansion.

At ground level we are in equilibrium and are actively engaged in the acquisition of integrity in every aspect of the world: from the personal perception to the confluence of religious and other beliefs, transformation and healing every egregores (now all the main aspects of life merge into one egregore Ascension). Dissatisfaction with the existing world order of the current civilization does not show all the ascending soul. Ascending soul moving Shining Heart Consciousness, increasing Light and Love in the general field of human consciousness. Do not shower or ascending portion begins to approach the process of opening the Heart Consciousness, or manifested in a variety of stresses in terms of negative and discordant emotions and thoughts through bursts of fear and violence. All this process of healing, family, for one Divine Radiance ascending HEART sag situation under rapid pressure light of love, constantly putting out the tensions. We extinguish the tension not only in the minds of all mankind, but in the planetary body. We manage to successfully keep control of tectonic activity planetary dense body control processes influence of the Sun and many other critical processes, making them the highest possible tender. Love is in control of everything, all the processes taking place in a single consciousness heart of the earth and the heavens!

Earth's magnetic field (MF) is one of the most powerful factors in the impact on the state of consciousness of humanity and all of the natural kingdom, without which the dense human body simply would not exist. Kryon service last week successfully completed a full load and deployment of all the programs of the new MP, but it is deployed in densities ranging from 4.0 D to 3.4 D, and will be expanded in the 3.0 D gradually. Ascending is fully connected to the frequency level of the new MP, accelerating the process of ascension of the Earth in all its scale and diversity. But the old magnetic field is still there, slowly rolled, and the process continues.

All beautiful souls come down here for the birth of a dense body, agreed to participate in the Grand Experiment Love the joy of service to all. No special effects and external evidence for the mind (personality) of mankind, the way home is only through the heart (through the connection with your Soul)! But everything will be done in the dense world for all souls to open the minds of hearts of those who have fallen into the illusion games (the illusion of reality of the material world) is very strongly! Implementation capacity of the planet seamless return to Heart Consciousness (awareness of yourself and your soul) all souls ascending form.

Increased whole network Essential Temples, greater alignment occurred with Essential Quantum Dragons Dragons and the creator, is the spiritual alchemists matters. Ethereal network Temples actively tied to the Holy Places, Temples of dense matter, artefacts, networks pyramids, places of power.

New Power of the New Temple used and majestically beautiful Kundalini (energy). There has been a general discharge from the Earth Kundalini (Kundalini all people are part of the planetary kundalini) its light side. Sick part and the dark part in the duality transformation and allocated to treatment. So open a new passage of light through the Earth's Kundalini Light of the Earth, creating a new environment for the acceleration of change of solid matter and unified consciousness of humanity. The rapid flow of powerful white light burst from the planetary body and rushed to the expansion and merging with the wisdom of the Earth Wisdom of the Universe. New Gifts poured in equilibrium in all directions.

Even cursory mention only some important processes of the last week, for the awareness increases the effectiveness of Service DIVINE ONE HEART! (More lists what work was carried out on the preparation of additional 3D worlds :) The expansion of co-tuning in the local universes of all structural Logos and Calpe, elaborated and perfected a new management structure in the Universe: Cosmic Ring (stair treads Universe) (through the galaxy — The Local Universe — MegaLokalnye universe) — Quantum Gods (Gods 11 steps) — Holy Spirit (the piece of God — the parents of the Soul, which is in every human being.) Extended recovery already exposed and dense cosmic worlds. The expansion of folding experiment duality everywhere, preparing to collapse, within it, matrix structures * Black Sun * (source of dark energy) that are part of the structure of the experiment of Love. "

Many other equally important and beautiful processes of the Universal Ascension evident everywhere in our solar system, home! Tell in detail about all it is not possible to format the news, but in our Divine Heart are no barriers for instant perception of a complete picture. Feel every moment how beautiful life in all its diversity, the processes of change as delicious as they are doing and continue to love Love is All is One and all — pure light, as all they are doing to us, and we dissolve all!

Deep feelings of the heart and innocence, dear ones! Chuvstvoznanie — the widest view of the world and ourselves in it, it is wider and deeper emotions of the human body is much wider possibilities of the mind of the dense body and planar maps through it, it creates a heart! This is Divine Love, One Heart Consciousness, responsible for all and all, for all of us, all around us inside the mind of the Creator of ALL those who create infinite worlds and forms only LOVE!

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