The opposition Union of Poles appealed to the President of Poland

Society on Sunday, February 13, in Grodno held an emergency meeting of the General Council of the opposition Union of Poles. The main issue was the detention and arrest Andrew Pochobut — Chairman of the Main Board of the organization. Parliament adopted an appeal to President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski, he is asked to help to make the situation around the Union of Poles do not deteriorated to the extent possible, released A. Pochobut to cease the repression of the other members and against the organization itself.

Andrei Poczobut is a correspondent "Gazety Wyborczej". February 11 he was put on fifteen days allegedly for taking part in an unauthorized protest in Minsk on December 19, where he attended as a journalist. The case in the October Court of Minsk seen twice. The first time a journalist was fined 1 million 750 thousand. However, the sentence did not accept the October District Prosecutor's Office, and the case was sent for retrial.

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