Symptoms of a quantum transition, transmutation and ascension

Information at this stage of the so-called quantum transition Planet (the cleansing process, transmutation, resurrection, ascension), bringing some way to almost every person. Another question is — who wants to hear and understand, and who is not. It is time the immediate choice, because courses tightened. Recently, many have begun to global and profound transformation already and physical bodies — as a result of the unfolding of the matrix of the body of the New Man, the Man of the New Age, and "overlay" on the physical body.

This process took place in the past, but in a more gentle energy of the Earth, but only those who deliberately perfected and know yourself, your soul, went wider and deeper laws of the universe and learn to live by them, willingly and deliberately cleansed their bodies of negative emotions , thoughts, actions, learned to love and accept the world and people as they are. Now this process of transformation takes place in a much more high-vibration environment than before, and began a massive scale. And depending on the level of consciousness, which is a person, and the purity of his body (both dense and thin), the first major stage in the transformation from someone is gently enough (or even seemingly unnoticed), and someone is quite difficult and hard. Greatly facilitate and accelerate this process what lessons or spiritual, energy, mental and physical, meditative practices, both ancient and modern.

Phases and phase changes of transmutation

I — PhaseTransformation transmutation of the physical body:

a) the purification of the physical body;
b) clearing agencies;
c) regular meals and the intervals between doses;
d) vegetarianism;
e) freedom from internal fat;
e) hardening.

Fire transmutes energy flows, affecting the physical body in the first stage, will have an impact on the organs and systems with deviating by performing recovery processes. The physical body has to go through three stages of transmutation transformation to change the code (as changes in physical and disclosure multidimensional, quantum DNA):

Stage I — replacement (cleaning-resurrection);
Stage II — chemically transformed (transmutation);
Stage III — Replacement Code (resurrection, ascension).

As for the order through the various organs and systems of transmutation, the following steps will occur unfolding matrix of the New Man in the body.

The first stage of manifestation of the matrix on the physical body is to transform (transmutation) hormonal system, the structures of the brain and nervous system, including the subatomic level. Restructuring hormonal and nervous systems will be accompanied by periodic pain in the endocrine glands and the corresponding chakras (head, throat, heart, back, solar plexus, lower abdomen). Then follow the steps:

  • Restructuring the circulatory and lymphatic systems, blood.
  • Restructuring the digestive and excretory systems.
  • Restructuring of the system of breathing.
  • The restructuring of the heart (deep transformation).
  • The restructuring of the skeletal system.

The end of the restructuring of the physical body, which can be superimposed on the next steps, accompanied by healing of physical illnesses. In addition to this, one notices that the subject is no longer negative influences of the environment, does not respond to environmental pollution, climatic factors, pathogens, etc. The body begins to rejuvenate.

One aspect of the physical transformation is the transformation of the electric (evolution) due to the change in the electrical conducting system. Human beings have much of an electromagnetic nature. Electromagnetic force — one of the most important basic forces of nature to the human life form. It has important effects on the physical, emotional, mental and astral levels of the soul. In addition, the changes will affect, in particular, the quantity, structure and role of water currents and the change in the motion of the charge distribution, structure and other characteristics of the field and the energy saturation of the body. In many ways, the evolution of the electric body is already at the II-th stage of transmutation:

1.Umenshenie amount of water in the body by 20% — a symptom of crystallization of water in the body, accompanied by a decrease in emotionality, the crystallization of the body.
2.Elektricheskie phenomena — changing relations with the electrical processes, devices and fields, phantom sensations, problems, changes in the nature of interaction with electronic equipment, computers.
3.Novaya sexy waves of sexual energy as a result of consolidation of the Spirit in the body, the penetration of sexual energy, Kundalini energy in all aspects of life.

II — stage — Transmutation Transformation Spiritual Energy Structures:

1. Raising the spiritual level, changes outlook;
2. Change the energy structure — energy cleansing, clearing the energy channels, clearing the energy centers;
3. Changing the code of affecting the immortal I, holding (formation, centering) aura.

III — stage — The development of the new states of the transmutation Transformations with the transition to a new evolutionary stage

As of this stage, for the majority of people on earth he is not up to date and detailed information on it while a little. Determine the achievement of this phase, ie already accomplished the transition to the new vibration, you can use the test to determine the vibrations stay in 5th density: If you no longer have any thoughts of fear, no disease, no discord or disharmony in your personal life, you have ceased to grow old, and you are no longer affect the environment, then you have reached a state of vibration 5th density …

Another test is to determine how to verify compliance with the frequency of the physical body frequencies and radiation from the earth at the moment: If you're migrating dolled ozonated air pressure and high altitude, or burn and have a good feeling, being in the afternoon in the sun — your body resonates with the process of ascension of the planet.

