The process has started: The restructuring of the USSR watch online

The process has started, "The restructuring of the Soviet Union" watch online
"Process gone "- a film about the history of 6 years of restructuring, its conquests and defeats, hopes and disappointments. This rapid and catastrophic period that changed our country and the world, specifically participants in this event — the leading politicians of the Russian Federation, the United States, Poland and Lithuania, representatives Russian and Western intellectuals.

During these six years, on the ground one second part of the land there freedom words freedom creativity and physical freedom to many political prisoners. But also more freedom to organized crime and nationalist extremism. What still remains "the bottom line" of the process that went 20 years ago and whose results have an impact on the lives of hundreds of millions of people to date? What was the collapse of the Soviet Union: a direct result of the policy Gorbachev or its inability to control process reforms? Or maybe it was a successful event or an internal CIA komplot? These and other questions are trying to answer the movie characters.

Misha's point of view Gorbachev and his opponents from the horse's mouth — in the documentary film "Process gone ".

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