The prices are just huge for us

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded that the foreign investors to operate only on the conditions of Belarus. French-Russian company "Danone-Unimilk" which works in Pruzany, a condition — in the first quarter to fulfill all orders Lukashenko, including over whether to carry the social burden. How to refer to this in Pruzany?

In Pruzany city residents felt the arrival of Russian capital in another Last year,. Almost immediately disappeared from stores locally produced dairy products. With one side, Pruzany says a resident, you can see that the owner himself has to decide how to manage time and money that he has. But in this case it turned out that there was an agreement between the district administration and the foreign companies, which concerned the investment, the development of social infrastructure. Foreign company virtually nothing fulfilled:

"Just at some point had lost control of the enterprise. Now the staff there went up, it came to a head of state. Last instructed to sort this out, and at this level vyskoim that can be dismissed chairman of the district executive committee."

According to the head of the country, the company has been virtually alone processing and export of drinking milk. Many residents Pruzany agree with these claims:

"Since September, we discuss the problem. As for recent developments and an ultimatum from the Head of State, many in Pruzany know about it on television, and agree with this position. "

Pruzany resident says the city is practically no benefit was the fact that the region came to foreign capital:

"They took away our creamery in Moscow, but why do we need it? What are we from that? Pruzany Milk imported from Birch and Vawkavysk. When it is from our factory, then these prices, which for us are huge into account a small pension and salary . "

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