The events that occurred at the moment of the Here and Now

At the moment here and now, there was an event is interesting and meaningful, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for the whole Family of Light. Spirit Forum was held on the latest developments in the world. Beings of Light is a forum, which was held in the Golden City in the 13th dimension. He addressed issues of the Ascension of the Earth, the ascension of humanity.

This event was attended by a large number of participants, among which were:

Master Kryon (Magnetic service of Earth)

Master Jesus Christ (Master of Unconditional Love)

Lady Gaia (Earth Consciousness)

Melek Archangel Metatron

Elan (Representative Fleet Pleiades)

Adonai Ashtar Sheran (representative of the entire fleet of the Family of Light)

Representatives fleets Sirius

Your friend Michael (represents the collective consciousness of humanity)



Dear Friends, the description of events of the Forum is presented here in the form of a story (message).

Start chat forum is open to Master Kryon, saying the following.

Master Kryon:

I welcome all participants of the spiritual forum in the moment here and now!
This event is important for everyone and it is the last one before the Harmonic Convergence in December 2012, which, I hope, will bring even more unexpected and favorable events.

Now I want to draw your attention to the further implementation of the plan, which was approved at the Forum (Harmonic Convergence), 1987 during a performance of the Collective Consciousness Higher Self Humanity. As you know, the script was selected phase of the Ascension, which consists of three phases, each of which follows the previous one, and now it's time to take stock of its implementation. Dear Friends, by December 2012 has a lot of work left to do, but everything is going great! (Kryon smile)

In this speech the Master Kryon over.


Expensive to collect! Dear brothers and sisters!
Welcome you to open the Spiritual Forum devoted to the further development of the Ascension process on Earth.

Much has been made, but more needs to co-create. Very much, dear! To begin with, it is necessary to adjust the media of the Earth and the transfer of information about the ascension to everyone … everyone! This is necessary in order to know about the process to all people. However, freedom of choice is sacred … and then make it every man according to his own free will, choose to go through the Ascension or not, it is a sacred right. But again I say, this should be aware of each person. That is why I ask you to inform the process through the media of the Earth is not at the end of December 2012, and earlier, in late November — early December. This is important!

Next. That's what he wanted to say on the agenda of the Forum, Dear Friends:

"It is necessary to provide the opportunity to ascend to everyone who so desires for all three waves, and especially in the first wave, as it is a mechanism for all subsequent ones. To do this, increase the amount of information transmitted through the channels of the people of Earth, as well as increase the number of transmitted practices directly related to the Ascension. "

But that's not all. I appeal to you, dear angels sevaya!
Need to intensify sevaya chakra (chakra Ascension) Lady Gaia to 21 December 2012. Activation is necessary to make the number 19. Impulse will pass through thin plans for two days of earth time, but at the moment it happens now instantly. Then on December 21 all the processes will start, and will be the official start of the Ascension Lady Gaia and humanity.

At this all my dear friends.

Further the Master Jesus Christ:

Dear brothers and sisters are ours! Michael's speech was alive and fervent, and what was said to them, it is necessary to co-create all of us. From myself I would like to say that the hearts of the people you need to open to get all the information and the provision of free choice of the sacred path they choose in individual and group Ascension. But not all will choose to ascend. To do this, starting from October 15, 2012, I will be open channels of Unconditional Love, which will come on the earth directly through the heart of the people, and there are important pioneers of the Spirit.

My message to them is:

"My dear brothers and sisters! Your job is complicated, but you do it with your fiery heart, and tears of joy overwhelmed me. And my heart rejoices in your successes! I ask you to always be open to the Holy Spirit … the Spirit of Truth! Then the transformation of the Earth will occur more quickly than planned. Many things in your hands! This is what I wanted to convey to you, beloved. Many things in your hands! "

In this speech the Master Jesus Christ over.

Archangel Metatron made Melek:

I welcome all of them! Friends, then what I want to say this is an important part of the Ascension of the Earth and Humanity. The "Rise in the East" and the project "Rise in the West" are planned and harmonious, but there is another project, which dedicate to you, Michael. This is an implementation of the Ascension in Russia.

Yes it is, it is a complicated part of the story and it is the realization of Hearts all residents of this country. Opening must be implemented before the end of December. Many things happen in the disclosure intuitive, but will disclose conscious. However, they must occur in every person, regardless of his views and awareness. As it happens, this is your way to your goal. And in this with you, we will — Family of Light. We will help. Ask and will be given assistance.

Move on to the next part of the message, my friends.
I'll tell you about the PC (programmable crystal). As you know, the process of activation and migration, with subsequent activation in these Holy Fire. Before the end of the year to increase to at least 3 of the crystal. This is the work that is actively pursued and that which I supervise. But just ask all the participants to help further co-tuning all the PC (Programmable Crystal) of the Earth to complete the initial project and the transition to the project PC Restore DNKa spirals Humanity. More about this will be discussed later on joint projects.

That's all.

