The Great Shift. Mechanism.

Your transition into a new dimension will be multi-dimensional. We have been told that many will pass the threshold almost instantly, perhaps in a dream. During the transformation of fields of Gaia (Earth) will total co-tuning of all components of your system. To do this, construct a parade of planets to the center of the galaxy.

Signals will be transferred to the entire series of attunement. The signal will be born in the center of the galaxy and the chain will be transferred to Gaya and lead to transformation. Energy, or rather the energy pulse, which goes to Gaia, will include a variety of mechanisms, which were prepared by centuries. They have been already laid the ground up to your ascension. Just a very long time to start was not possible. Universal structure store and maintain efficiency of these mechanisms. But it was not possible to run.

Because the pulse of energy that should "make" these mechanisms should join the channel, the corresponding energy of the planet. The channel must be prepared to accept such a colossal amount and quality of energy. Speaking about the channel, we certainly do not mean a wire or pipe — a whole lattice energy of interacting entities that are part of your light body.

In the "bad" for you (because the universe is not a negative experience. There is only experience, giving impetus to the further creation) scenario of the event, since the momentum is inevitable, as the breath of the universe, if the channels are not ready, the planet would be burned. Rather be broke as a supernova. About it — cleansing fire, do your exercises before.

But you are your thoughts, actions, and energy could fit together with the universe and prepare Gaia channel reception energy pulse.

At the time the pulse activate the mechanism, and the physical shell of all things fall to the primal. . . Ascension will literally. Earth will pass through the portal of ascension. Pass through the portals and all life on earth.

Each of you has a special energy code by which you recognize in the universe. These codes and imprinted in the Akashic Records. Code — this is the name of your light. Will be opened for each individual portal through which pass ascension. The number of these portals is unlimited. Selection (opening) of your portal will automatically read your name luminosity. It is important because you have to send a comfortable path of ascension, though, we know that many of you are ready to suffer for it. The universe does not need your misery. Moreover, in many energy torment only absorbs a lot of positive energy. We're not talking about your companions that his suffering releases the energy of purification. It had other great effect, getting ready for this energy.

The universe loves you and cares about the children as How would you transported your children? Is trying to find their way more complicated? For many of you it will take a second.

Most people at this time will be already prepared. Now, checking your luminosity codes pass, we see that many are ready for the transition. You know who we're talking about. They know, because they are long processes of transmutation, they have learn to manage their own astral body in advance.

Others have not worked with their bodies, but we call! Love the world and themselves. Pure intent and love will allow you to pass on the personal portal. Love for the world, to God, to the universe, to others, to ourselves, just love in its purest form.

Do not worry about the mechanics of this process. All points of the universe are connected. Distance — it's only in your head. You yourself have lost the knowledge of the ability to move through the portals to anywhere in the universe, this tells your legends and ancient texts and drawings. Tell you that the mechanism of transition to any point of the universe know your astral body. They know. But your mental clutter and fears block this knowledge. Your astral body travels between worlds during sleep, when the mental apparatus is in a state of deep rest.

But now is not necessarily to remember anything. Mechanism prepared and work at the right time.

Even those of you who are into all this do not believe, but it has the appropriate quality luminosity pass through the portals and find yourself in a new world.

The most difficult question for you: Where? Where is the world? He is within you. It's your choice.

It is difficult to explain the multidimensionality and spaciousness of the universe. Each of you collect your world in a certain space. Numerous collection points, respectively, your worlds intersect and merge. Therefore, everyone will be given for his faith, the truth of your exercises. And in the universe — it is the law of perception.

How do you view yourself and the world, so it is realized in your creation. There is no such that for emergency evacuation prepared some landing sites for your planetary spacecraft. Understand, this is a linear vision. Each of you will get to the point in the universe, which will send it to its light body.

But it is important that humanity, all life on the planet Gaia herself — a single structure. Therefore, part of the structure should not break up. Then there will be and the planet. You are all connected. You — a single organism. We have long since passed on this information, but you perceive it as if you are just part and there is a certain relationship. . . Vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the human community. And the planet and its oceans and continents.

There is nothing particular. You are a single entity. Your body's cells also possess the knowledge, but the knowledge that they are — part of a single organism. Your. Also you have to realize that you are part of the body of Gaia. You — Complete! And your whole — this whole with the universe. Do you understand?

