The number of victims of dangerous intestinal infection in Germany has risen to 31 people

The death toll of the dangerous intestinal infection in Germany has reached 31 people.

About this with reference to the N-channel 24 reports RIA "Novosti". The number of infected dangerous infection close to 3 thousand people. The disease was diagnosed in residents of 13 European countries, USA and Canada.

Meanwhile, the experts seem to identify the source of infection. Scientists have found dangerous bacteria in legume sprouts from a farm in North Rhine-Westphalia. Cucumbers and tomatoes German researchers acknowledged harmless.

The epidemic started in Europe in late May. Most of the patients recovered well after a week or two, but the elderly and children with the disease is threatening complications of life. The symptoms — bloody diarrhea, fever and vomiting.

In connection with the spread of infection, Russia banned the import of 2 June European vegetables. May 10 it was announced that the country's leadership has decided to go to a meeting with European manufacturers and to lift the ban, but the vegetables that come to Russia from Europe, will have to be inspected and have a special certificate.

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