Started up in Zhytomyr chupacabra-estetka: monster rabbit carcass lays on growth and coloring

Malin city at night freezes in fear.

Malin city in the Zhytomyr region terrorized chupacabra. According to witnesses, a monster, which has long been scoured nearby village, now moved to its very center.

Most recently Chupacabra snuck into the yard of a private house, and spread out there with 30 rabbits. The beast has sucked the blood of the animals, their carcasses laid on growth and color.

— Chupacabra slipped into my cousin's barn and made it real massacre. Handled the beast at night and scared the bustling streets and roads — eyewitness Igor Skryshevsky "KP".

In addition, according to Igor, a few days after the incident Chupacabra attacked a neighboring yard. Overall, for the last time, the monster has ravaged barns 3-4 buildings.

Kseniya Kovalenko

Category: Chupacabra and unknown creatures

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