The national park of French island of Reunion wildfire destroyed more than 2600 hectares of forest

© ITAR-TASSIn the national park the French island of Reunion, located in the Indian Ocean, rampant forest fire. For the past week to the protected area, under the protection of UNESCO, destroyed more than 2,6 thousand hectares of forest.
The first fires were reported on Tuesday in one of the south-eastern sector of the reserve at about two thousand meters above sea level. Under the influence of the strong wind the fire quickly swept a vast area, three days after destroying nearly one thousand hectares. At the end of the week, local authorities made statements that the situation was brought under control, but Sunday was a serious deterioration — the fire continued its offensive.
The fire has already stepped up to the residential buildings. In the night from Saturday to Sunday was destroyed was located in the area of animal farm. More than 40 local residents were evacuated. Prefect Michel Lalande island said that the evacuation was of a preventive nature and was designed to allow firefighters to focus their efforts on protecting structures.
To extinguish the fire from across the island attracted about 400 people Fire and Rescue Services, gendarmes and soldiers, but despite all efforts, the fire continues to threaten the island. French Overseas Territories Minister Marie-Luce Panshar ordered to second on Renyunon extra reinforcement from the mother country in the 173 people, but before they could reach the island until the eve of the company's personnel because of the strike, "Air France."
From today, the total number of firemen to exceed 800. To fight the fire attracted eight specialized helicopters. According to preliminary data from the local administration, the risk of fire was arson.
Reyunonsky Park was established in 2007 and occupies nearly 40 percent of the territory of the French overseas department in the south-west Indian Ocean. In 2010, the park was declared a World Heritage Site. The island is known for exceptional variety of terrain, including subtropical and tropical rainforests, sandy plains, mountain canyons and volcanoes.

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