The new reality, the technology transfer

Many individuals associated coming "end of the world" with the transition to a new reality. These wretched understanding Earth move somewhere there in time or space, and begin a completely different life. Of course, happy and well-fed, because humanity will be in terms of something like intergalactic investment fund.

Nonsense of course, but it clogged the Internet. One gets the impression that the psycho nutcase sitting and crazy chases.
And what you old reality does not fit? You did it yourself, and now waiting for a miracle? Yes, the hell we need at least a little bit of advanced civilization? All sorts of miracles have their limit.
The following is an explanation on the transition, but not for little boys and girls, and adult uncles (aunts still niasilil).
Why sink civilization? In fact very few people are interested in the details, but quite another — the consequences. On them will be discussed.
Human civilization is at 99 percent of the people who see the world not as it actually is, that is, of the paranoid. Paranoid, consider for example that the moon revolves, or that the soul is immortal. But you never know what they think. Their opinion does not interest anyone. And these gentlemen imagined that at one point someone knock out one time out of their heads all the nonsense.
Yes, the transition takes place, the psychological value system, but if you fool, it's for life. It is treated only in its infancy.
So, the technology:
After inversion of the planetary magnetic field, in a moment of humanity will remain without electricity, gas and drugstores.
Through pharmacies now there is a big part of the people, then it will come lyudam logical end. Minusuem billion five, and in the rest remain as physically healthy people.
Half of them suffer from mental illnesses associated with the ongoing activities. This current economists, lawyers, managers, and even programmers. Why are they crazy? Very simple: Economists have moved on trying to follow the science of what actually exists. Lawyers have moved down from the coils on the complexity of the legislation, which they had created. Managers — generally take a direct sabotage, but inadequate, consider the activity useful. And programmers are all working, that is exacerbated Shizu a massive scale.
These categories in most die as not adapted to life in the real world. And will remain less than a billion men.
There are not considered very cataclysm which will claim many lives in the process. Because after the transition, the Earth will be a few hundred million. So they begin to live in a new reality.
Theoretically, it will be achieved desired result — people will be happier. But to achieve this will be a miracle, and elementary, we can say natural selection Nature. After all, there can be happiness in a society where the crazies are running the show.
-So, there is almost no hope to survive? — The reader will ask.
Not at all. Each of us may be lucky. Even if a person is ill, even if he is terminally ill, is a chance. After all, most of the diseases in humans caused by nerves and shock therapy is good treats.
You're lucky. But, when you get to the New World, appreciate his luck, and luck of others.

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