Everything that happens on the planet, and natural disasters, and the ejection of whales on land, the change over the Gulf Stream, and political events — all impact on each of you, in every cell of your being. Accordingly, each step you take (the thought, action actions) affect everything that happens.

We passed it a thousand times. Only for some reason you do not understand all the process of influence on you. If your body sick little finger, do heart rejoice, and "tell": it's not me, I'm all right. We are so detailed and primitive explain that you've got it! He who knows the truth and live by it — thank you for participating in the development of our planet.

All this we say to you to understand that there will be a separate entity chosen ascension. Preparing a planetary transition. Difficult for you to imagine the scale and grandeur of this process, but try.

Many of you have been told that humanity is a breakthrough and you will find a great transition. But this event is not only your local importance. This is a brand new start of the development of the universe. So.

You are members of the great experiment, you are part of this experiment. You epicenter of a reference point, but it's part of it. From the transformed pulse of your hub will wave quantum momentum in many parts of the universe. It's like a ripple effect from the explosion. But it will not be an explosion, and the energy jump.

Together with the decision of the development goals of your planetary community is solved and the vector orientation of many processes in the universe. Everything is connected, we repeat to you. We understand your enthusiasm and pride for his big break, and we applaud you. But do not stop and lock themselves in the structure of a single space and energy space. We are also a whole. You are also a part of the universe, for the analogy, which we have already described to you by the example of the little finger and the heart. We are all one.
So now it is important to the realization of integrity at all levels.

Most of you have chosen in your heart planetary transition together with the whole space group. Those of you who want to visit other worlds — the law of free will is immutable — in its portal, go to the world, eager to get his breath. Myriads of worlds in the universe. But not all at once you can get because they have to fit your energy. Simply put, you departing from the human community, will have a wide range of worlds that you will be able to Priya on the level of luminosity.

Those who pass the group — to them our special attention, as each individual is important, but the event group ascension preparing millions of your years.

Will, we hope that a small portion of people who do not want to move. They are especially concerned about the fate of us. Because they have to go back to original sources. That is a divine principle, and from there a way to start over lifetimes. This is unfortunate, because it is already covered a lot of these entities. And they are also ready to help. But they do not want. They are building bunkers, stocking food, hoping to stay in the old part and survive. This will not happen. Have a place to stay.

If Mars were your astronomers with telescopes, they would have seen the brightest phenomenon: the planet will be brilliant light pulse and as it disappears from sight physical. First starts to fade and then disappear completely and shine in a different world. We already hear the questions in your minds: What about the sun, the solar system, gravity, etc.? Do not let that concern you. This is a topic for another conversation, if you feel so interesting.

We are willing to share information with you, but still can not understand why you are more concerned with the details, but not the essence. When you fly in a plane to another country, do you care about how the components of the aircraft, the pilot looks like what was on the board and so on. You just trust in flight and fell asleep, hoping even sure you wake up at your destination. And not oversleep because you wake caring hostess and invited to land. The same thing here. Your plane will land in the right place at the right time! Trust the pilots! Do not be afraid! Next to you to help the myriad creatures.

Many questions and many answers given to you, for there is no mystery in the universe to you. There are just things that you are not able to comprehend and understand, because to understand the energy that you need a more subtle plan.

You seem to see a vague outline of contaminated glass and reflections of lights and interpret them in their own way and look. And it does not mean that all of you are wrong. Some of you still capture the structure and pattern. But in general, you have yet to see all of this other view of spiritual vision that lies in yourself.

Close your eyes and open heart. There you will see all the pictures of the future and the universe that awaits you. Stop the brain, it can only refer to the heart. It is now for you the main guiding landmark.

Where a doubt, it's hard to go forward. Your human nature taught you not to trust the way. Many of you may not receive the full, that way you always will lead to where you need it, because this is the way of the heart. You did not trust his heart. So it is open and listen.

We give you this information, because he entered a clear request and we have no right to not be answered. But, warned again: do not become attached to the concrete and to the words. Your words are very difficult to convey the essence of the processes that are happening in the universe. Think of energy information.

The person who sends the information it receives from its level of perception and energy structure. What you will find inconsonant — it's just the action of its filter. Drop filters and pass information through the heart, through the heart space, which is centered around the heart chakra. Each of you will hear from this stream only what can and wants only what takes energy.

If something is not compatible with your structure, we repeat: drop it. The information you need will come to you in another way. Now on the eve of the great transition do not argue over whose information is better. Listen, absorb, spend preparing your body and mind. Look for signs. Everything is open to you.

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