Spring at the launch site

With the advent of heat builders East is growing. More than 3.5 thousand people today are involved in the construction of the cosmodrome East. With the departure of cold weather this figure continues to grow with the increasing workload. It is expected that by the end of this year will be drawn here is 7.5 thousand specialists.

Today near Uglegorsk deployed large-scale work on the eight major facilities. This is the first and the second stages of roads and railways, industrial construction and operating base Baikonur, launch and technical systems, as well as the establishment of an external power supply. Details about the current situation at the facilities AP correspondents learned first-hand the company-contractor in the construction of the East — "Dalspetsstroy" at Spetsstroy Russia. "
According to the Government of the Amur region, in December at the Baikonur facilities employed about 2.5 thousand people. Less than three months to the increase in the number of construction involved specialists increased by one thousand. People are placed in the reconstructed barracks abandoned military unit. In addition, the workers live in specially organized accommodation camp near future launch and technical complexes. To date, housing for the construction workers can easily take up to 4.5 thousand. Yet people continue to arrive, so the prospect of contracts for the supply of caravans, which in total are designed for 1,2 thousand builders. As needed with the expansion of the scope of work all the workers will be provided with a roof over his head.

— Now works on objects Cosmodrome conducted by forces branch of FSUE "GUSS" Dalspetsstroy "at Spetsstroy Russia" and subcontracted organizations — told the AP in a Dalspetsstroy. — Among them, the General Administration of special construction on the territory of Siberia with Russian Special Construction, Pacific Bridge-Building Company, Inc. "PMK-2", number 8, Construction Management, Construction Management infrastructure and «Vostokstroymehanizatsiya."
At the current stage of construction of the cosmodrome in full swing construction of the first phase of construction, industrial and maintenance base. In addition to the administrative building, the surrender of which, according to plans, scheduled for the end of this year, here are built motor industry, storage of building materials, fire station, water intake and treatment facilities. In parallel, the mounting rail of private usage, as well as the organization of railroad warehouse. Around the future of industrial construction and maintenance base mounted enclosure.
As for the access roads, in the first phase of construction of railways spaceport is a reconstruction of the station ice. Now in its final stage civil works, planned for the near future decoration. One of these days will begin installation of the equipment of an extension to the post of electric interlocking station.
— Works on the reconstruction of the permanent way station, installation of fire-tank, high loading platform. Increasing rate is the construction of retaining walls, buildings, civil defense, pedestrian tunnel, bus and train station, — the construction company. — An important question remains external power spaceport. At the first stage the main step-down substation (UPF), SC-1 substation and building management personnel. Workers assemble high-voltage line 220 kV substation in the area of ice to GLP and 110 kilovolts at the site of GLP-1 to SC.
At the launch pad carrier rocket "Soyuz-2", in addition to directly launch construction, builders are now erecting a command post. Work is underway on the technological block oxygen and nitrogen, administrative buildings, technological unit of kerosene and naphthyl, shelter, as well as the technological block of compressed gases.
On the territory of the future complex technological foundation for the finished device assembly and testing building booster, storage units and booster assembly and testing building spacecraft and upper stages of the ascent. Now the object imported metal building frames, is preparing for their installation. In addition, the completed installation of foundations transborder gallery complex boiler room. Specialists are organizing relief under the complex treatment facilities.
This year we plan to deploy here works on installation of above-ground parts of the buildings and their decoration. Builders should start intra-device engineering networks with connection to the constructed buildings and structures. On the technical complex will deliver the necessary equipment to start a complete set of assembly and testing facility, warehouse units booster, power and transborder gallery. Also here will begin construction of a fire station and ancillary buildings, chiller plant, boiler and water treatment facilities.
81 billion rubles will be allocated from the state budget for the creation of supporting infrastructure spaceport in the East until 2015. Earlier it was reported that the leadership of Russian Special Construction estimates the total cost of the work on East about 300 billion rubles

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