Sugar appeared. Cigarettes — disappeared

Most of the shops in the regions have in the financial crisis to give up expensive goods, mostly foreign-made to shield themselves from the economic risk: as a result of the devaluation and the multiple price increases demand for some imported goods is close to zero. So much variety in the stores has shrunk, and some products have disappeared from the shelves. Specific examples of this are found out on Tuesday correspondents of "Freedom."


Authorities soothe the poor: they open shops

In Mogilev going to open social shopping for the very poor. Thus the authorities are trying to reduce human discontent rising prices. Andrew continues Belagubav.

As stated at the end of this week there will be three such Mogilev store. Their main visitors — the elderly.

"It will be shops where assortment is cheap goods. And this range will be accepted minimal trade margins. It's about sausage products, so-called nyafondavyya sausage and pork, it is about dairy products, bakery products and cereals of all kinds, "- explains at the Department of Commerce of the Mogilev city executive committee.

People's attitude to the emergence of social shops or stores for the poor, as they had been called as restrained. That is one of the characteristic views of Mrs. elderly outside the shop, which is to become the social:

"I doubt it will give something. Here somewhere promised in the "Grocery" open from 8 to 12. I think there will be something spoiled, so stale, low-grade. "

I think there will be something spoiled, so stale, low-grade.

While there is no certainty as pensioners will be served in the stores — the list or identity. It is not clear yet, and how much one customer at a time will be able to buy the goods.

Buy products in the shop are not against social and other categories of people — for example, families with young children. Most often it is young families. Young grew up in relative goodness and one hour turned into an inexplicable situation — everything has become expensive. Especially for the children all become more expensive, they say — pampersy, baby food:

Reporter"Do Pampersy much went? '.

Girl"Much better. When they were worth 60,000, now — 120 000. "

Reporter"A baby food?".

Girl: "It is also increased in price by half. If before 6000 was worth, now 20. "

This product will let the poor according to the strict standards

However, not only the power of social shopping soothe the people, but also threats. Chairman of the Executive Committee Petr Rudnik ordered subordinates that they should not allow the mass export of goods to Russia, where prices are higher:

"To do this trade — leave entitlement to watch. Department of Internal Affairs warning — fourteen stations have mobile, and when the private car rides with Russian numbers and takes the goods in accordance with the rules of vacation, then — please let him go. But God forbid, will be loaded truck — the same sugar. This is an emergency, this should not be. "

Vitebsk Region

The official website of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee, it was reported that as of today all commercial enterprises in the region provide a full range of products. But can you believe that?

For example, before the next price increase of products May 27 of "razmyali 'nearly 10-day sales of sugar, because the next day it was worth not 3600, and May 28 A five-thousand people actively bought up vodka — on the eve of a 10 per cent rise in price.

Now it looks like a hard-hit cigarettes, says a resident of Vitebsk, which is not found in the store the usual varieties:

«Monte Carlo» or "Alliance" — a sort of cigarettes manufactured under license in Belarus, they are made in the city or Grodno. I read here the program of the government, there are going to raise the price of cigarettes and alcohol: clearly written, that will increase. And this is probably due to the dollar? Perhaps that is why people are stocking up ahead and? ".

Products in the stores there, but lack the cheapest made of them, says shopper:

Deficit became pork skin and bones of the cheapest.

"We have a deficit of pig skins, bones cheapest. Previously, they were always on display, and someone bought them, means, and made them some food … And now they just do not! . "

On a similar issue says another woman — shopper shop "West":

"So I just got out of the store, and it looked for chickens. After all, in all the stores only "parts" that are a half to two times more expensive than those chickens! Separately tubercle — 19,000-plus at 17,000 — galyashka at 30,000 and above — fillets. And the chickens themselves, as I saw them for the last time — at 13,000. So to me, then at 13,000 and will be breast and filet! But they were nowhere to be found, those chickens. "

The problem of "chicken deficit" Ms trying to solve for a week. And, as it turned out, did not she one:

"We asked the traders, then she answered me rudely," If they bring, then sell. But they are not!. "I said," So tell me to come. "He replied:" I do not know ". Here's aunt back in the queue meets "And I know! All our chickens went to Russia! "." Wow! — I say. — And then they all went there? "-" Because we're good … "- Answers … But I'm sitting here and so — no chicken, without all!".

Grodno region

"Now I buy only the bones …"

What do they think about the growth of prices Gorodnia, buyers?

Mr."Yes to all the high prices, this is a terrible thing! I do not know — where are we going anyway? Why do it, want it? Government, people? They care about people like, but it turns out it is not known — about anyone. They care about the seniors did? Yes fuck with two! I'm sorry. I need to cottage cheese, sour cream — as a sick person, but no, everything is expensive! Right now bought two or three curds — fifteen thousand! So this is a time to eat, and I get seven hundred rubles pension. What they freeze, why was let go? . "

Mrs."I see: the prices have not changed, nothing is frozen. At powders for products very rebounded. Yes, even on the water, it is not driven from abroad, why are prices? At regular soda, not to mention the other. On the fish. The fish is now no longer possible to buy! . "

Mr."People blame themselves: were seized, and the prices went up. And I'm not to blame: the price mad, it's a terrible thing. "

Mr."Food, of course. In general, meat and so I bought a few. Buy now for the entree, as it is now called a bone … . "

Food prices were terrible!

Mrs."Food prices are terrible. We went to the store here: the action, the chicken — eighteen thousand. What it can be share with such a price? It's funny even. Why a such an action — is unclear. It's all solid stuff. "

Mr."All my wife said."

Mrs. (Wife): "Gasoline prices are terrible. On industrial goods, where prices have always been great, too. The dollar is considered the exchange rate is not known, but why think when the market can not buy anything? They believe the dollar to 6200, and one hundred dollars for jeans — it's even funny. This is at least our wages. What they think is in the middle — half a million — such a salary, not all get in the family: a husband and wife, for example … . "

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