The phase transition of humanity!

We are scared and for good reason. We were afraid that we expect in the future. If we speak of the phase transition, it is necessary to define what it is. Here, the issue is more about physics.

Phase transition — a transition of matter from one state to another. And in this case, a matter we shall mean a person's name and its possible transition to a new state. The simplest example of the transition of matter from one state to another, we can observe with you every day — it is the boiling of water, ie, when the temperature rises and a substance called "water" goes from a liquid to a gas. The same thing happens when the lower the temperature, and a substance called "water" becomes "ice", that is, we have a solid from a liquid.

So what happens to a man, if there is such a transition? In principle, it is safe to say that the moment of transition from one state to another, there are almost all religious traditions, all religious schools in all mystical teachings, and most of all, you can even argue that it is at the moment of transition this teaching, this concept, this method is based.

That is the gist of it is that there are two states: the current and any future (future). Current state in principle everywhere described as poor, as the state of suffering, the state issues a temporary condition, and obviously bleak. And they say that there is a future state, in which he proposed to go, or enter through certain practices to achieve this state. We are talking about religious doctrines, where there is a phase transition point.

A few examples:
In Christianity, the phase transition in the best condition — is the transition to the Kingdom, is a basis in principle this doctrine.
Buddhism: the transition to a state of enlightenment.
Hinduism: entry into nirvana, the achievement of the absolute.
Kabbalah: The transition from the world of selfishness in the world of the divine, the spiritual world, the world of altruism.

As for the esoteric, the esoteric, probably, so each agreed to supply Blavatsky easy to call this period "The transition from the fifth to the sixth race."
My position is that I think that this is absolutely one and the same process, just different names. And from this point of view, I tried to imagine, "What is this new state, a new phase state, a new future reality in which we log in, or still get in?" The idea is that any process is not infinite, and transition sooner or later will happen because we live in is not an infinite space, and that has a beginning has an end, or transition.
To speak more specifically, you need to take any one of these concepts, religious, spiritual, and the example of the study of primary sources to try to present: "What is this new reality that there who can enter, when, why, how, and even whether it is necessary ? "

For example, I took a Christian concept, because we live in a Christian area. That is, at least, the source is closer to us, we often come into contact with him, most of his reading. I'm not talking about Christianity as the "institution of the church," I speak from a position just learning sources, in this case the New Testament.

What is heaven?
To sum up, it can be stated in a few lines. Let's see some quotes that talk about what the kingdom of God?

It is a gift of God, which is offered to all, is the goal of human life. Not anymore razogranicheny, there can get all available every individual and to all humanity as a whole. Sufficiently democratic approach to the transition.
The important point is that this can be achieved on the ground. This can be achieved in the current, current, earth, physical life. But you can go there, if you take the Christian conception, only through the church, participating in rituals and sacraments.
Now, the question of who can enter there? And where, in general, it is?
Take the verbatim text, the words of Jesus Christ:
"The kingdom of God is within you …" (Matthew)

That is, "things are going" is not necessary, ie, the destination is almost reached. And now it is necessary to begin to explore, and actually where it is listed above, is a colorful, comfortable and within us is eternal.
There is an interesting text of the Apostle Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians about who actually enter into the kingdom of God:
"But this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God …"
Flesh and blood — this is our body with you. Go there can be light.
Why is the flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God?
Paul continues, and this text:
"… nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable … I tell you a mystery: we do not all die, but shall all be changed … '

An important point. Nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable. Simply put: "The interim can not inherit eternal. "That is, like attracts like, only the eternal can enter into the eternal. This, in my opinion, one of the key points.
And as you know, the blood, and flesh, and our body is a category of time, what was once born must die sometime.
We determine where it is: somewhere within us.
We have determined that there we can not take.
But the fundamental condition, and, in my opinion, is very thin, clearly says Jesus Christ:
"If you're not, like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven"
Be like children. I've been thinking, what qualities should be in us, that we may enter the kingdom of heaven, that is, the children were, and why, when we were, as children, were kids, we had not entered.

Let's think about what a child is different from an adult.

The issue is best dealt with mathematically. We take the concept of "Adult", put a minus
We take a "child", equated. And look, that in the rest.
What is not a child, but there is an adult? Let's list all that we know, and then generalize. I tried to summarize it all, so as not to waste time guessing. The child has no passport, and the passport — a document of identity. The child has no identity, it has not yet been formed. None of that "I — image", which we have with you. Why do we say, "The child — it is a pure soul." That is, it means that the soul eventually get dirty. In place of a pure soul comes personality comes our understanding of this world.
Personality is formed by upbringing, education, genetic programs.

Why do children see a subtle plan, astral beings, remember the previous incarnation?

Because there is one that is all it sees and remembers. Personality see and can not remember. As a person can remember past lives? It invented the image formed by parents, society, education. As a person can see that she was told that it is not.
The child does not know that there is some entity of a plan. The soul still remembers previous life and personality — no. Is "I — image." I was told I had read, I was shown, etc.

So what is valuable to us that inherit the kingdom of God in the Bible, the New Testament? It — Soul. The Kingdom of God and the Soul — is identical category. This is basically the same thing, it's like to like. Because it's not temporary, it is eternal, it is pure.

What is necessary to enter the kingdom of God, for the logic, which I have to offer?
— "You want to be immortal? '
— "Probably, yes."
Then release your immortal soul from the power of the body and the power of personality. I'm not saying anything to destroy, destroy, discard, all useful.
You just need to change the priorities of power to power the Soul Personality.

