The flow of 29. 09. 2012 — Cycle: Sozidanie Himself

29/09/12 A message from the Lord Maitreya!

I AM the Lord Maitreya! Hello, our beloved people!
I AM come to you today not one, we are many, but it does not mean that we will all go into the canal. We are present invisibly together to give their energies. Our world, the subtle energies are always ready to share with you the desired flow.
I hope you will soon be in the same act, instead of giving us their love and appreciation. From many of you, we already feel and receive. Thank you for the interchange! (BlagoDaryu!) The link we love, it inspires, gives hope for the success of the experiment, which is coming to an end.
Difficult for you at this difficult time of change. Understanding this, we try to make in your life giving messages and facilitate this. Do not dismiss them. Soak them in your heart and you will become part of us, through our love for you, in good energy, reciprocal support. Many fine qualities we are investing in their power to you. Each of us is ready to do it constantly. Just follow the balance of their forces, we carefully control himself in this direction, we are allowed to spend it. So it's easier on the dense plan is vital to overcome their difficulties.
As we all want to see you happy here on Earth. She is so beautiful with its beauty and uniqueness. Will soon be even more attractive. It transforms with you. Each time you send her breath cleansing transforms the space so that it creates a wave impulse response of love to you, and many souls are awakening from the illusion of a dense plan. Now you can see the relationship and the fruits of their labor?
So we have come today to tell you that. Tell about your accomplishments on the dense plane. Show them who have not yet noticed. Maybe your rose, responsibility remains. I think that each of you is aware of its importance today and will work hard on missing as its essence.
The device allows you to make the Universe yours, though still a small contribution to the evolution of Space. In some regions of Russia are cleaning the summer rains. Some people are tired of whom Grace. Ask why? This is an example of how each of you perceive space. It all depends on your own perception. Changes taking place around you for a long time and at full speed, but not many of you can see and realize. Itself must be carefully trained in these matters. Notice the change and your inspiration to go on increasing.
The turn of events pushes you forward, and throws many of the cozy accommodations, discharges of unrest in the movement to change something. Only need to understand ourselves, what and where to change. No place to live, no family, no job, no car, etc., and their consciousness. Who are you and what did you do in this life for his soul. Opened it, Throw open towards change, become yourself. Only with an open mind person goes down the path of evolution. Who with closed heart will remain on the periphery of the story. There are no other options, no other way. Is rapidly shrinking, and we are giving you all the latest recommendations. Do not miss your opportunity.
I was pleased to come to you today.
I AM the Lord Maitreya! OM.

29/09/12 A message from Beloved Pallas Athena!

I AM Pallas Athena! Hello all, our beloved people!
I AM come to this stream of our common joy of mutual communication. For the first time I meet through this Messenger. Pleased to meet you! (Vzaimno!)
I am happy to visit you. I try to consistently share their energies with all. This channel attracts us with his sincerity, clarity of perception and maximize the transfer of all the senses, we have pledged. We made it and are very happy in this mutual success. The woman in your world is more emotional and can fully complement our energy earthly feelings. I hope you all have noticed. We have been so conceived this cycle Epistles and we are doubly pleased overall results.
Great joy and delight we get from the mutual action of all our Messengers, their friendship and mutual assistance, from close contact between the earth itself. You create an invisible chain of collective Egregor and "acquire" them day after day. We enthusiastically observe this your process, it is only yours, we are observers, because so openly and with Love perceive your actions. You do everything quietly, and we are encouraged by such minor events for you. This is a small example of your self-success. I can list a few more, but at other times.
Today we are talking about changes in space. How do you notice them? You just need to be careful and you will see the changes around. Even if today they are not so significant and noticeable, but in the future they are global. I have not made a reservation, the scale will hit everyone, without exaggeration. We will contact you to set yourself and society change. Quietly, slowly, to understand and accept what is happening around.
Let the raging elements, albeit exhausting heat, let life carry different vortices "chaff" to nowhere, but you have to take everything with gratitude updates. After all, no accidents, all natural and we openly tell you about the future. They permeated the whole atmosphere, the whole space waiting for a miracle of nature. Land ready for these miracles long ago, and you? We have been advertised and prepare in advance and all. Losses will be, they are inevitable, as in any whirlwind of events. I repeat, all natural, everything is subject to the Creator. And we are happy about this outcome of events. And your willingness to see everything. That will be better, so let it be peaceful.
I would like to focus on your relationship to the "sleeping" people. Be indulgent to them. Accept them for what they are, it's their choice, their souls understand. No need to waste their strength in arguments, evidence, discussions and other areas. So you will only exacerbate your karma. Act without perseverance, courtesy, humility, and all take place in a calm atmosphere. When you want all the "wake up" to impress all the essence of events, there is a wave of protests, which feeds its negative energy deterrent. Do not forget about it and very carefully take care of yourself, your thoughts, deeds and actions. Heavenly Father often repent of their deeds. As you do a lot of imperfections. Work hard at it, work on yourself, be "seeing" everything.
Hopefully able to bring to you the essence of the upcoming events and phenomena. I will be glad to new meetings!
I AM Pallas Athena! OM!

29/09/12 A message from the I AM THAT I AM

I AM THAT I AM! Welcome our beloved!
I AM now come to complete our flow. We continue to repeat to you about upcoming events for you to be firmly understood the benefit of the future planned for you. Not every detail of your life now. Everything that happens to you, all around you, all significant. Should already know all of this notice and be aware.
Each to test themselves on the strength of the Spirit. Maybe someone they seem fun, some lessons of grief, some profit, some damage, and neither does anyone. All and once again it all depends on your perception of reality. We are very open to you light up your tomorrow, this has never happened. Curtain time is reduced to a minimum, what puzzles. It is important to prepare you for the next test, the next exam.
No additional lessons for you, it was time to harvest is. We gather the harvest in December. What it will be seen. Be prepared everything. Your works will take stock and set score. Many still have time to correct their mistakes, take your time. I accept your repentance and instructed to direct your path. My support to you all today. Of you have the same one, we need determination and my knowledge. Your talents in you do not find, so open them to happiness and joy to all. We are waiting a long time for tidal forces of your creation. Space and the whole world stood in anticipation of your decisions and actions to change the Genesis!

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