Signs stages of transmutation:

1.Raskrytie centers of inflammation:
— Emotional vulnerability, sensitivity
— Increased physical sensitivity, feeling the sensation of pain
— Insatiable appetite, especially cooked food
— Loss of interest in property

2.Vozgoranie centers, bodies, body:
— Feeling like after a sunburn, skin peeling, bleeding from cuts, abrasions
— Irritation after the clothes, especially the synthetic
— Reduced appetite and preference of fruit, dairy products
— Severe headache
— Reduced appetite (up to the capacity for prolonged fasting)

3.Ustranenie chronic diseases, transmutation and transformation of bodies:
— Feeling of foreign intervention
— Itching in the healing of joints as
— Drowsiness

4.Transmutatsiya cells:
Step 1.
— Reducing the amount of food to a minimum
— The symptoms of influenza (steady cold, cough. Headaches)
— Neurological symptoms (paralysis, paresis, incoordination)
— Sudden inflammation in the heat

Step 2.
— Unusual feeling in the bones
— The head is buzzing, sickened, vomiting
— Increased body temperature in the heat, cold sores
— Quick change of symptoms

5.Sozdanie new body:
— Condition like pregnancy, signs of toxicity (headache, dizziness, unstable chair, etc.)
— Depth of the fire in the body (increase or feeling the temperature rise)
— Reduction in body temperature to 35 degrees. With
— Solid clot protruding above the navel
— Improving and further reduction of body weight

Certain signs and symptoms of transmutation of the Ascension in the higher planes and their meanings:

1.Narastanie sensations that All that man does not have much value for him.
He sees other people completely absorbed with the game in the duality — the possession of material goods and the pursuit of human happiness: family, career, respect in society, fame, finally. And this duality is pushing to find themselves and the meaning of existence of life.

2.Oschuschenie its helplessness in the incomprehensibility of truth.
One understands that the further he goes in his quest, the more he becomes entangled. That only he might have tried in this way, and not only experienced in altered states of consciousness. Ups in the higher realms, where there united with the whole universe, alternate falls and depression.

feeling as if you are under the pressure of high energy in a double boiler. You go through the process of adapting to a higher vibration and also start pushed out old beliefs and habits. Within you literally seethe most different processes.

4. Dizziness, "spatial", distraction, discoordination, feeling disoriented,
especially during the full moon and the solar flares, misunderstanding, where you are, loss of sensation location. You are no longer in the third dimension, since begun to move into the higher realms.

— violation of the relationship, the balance of male and female energy. . "Hearing" sounds or sequences of sounds of high frequency. This may be accompanied by pressure in one ear or both ears.

expanding energy against limiting beliefs limits of reason. Headaches can signal the brain and the conversion to energy and material levels. May take the form of a non-localized pressure inside the head or pressure comes in waves. Can heaviness and pain in the neck, top of the head, between the eyebrows — a "pressure" the third eye and other new chakras.

7. Fancy (sacred) pain in different parts of the body, wandering pains, burning sensation, temporary numbness, strange pain in the spine, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous spasms, polyneuritis, pains in the solar plexus, nausea, vomiting — You clear and freed from the old blocked energy vibrating at frequencies of the third dimension, while you are already on a higher vibration. Pain is a symptom of the dissolution of the old misdirection of creative energy, as well as, cell membranes and formation of new ones. Unusual neuralgia may be endemic.

8.Weakness in the limbs, weakness, swelling of the extremities, lips, nose — lack of energy intensive transmutation.

9.U you will days of incredible fatigue, causeless depression, irritability, unexplained fear, tearfulness.
Your body becomes less dense and is undergoing intensive restructuring. And the helplessness of the unknown makes people de-energized. One comes a sense of indifference to their fate; ischUstalost (night sleep up to 12 hours a day), a state of depression, de-energized, the periods of deep sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome (lack of energy), vampirizmezayut all desires, one of the last — the attachment to the spiritual path

10.Fatigue (night sleep up to 12 hours a day), a state of depression, de-energized, the periods of deep sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome (lack of energy), vampirism (Especially among close friends). You rest from all the pent-up and go through the integration process, while preparing for the next phase. These are signs of growth, which you need a lot of energy. This state of the search, throwing, seeking, loss of interest in the material. The outside world can be to you as the new nesozvuchen substantially higher vibration. You do not feel very well in it. In addition, you continue to get rid of low-and dark energies and you "see" them through.