Next came Lady Gaia:

Expensive to collect! Welcome you and happy that the joint work that is performed. Dear, I'm ready for the Rapture! My frequencies are increased to 999 and ready to go up even more, but expect their children (humanity). Waiting for the time that was given to 21 December 2012. This is the time, to which all else can wait, and I hope many will wake up to the moment … Many of my children wake up! And the joy of waiting and meeting great! (Tears streaming) Please provide all that is planned for these dates and eversion is imminent. Now move into the hallway toward reality New World and a New Life! (Rejoice) Thank you for your help! I thank all of his children! I love you, my children, with all their heart and expect that our journey will be shared by everyone.

In this speech Lady Gaia ended.

Elan made (Representative Fleet Pleiades)

Thank you for providing the opportunity to participate in the Forum, dear friends!

Of the entire fleet of the Pleiades, and from all of our people, I want to turn to Adonai Ashtar Sheranu. I ask you to provide an opportunity for early disclosures our direct presence on Earth before December 2012. This would contribute to a general distribution of information about us, and to prepare for an act of the ascension of the Earth. Our presence would not be extended to the meetings, but it would be in the form of our direct visible presence in the skies of Earth (meaning the ship). For a brief period, we came to the field of view of humanity for the moral and psychological training of people to contact.

In this presentation Alan ended.

Adonai Ashtar Sheran made:

Many processes of this disclosure would affect a lot of events would entail. However, much remains to be done to start the direct identification. First, you must disclose in a conscious or intuitive form of people's hearts. This will be a sign, which would be an indicator of their readiness. Preparing for this number of processes that are started. This was mentioned in his speech the Master, Jesus Christ, Michael and Melek Metatron.

Well, if the heart of humanity will unfold, the disclosure will be made in a specified time, which are not yet fully accurate. However, you have permission to do so.

In this speech Adonai Ashtar Sheran over.

The representatives of Sirius

We ask you, Adonai Ashtar Sheran, we also allow the beginning of the revitalization of the visible presence in the skies of Earth, if successful opening Hearts.

At this Adonai Ashtar Sheran has agreed, in the event of a successful expansion of Hearts.

After receiving permission from Sirius finished his speech.

Emmanuel spoke:

Dear friends! This congress (the event) is familiar to many. It had a lot to say, and many decisions have been taken. We should also add that the information on the process of the Ascension of the Earth is not in the media as such. This is the process that needs to take into account that you want to implement.

On this from me.

Then in the middle of the room flashed a strong flow of energy that once his gentle and loving energy to fill not only the audience but also the hearts of all those present. And a voice said in the minds of everyone present.


Children of my beloved! Much has been decided by you, but I say:

"Do you even more … you should decide to co-work with the children of my — humanity. Much will be given to them and more come upon them in their development and awareness. But for this power of the Spirit of Truth and the Truth they need. This is something that falls on your shoulders, dear little children. My voice began to sound again in the hearts, minds and soul light (energy and information obtained during the reading of messages) of the children of my humanity. Much will be revealed to them through my messages … Message co-creation and the father of my children. It's time to wake up sleeping until now and perceive themselves to choose their … who stands before them. The choice is sacred, and that they will choose the know, but these things will be revealed at the time of the unexpected to all.

Inversion of the second Lady Gaia will make soon. It will not go from sunlight, but from the hearts of men. When it happens, time is not revealed to you, my children (the reference to the Forum). But wait for it in anticipation of the actions of your … Expect it in every moment, because soon it will happen. Bless all present their own children as well as you, my beloved children, read and listen to my message! Truly our hearts are revealed quickly and passionately! "

After this vote in mind trailed off and a bright flash of energy in the center of the room disappeared.

Again made Adonai Ashtar Sheran:

I thank all Members for your feedback and participation, as well as all those present on it! The course is chosen, a lot of work, but it is fruitful and beautiful. The manifestation of the Source of Life at the Forum is truly an event for each participant and each participant of this message.

Please, Michael, on the events of the Forum should be aware of people. This is important! Let them know that they are supported by a comprehensive and in all their ways. The support of the Spirit and give them strength.

At this forum ends. Thank you all once again for your presence and participation. Until next time, dear friends, brothers and sisters!


On this, dear friends, Spiritual Forum, which took place in the Golden City, 13 dimension, in the moment here and now, is over.

I sincerely hope that this information is helpful to you. As promised the Forum, their performance and the solutions that have been adopted and opened for the public attention of every person who wants to know the position of things happening not only in the phenomenal world, but behind the veil in the subtle world.

Perhaps, this publication will cause a lot of debate and discussion, hmm ….
If those who will lead, will be an open heart, it will be a truly great moment! However, I feel that these will be a little (sigh) Sorry …

However, dear friends, my brothers and sisters, I am glad you provide this information, not only to reflect, but also to the action of the Spirit … RUSH! .. Artistic impulse of your hearts!

With love and respect to you, your brother Michael.
October 7, 2012

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