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"There was no way of luge, not stopniku, and told everyone to go esmi old road went past them Slobodka Cherepovsi the forest …" — said in a literacy Belozerskii old Prince Michael A..

The road that ran through the swamp, and in Slabodka, it seems that any evil spirits vodilas … Otherwise, where so many stories about the terrible Cherepovets swamp? Dropping the primeval fears, try to understand where the truth and fiction.

Desolate swamp lies between SHEKSNA and Yagorba on both sides of the river Co-noma, begins in the city of Cherepovets and extends north for 30 miles. Its area is 80 square miles. Among the swamps are several lakes, of which the principal — Ivachevskoe and deserts. The surface of the bog is composed of an elastic layer having a wave-like appearance, the Broken places more pressure on the liquid layer, why, and what are called melt, or oknischa. The depth of the swamp up just two and a half yards (just over 5 m), the bottom of its dense clay.

"Singin 'the swamp north of the city — is not only a tradition, but also the result of many years of observations of many people …", wrote Paul Grjaznov doctor in his doctoral dissertation, "The experience of the comparative study of hygienic conditions of peasant life and medikotopografiya Cherepovets County," which He defended in St. Petersburg in 1880. True, there is a swamp and a very deep places …

Cherepovets marshes are little-known area in the Vologda region. Nowadays they say about her as an anomalous zone, because there have long observed the mysterious disappearance of people off the roads, frequent suicide inexplicably large number of lunatics in the nearby villages and strange behavior, it would seem quite healthy.

From a scientific point of view of the marsh — a complex ecosystem with its special flora and fauna. For the formation of marshes needed proximity of groundwater, determined humidity climate, topography and soil. It just seems that the water in the swamp of stagnant. In fact, here it is updated every five years. Even the lake water it needs more than three times as long.

In the dry season large swamps and the strength to stop forest fires. In the depths of swamps held almost half of the water of Lake Baikal. Marshes regulate the flow of water and nourish the small and big rivers. Dnieper and the Volga, for example, originate from the swamps. Khanty and Mansi peoples believed that the world was born out of "liquid earth", that is, out of the swamp. It turns out that this is not so and the black spot.

Experts have calculated that each year one hectare wetlands absorb from the atmosphere by an average of more than a ton of carbon dioxide and releases about half a ton of oxygen. This is an order of magnitude more than capable to process one hectare of forest or grassland. In addition, wetlands attract and absorb dust particles, which in calm weather moves towards a low temperature (the temperature of the surface of the marsh is always lower than around). One hectare of wetlands can "swallow" up to three tons of dust per year!

Fen Country

Russia can be considered the birthplace of wetlands — anywhere they are not in such quantity and volume, as we have. And some character traits in people living on the estates and villages surrounded by swamps, also is. The notes of the XIX century rural doctors are very common reference to a typical Russian melancholy, which may well be clinical signs of bad influences wetlands.

According to the statistics of the XIX century, in Cherepovets swamps the number of suicides is 3-4 times higher than the Russian parameters, 9 times was greater crime. In these parts suicide usually injure his head. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the ancient swamp near Cherepovets has acquired its myths and legends.

"In the old days one of Belozerskikh roads began to disappear people — mostly non-resident merchants. Merchant people traveled from one city — and to the purpose of his appointment did not get — described in the notes of Paul Graznova. — At first, people thought that there was around a bunch of robbers. Gradually, however, this version has been abandoned … Once the people of the city with guns combed the neighborhood and found on the bank of a swamp abandoned cart. No horses, no merchant, no protection from the cart was not there. A product was intact … In all cases, the traces of the people who traveled in carts, went out into the swamp — no sign of a struggle or of any concern … People from going it alone and in large groups.
No one came back out of the swamp. Except for one person … "

It happened in the XVI century — the merchant was gone for ten years. Of course, not all the time he wandered through the swamps, but he experienced the horror was so great that he was able to return only after many years. The merchant said that on the way he changed the route and drove him to unknown places. "On reaching the edge of the swamp, nearly drowned — a fear he was attacked. Fear and the desire to kill themselves more.

After saving a fraction of consciousness, the merchant ran away from this place, without even thinking about the product and not thinking for him to return. " The local merchant did not believe, but he offered to show wishing that place. Words merchant fully confirmed: on the banks of the swamp were abandoned many years ago already crumbling carts with good merchant.


Most researchers of anomalous phenomena occurring at the Cherepovets swamp define these areas as "obsessed with the dark spirit." What is the nature of this spirit — no one knows. The Spirit — the hero of local traditions, some elemental force of darkness, bearing evil and suffering without any motives were.
The ancient Celts called swamp "the gates of spirits" — where the seemingly solid ground out from under his feet instantly, opening the gates to the mysterious world of nature spirits and deities.

Therefore, the Celts revered the swamp and came back with sacrificial gifts. In Slavic mythology fagot lives in a swamp — marsh evil spirit. People rarely shown, prefers to be invisible and just screams out of the swamp with a loud voice. He likes to dress up in a "fur" of moss, hair weaves into the forest and marsh plants.

The fright-eared pulls careless travelers into the mire, where it can torture me to death. So far in the swamp and did not go alone. It was believed that fearlessly walk through the swamps can only wizards and witches.

