The official dismantling of the planetary grid of the Earth 3D.

Today, I salute you.
I — Archangel Michael.

Today emergency call contactee to announce some very important news that has spread throughout your galaxy, and that our hearts are filled with joy. Because, for the last two days there have been important changes in your grid, which you call "grating 3D», which you call "lattice of duality." In the lattice, in which many of you have lived for the past thousands of years, and which was, if I may say so — dismantled. Officially dismantled because it currently exists and is maintained only for the emotions that manifest you — people, people living on this earth.

God the Absolute and the entire hierarchy of Light Keep your movement up and now you have reached and passed the point, which allowed us to dismantle your connection to this grid. Disassemble in the sense that it is no longer supported by any of the forces exerted in your sector of the universe.

Now all that happens — it happens to flow and passage to a higher level of development. This made it possible to attract more and more the Forces of Light, more and more opportunities to your own, preserved by you in you. And you are now going to a new vibrational level, you can gently wash, how to erase the unnecessary elements of scenery — it can be said, those design of a theatrical performance, which has been involved for passing your experience.

How does this happen?
Nobody from the outside — no civilization and no embodied suddenly in your space angels, or (as you call it) Ascended Masters — can not do this job for you, for this work — one of the most joyous.
This — is what you strive for many centuries of this civilization.
You — have moved from a state of the manifested and unmanifested Chaos — a state of constructive creation. And it is a joy — to see when a planet has the ability to carry out the creation which will be useful to all who live on this planet now and that will be the beginning of the road to the souls that will go down in the future. And it is — there will be no way in the dark, in the degradation or elevation capabilities of the soul.
It will be — The path leading only to the light.

We congratulate you and explain and recall that only depends on you erase these illusions, which are around you. The pieces of the third density that surround you, and you can see appearing on the street, in society or in the space where you show, they keep the emotions and physical manifestations of you.
That is, if you remove the binding, emotions, or the connection with the developing events relating to the last grid — these events are lost and grill in your community ceases to have effect the dominance over you. And by turns grating over a pure manifestation, larger capacity, that grating called you — the 4th, 5th degree of manifestation.

Congratulations you are that by creating this opportunity for yourself, you have shown — the movement of their souls, you have shown — features its manifestations, other planets and other civilizations that are just starting on the path, that — it is possible under the conditions as we say, chaotic display of emotions and haosnogo traffic, and you thought your lack of control of the Planet — Way to go, which is very difficult, but that is very useful for the creator and the universe.

Once again, I congratulate you and remind you that the pieces of manifestation grids — they are dependent on you. Top — no civilization, no power, no otherworldly effect to maintain the lattice.

We all — in Love and in Joy! And congratulations and join your gleeful heart!
And add our light to your Light! And the increasing light of your Planet!
I — Archangel Michael.

Contacter: Morey

Category: Channeling

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