The number of victims of the earthquake in Italy has increased to 15

The number of victims of the devastating earthquake in northern Italy has risen to 15 people, injured about a hundred people, and about 6,000 people were evacuated from their homes, according to local media, referring to the country's civil defense service.

Previously reported ten dead.

According to the Civil Defense, missing at this point are considered to five.

As the channel Tgcom24, after the earthquake in Italy's civil defense service with a request for temporary housing turned around 6000 people who are afraid to return to their homes, the victims of the disaster.

Thus, the television said, the total number of evacuees from their homes now exceed 13,000, as after the devastating earthquake on May 20 in Emilia-Romagna, in temporary camps were placed 7.5 thousand people.

A strong earthquake of magnitude 5.8 occurred on Tuesday in northern Italy at 09.00 local time (11.00 MSK). The epicenter was overlain by about a depth of 10 kilometers and was located in the Emilia-Romagna region in the province of Modena — the most affected by the massive earthquake last May 20.

Then about 13.00 (15.00 MSK) was an earthquake of magnitude 5.3 aftershock. In addition, experts have recorded several strong aftershocks.

According to the Chief of the Civil Defense of Emilia Romagna Demetrio Egidio (Demetrio Egidio), the strongest earthquake affected the province of Modena and Bologna.

The disaster hit many buildings and houses, hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes.

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