"The spirit appeared long ago in the swamps — wrote healer Grjaznov in 1879 — No one knows that gave rise to it: the dense nature of the marshes, the dark forces of the earth, the sins of living in this area of people — or even the spirit, settling in the area, has created a for themselves a comfortable life for his denseness and marshes. " But the record from another source Cherepovets made even earlier, in the middle of the XIX century, "he howls, this spirit. It is necessary to get there one day, that he will forever remain with you. He sucks the marrow. He thinks and silences … "

"It can scare — read the letter of a Perfilieva, a native of this place, lechivshegosya from its" swamp blues "by Dr. Graznova. — Do not talk about it, do not show him the way, he lives in the center, where the forest undergrowth surround the small ginger paste, similar to an elongated circle. Our forester calls his witch. Is afraid, afraid, and invites others to listen. In the forest began to walk without a gun. Everyone knows that his predecessor was shot at home. Promoted to senior and shot himself, and did not go out of the city. Did not have time. Or could not … And even better — to remain silent. Go and be silent. And it will not be able to steal the vote. "

"My father drove me out of town — shows an eyewitness and a victim of Cherepovets marsh middle of the XIX century. — I was educated and came back. From now on, you can not have to leave. These wetlands will find anywhere. How can you deal with such a large object smelly peat? And how wonderful it is a swamp, when you find it the first time! And almost no berries, birds and small. It does not bog. And they heard him in the city! I already knew the three who hear it … "

This confirms the Perfil'ev in a letter written in 1905: "All the best people do leave from Cherepovets or die here … This is not a soul — any other disease. A person ceases to wait for a better … and as if to hear in the morning, as somewhere in the north of Lake sighs. And that water is living someone else's life. It subjugates the people who perform it will. " Two years later he was sick Perfil'ev have this strange disease …

Vegetation SOUL

For a long time it was thought that the plants do not have feelings and "vegetable soul" primitive. Modern biologists have gradually come to the conclusion that the plants are not so different from humans and animals. They can see, feel touch, smell, they have a hearing and even taste. Instead of eye plants have proteins, fine responsive to any radiation energy. Found on the roots of taste enzymes that help to find the underground "delicacies" such as fungal spores. With the smell plants communicate with each other.

Plants may experience emotional stress and to establish contact with the person. It is likely that all of these plants have properties due to them being in the water, which is able to "remember" information and change its structure under the influence of acoustic and electromagnetic waves.

The experiments were carried out with individual plants, but it never led to a study of a large plant body immersed in water, that is, having access to the kind of water "information library". For example such as a swamp. And it is in vain. After all, if every plant so "animated", which live and feeling can be stable ecological system!

Remarkably, only to come across the swamps of plants predators. This is understandable, because everything in nature is reasonable: in water marsh plants needed little substance — washes them and takes away the water. Here, for example, sundew gets them out of the insect, which it feeds.


"I took the analysis of peat with this strange place — says in his notes all the same doctor dirty. — Sent to St. Petersburg, and brought samples of all the friends of scientists puzzled: a plant remains in peat were traces of a highly organized life that (traces) have never been met and were not observed. Colleagues wrote to me that swamp rare and unusual. "

Other details and the "evidence" that shed any light on the story of the swamp Cherepovets, we do not know. It is believed that the swamp in the form in which it has terrified the whole district, died at the turn 1920-1940-ies. Actually, not killed — simply ceased to manifest itself, at least publicly. Otherwise, as it has committed to such rapid construction of the city and the development of the industry? And actively resist the tide of people in Cherepovets fresh marsh failed. Surrendered … Or lurking?

In any case, now in the town and surrounding villages the people are quiet and measured life, madness and crime is not higher than in other places. Only occasionally visiting adventurers who decide on their own, without the help of local, develop wetland wilderness, faced with something ostensibly inexplicable. In fact, everything connected with the mysterious swamp gas emissions or common manifestations of life in the swamp.

In the study of Cherepovets marshes in 1992 actually showed a curious phenomenon of "failure to vote." As described by witnesses, the sound floated, it was difficult to talk. At a distance of thirty feet could scream as loud as it was barely audible, but a couple of steps to the side — and hearing became beautiful. However, these acoustic phenomena sometimes occur in other, not these "scary" swamps. In all probability, due to a special undulating terrain are observed effects similar to the spread L pared sound in an anechoic chamber, where the sinks are used porous and fibrous materials. In the swamp this role can perform the sphagnum moss and other loose marsh vegetation and its remnants.

We can do without the features of

In the works of the most famous writers of the late XIX-XX centuries, more than 300 sharp enough stories associated with swamps. M. Prishvin in the story "Store of the Sun" told the story of the swamp Bludova (Bludova, because there can be lost). The writer tells of growing trees in the swamp as human beings, how close to each other vegetable and animal worlds, calls the swamp "pantry sun."

Borin (sandy hill in the middle of the swamp, covered with high boron) — like a living creature: it is "filled with bird songs, howling, moaning and screaming animals. Not all of them have been here for Brad, but with swamps, wet, deaf, all the sounds going here. Borin forest, pine and ringing on dry land, all responded. " And now the weather is changing, "… gray Khmara tightly closed and bearing down all the sun, with its life-giving rays.

An evil wind pulled very sharply. Woven rooted trees, piercing each other boughs, all Bludova swamp growled, howled, moaned. " Is this not suggestive of the presence of any "spirits"?

And the writer answers this question: "… Many people still only know about these great storehouses of the sun that they would like devils live: it is all nonsense, and there are no devils in the swamp."

Author: A. Vladimirov

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