11.Feeling strange, occasionally appears bloated, swelling of the body, the vagueness of its volumes. The process of creating a new body, the movement of perception to a more subtle plane.

12.Heartburn or chest tightness. Your heart opens Galactic!

13. Lockjaw, the gnashing of teeth — strong resistance to the identity of its mission and its connection with the Higher Self

14.Strange electrical sensations in the body, energy shocks, pulse, tingling, expansion, light, vibration, body wave, itching
(Especially in the Moon) — the decay of non-crystalline tissues. Energy pushes you feel physically, may even cause the movement of your body up. Loss of attention and concentration for long periods of time — the change in the electrical design of the body.

15. Sleep disturbances, waking at 2 am and waking up to 4 am.
You attend such intense dreams, you can not sleep for too long without a break. "Ordinary" people spend more time on the earth plane, and you're just now rapidly evolve, adapt to new cycles of space.

16.Colorful, dynamic dreams, sometimes with scenes of violence
you are freed from the burden of so many past lives at the lower vibrations. And gradually improve your dreams and now many talk about the wonderful dreams that they see. Some even have dreams in reality.

17.Loss of sense of time.
You can skip a meeting or a turn on the highway, late, forget what day it is — it is also the process of adjustment to the new cycle.

18. A kind of memory loss, loss of memory, short-term shutdown of consciousness
— well remember recent events and dimly its more distant past. You are not only in one dimension, and all the time to move back and forth between dimensions (this is also part of the transition). In addition, your past — is part of the old obsolete, which took forever. To be here and now — is the way of the New World.

19.Loss of identity, a periodic "falling out" of life, a sense of reluctance to do anything (passive, lazy, nothing-not-doing),
that causes irritation of the active part of others. You are trying to lean over the old, but it no longer exists. You do not know who you see in the mirror! You are free from your old devil and now embody more light, showing its more simple and clean the divine essence. Are you all right! You are in a state of rest, a kind of "reset" your system. Your body knows what it needs. Also, when you start to reach a higher plane, "do" and "achieve something" you would not so much as the new energy will encourage you to take such action as, to create, to take care of themselves.

20.Sudden desire to make more space.
You may want to get rid of their personal "treasure" and feel the need to remove all the old and unnecessary, distribute their property and throw furniture.

21. Feeling "out of body".
Sometimes it would seem that not even tell you, but someone else. This is our natural defense mechanism of survival when we are in a strong stress, feel traumatized and lost control. Your body is undergoing a lot of changes and you may not want to remain in it at this time. This is a unique way to ease the transition for yourself, but it will not last long and will soon pass.

22.You "see" and "hear" some strange things, can see through the veil, increased psychic abilities, the level of consciousness.
Your vision may seem choppy and unstable. You feel that you need glasses, you will still any whim. Sometimes you are sure that "saw" someone or something corner of his eye. Your ability to "see" develops. As you pass the transition experiences of different measurements in accordance with its "Settings".

23. Increased sensitivity to everything around you.
You will hardly endure noisy concourse of people, noisy and loud music, some food, TV, other people's voices, especially the negative vibrations, the crowd. You will quickly get tired and overexcited by everything around you. You tune into new worlds, so all this will take place gradually. Know that you are moving a huge amount of energy.

24. For you will unbearable lower vibrations of the third dimension, you'll pick up in conversations, relationships, social structures, some forms of healing
etc. You will literally become "bad" from them. You have already moved to a higher vibration and your energies more inconsonant such low frequency factors. In particular, you will have an unexpected effect of the old, habitual drug therapies, particularly physiotherapy.

25.Heightened emotional sensitivity, mood swings and "mania", the emotional ups and downs, frequent tears. Our emotions — there is a way to let go of the old problems, and now we are freed from so many.

26.Return of old habits, which you, in your opinion, completely got rid of. Try not to blame yourself for that. To fully "ascend", you must come to terms with their old habits.

27.Loss of desire to eat, change in appetite and weight, changing diets
(Preference for live food, craving for fatty food, craving for salty, thirst for proteins in watermelons, pineapples, grapes). Your body adapts to a new, higher state. In addition, some part of you does not want to live in this body.

28. There may be a need for frequent "bite",
which is associated with periods of sharp decline in the level of sugar in the blood. There may be weight gain, because you will need a huge amount of fuel to maintain the process of Ascension. Weight gain — a reaction to the excess toxins (see next entry), released after clearing, transmutation, the excess of new energies, in addition there are two additional bodies to process the size of the liver toxins in the area of the diaphragm, which leads to a change in the shape of the body — as in Buddha, the pharaohs, in pregnant women. Diaphragm descends, increases the size of the heart, the thymus grows, expands the chest, which is especially noticeable in women, there is fat in the neck, shoulders, due to the opening of the new chakras. Weight gain when it can not reduce in any way — one of the typical symptoms.

