The military made a forced march and deployed missile system

The actions of personnel mobile coastal missile complex "Ball" worked servicemen Caspian Flotilla. They marched across country to the starting position and deployed launchers.

Demonstration of the possibilitiesRussian Navy's only mobile coastal missile complex "Ball" was held at the field output units missile division of the Caspian flotilla on the range "Scorpion" in Dagestan.

According to the military, is unparalleled. The missiles hit the target at a distance of up to 120 kilometers away, in practice, with 100 percent accuracy. "The advantage of this complex is that it is mobile. Maybe in the shortest possible time to turn around in the specified location and Missile to the enemy surface targets — said the commander of a separate coastal missile division of the Caspian flotilla Maxim CHernousov.

BRC "Ball" entered service at the end of the Caspian Flotilla in 2011. The structure of self-propelled unit includes a command post control and communication, self-propelled launcher and other equipment, up to 11 special machines.The complex is capable of hitting targetsat a distance of up to 120 kilometers at any time and under any weather conditions. While alerting the battle is no more than five minutes.

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