Storm surge destroyed the military memorial in Severodvinsk

Storm waves, which broke out in the White Sea on November 15, destroyed Warrior memorial in Severodvinsk. The scale of destruction became clear only after the waves receded from Yagrinskogo boron, where the memorial.

"The sea is literally" eaten "part of the coast, destroyed the concrete and metal base design of the complex" — quoted Mayor Michael Severodvinsk Gmyrina ITAR-TASS. Sea waves and covered military graves. They rush threw mud, algae and wood debris.

Sea waves washed away the track leading to the monument of the blockade of Leningrad. Now access to this monument possible. Dangerous is the passage and to the memorial sign "in honor of the crew of submarine" Kursk ".

According to experts, so powerful was the impact of elements because of the coincidence strongest storm on the White Sea with the tide.

"The memorial complex will be restored. Meanwhile it is difficult to assess the damage, because the water is not completely gone from its territory. But it is clear that to restore lost only due to the city's budget will not afford, will have to declare donations" — promised the head the press service of the City Hall of Severodvinsk Michael Starozhilov.

Military memorial in Severodvinsk is a place of worship memory of the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. 103 soldiers are buried here Karelian Front, who died of wounds in hospitals of the city. Now memorial notices are set to warn of the dangers when visiting.

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