The flow of 28. 09. 2012 — Cycle: The Forces of Light

Message from Lord Godfrey
September 28, 2012

Today I AM come to you again. Glad our communion. Today I would like to give his instruction to all of you that your life is especially important at the present time — your mood positive emotions, the energy of light and love.

What would you no events occurred that would be with you no matter what happens, always be in my heart for peace and understanding that all you have served, all used for your benefit and for your spiritual development. Any sad circumstances and trials have you to purchase Essential assembly elements that experience that allows us to develop your soul, rapid way to improve themselves, which is not in the higher dimensions, there is the development of more slowly.

Dimensionality has on you having an impact, it gives you the opportunity duality clearly express themselves and show the direction and inclination in a particular development.

Tests of the three-dimensional give you ample room for your perfection, but you need to understand that this world is an illusion, and not to fall into despair or sorrow when you encounter difficulties in your life here. Think of all the events that happen to you as a lesson that you want to go and get their benefit in their development. Sorrowful or joyful event it — all sent to your development. Understanding this, you will always be easy to keep in mind calm and positive emotions.

Many trials you face, you still planned to put into this dense world. They are chosen by you, given the karma that you need to get, or you want to redeem. Encountering any test with joy and understanding of the need for it, you will quickly build up and develop themselves to the level you require. Any event in your life is no accident, any event chosen so to bring you maximum benefit to your development.

Study and pass the test with joy. Rest assured, whatever else happens to you in the impending future.

I AM Godfrey, with love to all of you! Ohms.

Message from the Beloved Pallas Athena
September 28, 2012

Hello, our beloved people! Information coming to you through the Messengers, some strains internally, we will rush to comfort and give you energy, balancing your energy state.
We have always warned in advance about the different things to come with a purpose. We do it for you to be emotionally prepared, and in contact with events that will occur later on, within you, in my heart, it would be calm and happy, so that your inner unbalanced and unprepared state in developing the events did not lead to their deterioration.

With calm inside, you begin to make promises to the improvement and harmonization of space. Under their action is improving the situation and scenario changes from hard to soft option and the most favorable, both for yourself and for Gaia and all the space in general.

Warning gives you the opportunity to improve the situation and get the most from it for self-development. The future is variable, not fixed it for you, and you can change their fishing in the present. As we told you before, your peace in my heart and are pleased by the coming trial. Do not be afraid of your body, you — not your body, you — the Spirit, which has limitless abilities, so you have a fractal manifestation of the Creator, and you laid the unique creativity. Use them for the benefit of yourself and those around you Space.

I AM Pallas Athena. Ohms.

Message from the I AM THAT I AM
September 28, 2012

Hello, all! Our current energy gives you some comfort. Should not take our warnings about future events in sorrowful way. All you have given, is intended to strengthen you and your development.

Of course, someone is being tested, and someone refuses and goes, but you will not be sad about it. Your body, you are in this lifetime is not so important to be afraid for their loss, they can only be in the third dimension of the space for your souls, as some suits, people use to dive into the depths of the ocean or out into space . Calmly.

If someone goes out of this dense plan, he himself, his soul, agreed to this. You stay here, will further be tested while under the influence of high energy not make the transition to a higher dimension in full consciousness and not through death body shell, and through its transmutation.
We give you our messages with the information that has changed your mind, expand it to the understanding of these truths. Meet so any events in your life with joy and understanding approach to the new world.

Your harmonious inner state will allow external events occur well. And you may have noticed more than once.
With the right approach scenario is changing for the most favorable. Use your ability to harmonize spaces consciously.

* The duration of the flow 1:02
by Anatoly Belyayev

Category: Channeling

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