Life is how guys dance when we dance, and one of the partners is the second slave. Now our dance we are not slaves, all controls personality and body. Change your partner. Let dominated the dance, the eternal principle. That is, do not need to destroy, destroy. Just change the dominants. Here's a small, small output that is the Kingdom of God and the phase transition from the New Testament.

This is a version of such a small analytical look at the situation where we are with you, may go in, and in any case will still go in, because, as it was written — is the goal of human life.

Now to the question of what makes a man? Find the immortal part of this and give it to the control panel. What to do for humanity?

We understand that we will do something, but what is happening in the world today, forces us to do something together. What is happening in the world, fit into the concept of a law, we have them in our classes call "cosmic laws", and in particular it is the law of the "transition from quantity to quality." And there is such a point, the postulate:

At the last stage of the transformation of quantity into quality, a sharp increase of that figure, or telling you the example of boiling water starts bubbling. Like already has water to a boil, and before that there Bulka.
Here and in the world now begin Bulka, and occur for a reason, but occur as a result of imbalance of forces in the universe, the world, in the world.

What does the imbalance of power? This is where the violation of harmony, when the energy received does not match the recoil energy. Simply put, when the number of breaths did not match the number of breaths. Will list the figures are some examples of what is happening in the world today.
— The World Wildlife Fund said that by the year 2030, mankind need a second planet to meet their needs. The reason lies in the fact that over the past 45 years, the demand for human resources of the planet has doubled as a result of the increase in population and the growth of individual consumption.

Russian Academy of Sciences says that by 2025, half the world's population will suffer from water shortages. Today, in a constant shortage of water is home to over 1.1 billion people, and more than two billion people regularly experience "water stress."
— British scientists said that the people will no longer evolve as a species, and its development has practically stopped.
— In the U.S., interesting figures. In the U.S., there are approximately 5% of the world population and at the same time, the country accounts for about 31.5% of global consumer spending.
That is why we are talking about the imbalance of power? Produce less than they consume. Much less give than take.
What's going on in the world? Nature begins to balance, that is, to restore the balance, that is, take away, that is not DOD. We see how the volcanic eruption in Iceland, in turn, has paralyzed air travel in the European part of the world, and the loss of billions of dollars.

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, lost billions of dollars. That is such forced injections, to use more than give, then let you pick. Otherwise the planet choking. Number of breaths does not match the number of breaths. This is what is happening today in the world. And this is just one of the symptoms that some qualitative transition point is close enough. Timing, of course, no one will say. All told, all scared, but symptoms are present. This is very important.

What do we, the people who understand what's going on?

The very first thing I would suggest is to stop correcting those who do not. Enough to save people, enough to save the world. Our favorite activity is better we'll fix the whole world, but not of a loved one, in which the kingdom of God.
I freely told of Jesus Christ, who said the following, verbatim text:
"Do not give what is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

Someone trying to fix it and send the right way, we achieve the result that we are in all of this is also accused and feet trample. That's not necessary to spend time on it, because all are developing their programs, all working all the same Higher Power. And the people, when they have to come to it, they will come.

Simply put, what psychologists say, and we say, "Do not fight with your shortcomings and negative, when we realize that this way of" consumption "is finite, that's when people will come to the fact that they will look for where it is still were not looking for it inside.
So what to do if you do not correct others? Most importantly, it can be recommended, is to look for like-minded people. Look for those with whom you are in tune with whom in unison sound heart. Why do it? On the one hand, in the company of fun, on the other hand, Jesus Christ again all told us that: "… For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I with them. '
That is collected for a reason, and in order to attract a higher power.
Simply put, you need to create a magnet. And what is here now, it is a magnet. It is people reaching into the same direction.

How does it work?

In the 20th century one of the great Kabbalists of his time Baal Sulam in his work written an interesting thing. He said so, that if everyone on the planet at the same time would make one thing, the world would change overnight. Do you think that is? What should be done to all the people at the same time to the world instantly changed? All need time to ask, "What is the meaning of life? "This is not a mystery, it's physics. When you line up in a single vibration, electromagnetic circuit is formed, which make up the field and what happens is that in the end, we know as the "hundredth monkey effect." When a critical mass of people staring up new high-quality results. In fact, the process of combining and building magnets occur. Not for nothing said of the Kabbalists, what they do, this is the congresses.

People gather in texts, primary sources, people unite. A week ago, a congress was held in Israel, came to 7000 people. Simultaneously in parallel on the internet millions more watched broadcast and trained. And every year, and this figure increases. That is a magnet works. Processes go. Not have to change those that do not want to, be united with those in tune with you. It really works, because the processes of association have precedents, for example, people come together in the world is on the simple things.

Two years ago, the world has passed the action, which was called "Earth Hour." Sort of nonsense, and the desire to save money, but still, people were asked everyone on the planet in one hour off, lighting, etc. Someone did it, some do not, but the trend is ascending.
— In 2008 — supported by 35 leading cities of the world;
— In 2009 — already 74 countries and 377 cities;
— In 2010 — 1600 attended the cities.
Just people resonate at the same frequency. Earth Hour will take place next March 26th, 2011 at 20:30 local time.
These are examples of what is possible to unite, possibly caused by electromagnetic network with the software.
The fact that about a phase transition, when it will take place, and so we basically know nothing.
That is a critical mass of people necessary hidden.
But it may very well be that the hundredth monkey is you awake!
(Report "Phase transition of humanity" by Andrei Petrov, the III International Conference of the Latvian Association of parapsychology and esoteric (20 November 2010).

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