29.Increased consumption of salt, swelling — the formation of new crystalline cells.

30. You will be completely not able to do some things. When you're trying to do ordinary things, then this routine will be for you is unbearable. The reason is the same as above.

31.Changing priorities in career or relationship. Often this occurs when no "logical" reason for this is not, but you feel the urge to change.

32.The sudden disappearance of your life friends, certain activities and even the change of work and residence.
You have gone beyond the limits of what you were before, and all these people, and your old surroundings no longer match your new vibrations. Your plans may suddenly at full speed to change and go in a completely different direction. — Your soul is balancing your energy. Usually you feel that you go in a new direction — just great, because your soul knows more than you. It knocks you out of the "rut" habitual decisions and vibration.

33.Detoxification of the body
— increased allocation of organs (skin, kidney, liver, gastrointestinal tract). Can manifest itself in increased pigmentation of the skin, changes in smell and look of products of metabolism.

34.Increased pigmentation of the skin
(Red, yellow, orange …), spots may occur abruptly and then disappear, they are very itchy skin in these areas is shelled, can flat-out, to become vulnerable — strengthening the metabolism, cleansing the body, enhancing the flow of energy through the body of the fire.

35.Amendment of the blood circulatory system performance
(Sometimes in the form of unexplained fluctuations of individual indicators that doctors can not explain and normalize — the restructuring of the circulatory system.

36.To return home,
as if it was all over and you're no longer here. We're going back to its source. Everyone is really over (but many of us are to create the New World). Also, our old plans, has prompted us to come here, have been implemented.

37. The feeling that you're going crazy, or you develop a mental illness, short-term mental disorder.
Also, you may find that you are not able to focus to make it your way. You will very quickly go through an experience of multiple measurements and a powerful opening. Now you are very much available, and you're not used to it. Your awareness has grown very, barriers are gone. This all will pass and in the end would feel so at home as never felt before, as Home is now here.

38. Anxiety and even panic, anxiety.
Your ego is losing ground and is afraid. Also, your whole system is overloaded. With you there is something strange for you. You also lose behaviors, you have to turn out in the world of the third dimension for survival. This can make you feel vulnerable and powerless. It is all too will pass and in the end you will feel a lot of love, trust and unity.

39.Spiritual Death or fleeting thoughts of suicide. Remember, so you just try to give a three-dimensional explanation of what happens to you.

40.You create a situation that seems worst nightmare. Your soul puts you in a "stretch" toward the formation of the properties that you lack, and, conversely, into a "mute" those aspects that you are in abundance. Just goes balancing your energies. Find your way to inner peace in such circumstances — that's the test that you have prepared yourself for yourself. This is your journey, and your soul would organize it if you were not ready. You are the one who has to find his way, and you will find it.

41. Excessive concern about the state of nature, the environment and etc. (Pollution, destruction of animals, disease, people, aliens, dangerous technology).

42. Excessive need to know,
such as excessive interest in the news of all kinds, increased brain activity, reinforced fears, fear of going crazy, fear of the future.

43. Fever, sweats, night flash temperature (without symptoms), flushing temperature surges
— These are symptoms of a fiery fever. Cleaning, followed by a state of ease. Temperature goes along with all the impurities from the body and consciousness. After that, she could fall (see below). Include a mechanism for cleaning. This can be in the form of heat. It arises spontaneously for no apparent reason, almost every month, and may, within 5 to 10 minutes pass for 41oS. The temperature burns all waste products in the body, all fears, and most importantly, the person ceases to cling to life, it is all the same.

44.Lowering the temperature to 350C, cold, cold around the body searing plasma
(Blue, purple) — the second stage after stage cleaning fever. At this time the physical body hardly felt, even when a person lifts weights. No desire to take the Earth's food, it is tasteless and foreign. In the mind manifests transparent purity, as in a mountain lake in the calm. At this point, there is no fear, no love, no feelings at all, the more self-pity. The man begins to feel empty, glass container and all its quiet emotion — only glimpses of the outside world on the walls.

45. Viral diseases or their symptoms, such as the flu, a manifestation of latent viruses (Such as herpes) — signs of mutation (transmutation, the fiery fever). May have the character of fast epidemics.

46.Feeling "high-speed rail".
You're making more vigorously in a shorter period of time! You can physically feel the "energy boost." On Friday, you might think that was a month, not a week.

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