The new lawyer promises not to abandon missile

Journalist Irina Khalip will protect the new lawyer — Anna Bakhtin. Presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu expect additional medical examination. Khalip and Nyaklyayeu remain under house arrest in their apartments under tight restrictions.


Parents of Irina Khalip on Monday completed all the formal legal process to hire a new lawyer for her daughter. They became Anna Bakhtin — known for her participation in the processes of political prisoners Enira Bronitskaya and public organization "Union of Belarusian Writers."

Earlier, Irina Khalip tried to protect lawyers Vladimir Toustsik and Tamara Garaeva. Last abandoned the work the day before. Anna Bakhtin — the third lawyer, said the mother of the journalist, Lucyna Belzatskaya:

Today when I shift, the guards called and Danya says, perhaps they brought my father …

"I asked her, if she is not afraid and will not give up. She said no. Indeed tired already be in unexplained circumstances, when the contract is concluded, and two days after her lawyer refused without explanation. And the rest unchanged. Danya became very quiet, good-natured: all the time "Mama, Mama." Now when I change the guards called and Danya says, perhaps they brought my father. "


Prisoner in the home Vladimir Neklyaeva Hospital doctors examined the KGB, but only partially, so he will seek a more comprehensive survey in the near future, according to the candidate's wife Olga Neklyaeva:

"He just looked at the stomach and head for prescription drugs. Need a scan of the head, as well as a survey analysis — will insist on it. Nothing else happened: drinking pills, measures the pressure. Houses, of course, is better, but in such conditions in their home feel not very comfortable. "

As said Olga, they were removed from all the information about the events surrounding the defendant in total criminal case, and for Vladimir Neklyaeva main desire is the release of all political prisoners.

Released from prison on bail Natalia Radin have to stay in Kobrin, but it did not limit the contacts, so she paid a visit to the school to meet with alumni:

Natalia Radin

"Went to school on prom night. Firstly, there I went up to the stage when performing May classroom teacher, gave her flowers. When descended and walked down the hall, a few people came up and expressed words of support. They came from Minsk, were Also on the square of the number 19, but did not expect to see me here, because I did not know I was in the same school attended. Also, as far as my classmates and teachers, it also did not feel any hostility or condemnation, but on the contrary: it was support that they know where I was, worried about me and were happy to see on the loose. "

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