Strange thing: According to the plan of the universe watch online

Strange thing: According to the plan of the universe watch online
For a long time the myth that a piece of God lives in each of us, was listed as less than perfect fairy tale. But it is not so long ago group European geneticists — made a sensational statement, they have proved that the "divine gene" really exists and laid it in every person.
A couple of years back the Russian scientists Peter grief and Jora Tertyshnyj, ventured into a sensational experience: in ordinary laboratory experience they put on the Immaculate Conception, but suddenly both felt a strong pain in the head, scientists almost bent in half before they are installed. A few hours later — scientists became even worse, climbed the highest temperature, which was held a week on the brink of blood clotting. Of strongest pain — do not let go. What was it? neuzh something researchers have come to a solution tightly kept secret of the universe, but are the population of the earth to know that we were ready to open?
Not so long ago, group Western scientists have studied the Bible — stated that the sacred text laid Easten coded information about the origin of man. Expanding the title of the first book Bible — «genesis: Being", the researchers were amazed.

A strange thing — a series of programs

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