The authorities will invest nearly one billion rubles in total energy supply of Kunashir

Geothermal power station in which the energy of the island, will be increased more than anticipated


The government will allocate 890 million rubles for the replacement of existing turbine-generator units and the construction of another new, more powerful systems for geothermal power station Mendeleev, located on the island of Kunashir. New facilities should provide energy to all the inhabitants of the island.

Modernization of geothermal power plants — part of the federal target program "Socio-economic development of the Kuril Islands in 2007-2015." The decision to upgrade the station was made in 2009. It was assumed that the power of Mendeleev will be increased from 1.8 MW to 5 MW.

But the plans have changed — the power plant will be increased to 7.4 MW. Despite the fact that the first unit of the plant has been established not so long ago — in 2002, and the second — and even later — in 2007, they will be phased out and replaced, according to the project documentation, build a new turbine generator using binary cycle . Construction should be completed in 2015.

— We have developed a design for a geothermal power station on the island of Kunashir on to win the tender and received this year a positive expert opinion, the customer now holds a tender to select a general contractor, — Executive Director of the North-West Engineering Corporation Valery Kurakins.

According to him, after increasing the power station will provide electricity for almost the entire island. Now Mendeleevskaya provides only 40% of the population, the rest use diesel station, but it is expensive. "The mixture comes out of the ground and thrown in essence in the air, why is it wasteful to spend it? — Says Kurakins. — A similar project will be on Iturup. "

The cost of this energy does not exceed the national average rate. In the Far East, tariffs are regulated by the state, and the money invested in the modernization of geothermal power plants are unlikely to be offset by revenue from the tariff. At the same time the cost of geothermal energy is low enough, the director of the Energy Development Fund Sergey Pikin.

Design and Cost Estimate also been agreed. The cost of modernization was estimated at 890 million rubles. At the same time, according to an official passport FTP, on measures to develop the fuel and energy complex of the Kuril Islands allocated this year, only 341.5 million rubles, in 2012 — 125 million, and for 2013 — another 175 million rubles. Where in the CCU, "Management of the" Kuril Islands ", which is the manager of the budget for the program, took an additional 249 million rubles for the new generator geothermal power plants is unclear. In the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Economic Development could not comment on the progress of the federal program. Representatives of the Ministry of Energy refused to comment on the financing of the project. Attract investors, as explained by Kalinin, not planned, all the funds allocated for the project come from the budget.

— We introduce geothermal stations not in the industrial scale, in the EU and because the inputs are single, cost naturally is higher than Western counterparts — said Pikine. — Plus transport costs for the delivery of equipment — construction is not likely to hold a local contractor.

In Russia in general is not a lot of companies that will be able to implement a project of this complexity. Among the potential candidates Pikine calls "RusHydro". In most companies say that studying the possibility of participation in the modernization of the station.

The issue of any construction on the Kuril Islands in the departments are reluctant to discuss, said a source in one of the ministries. Each visit by officials of islands causes negative statements from Japan, claiming the territory. However, experts believe that the construction of a new generator to provide all residents of Kunashir energy is unlikely to exacerbate the conflict, though, and will show that Russia has no plans to abandon their land.

The use of thermal energy for electricity settlements Kunashir already reduced the dependence of industrial, residential and other facilities from contamination by sea coal and diesel. Power converted to natural water vapor provides the population with low-cost power. This is especially true now, when the prices of traditional fuels are unstable. In addition to this, the development of geothermal energy will seriously help to preserve the delicate ecological balance in the archipelago.

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