The disappearance of the island of Greenland make up a kilometer

Complete disappearance of the Greenland ice sheet will cause the island picked up out of the sea a mile and now the rate of vertical movement is about three centimeters a year, according to a study published in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).

"Greenland is constantly rising, it is caused by the melting of glaciers, their weight pressing on the island. Now rate of uplift of up to three centimeters a year — and three feet in a century — and if all the ice melts at 100%, the island will be higher per kilometer," — said study leader, a member of the Danish Technical University Shfakat Abbas Khan (Shfaqat Abbas Khan), quoted at the message on the information portaleScienceNordic.

Scientists have discovered that with a network of stationary stations equipped devices GPS, installed on the island in 2007-2009 (Greenland GPS Network — GNET) for regular measurements of the height of the island bedrock above sea level.

The authors concluded that Greenland slowly "floats" on a vertical, periodically rising and falling. In particular, according to historical evidence and scientific calculations, every 50-100 years, some of the bay can "change" their depth. Thus, the measurement data available to scientists, can be of practical use in the planning of economic activity on the coast.

The average thickness of the Greenland ice sheet is about 2100 meters, maximum — 3028 meters. Thus, if it ceases completely, the surface of the island will be, on average, a mile lower than now. However, the landscape of the island has changed completely, returning to their appearance before glaciation, which began more than two million years ago, during the Neocene. Naked underwater part of the island, resulting in a completely changed the coastline.

Glacier currently covers about 80% of the Greenland and contains about 20% of the world's supply of ice. Scientists have calculated that if the entire Greenland ice melts, it will lead to a rise in sea level of 6.4 meters.

According to a study published in 2009 in Geophysical Research Letters, in the period between April 2002 and February 2009 the Greenland glacier "lost" about 1.6 thousand cubic kilometers.

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