Storm warning announced in Anadyr, the rain and global warming

Rain and strong winds to the sharp rise in temperature came to the capital of Chukotka after abnormal frosts lifeguards declared a storm warning.

Claus, established in Anadyr last week after an abnormally warm autumn at 40 degrees, just one day replaced zero temperature, which continues to grow. The snow changed to rain, the streets are very slippery, there is a strong wind gust to 35 meters per second, which prevents the movement of the city.

On Friday, authorities canceled classes at schools in all classes, in many enterprises and organizations of reduced work hours, employees, particularly women, carrying their homes on the service vehicles.

Rain and zero temperature, as well as the 40-degree cold at this time of the year for the capital of Chukotka are considered anomalous phenomena. In December, the average temperature in Anadyr is about 15 degrees.

According EMERCOM Russia's Chukotka, unusual weather will continue for at least a day, when in the area is expected to the south-east wind to gain up to 15-20 meters per second, on the coast of the sea 25-30 meters per second, and at night in the area Anadyr — 30-35 meters per second, with a snowstorm. The temperature may rise to 4 degrees Celsius. Chance of snow and rain and storm.

In this regard, the rescuers said the extension for another day on Thursday declared a storm warning. They recommended that coastal communities and the capital of the district not to leave the settlements, listen to more information on changing weather conditions, to be vigilant, not to leave children unattended, and not to go and not to go on the ice, because the wind can enhance the appearance of cracks, gullies chunking and ice.

According to the forecast Chukotgidromettsentra, the weather starts to change only on Sunday, when the wind weakens to 5.10 meters per second, and the temperature drops to normal for Anadyr in December of 13 degrees below zero.

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