The revival of flax production in the Yaroslavl region.

In the Danilov area resumes the company, which gave the name of a small village. The business, which previously seemed unprofitable, thanks to a new technique, can give a boost to the entire neighborhood.
Built in 1975, the object — the flagship of the local industry is not able to keep afloat in the turbulent '90s. Now flax plant is experiencing a rebirth.

The enterprise has been prepared for the installation of a unique area of domestic equipment Ivanovo plant. GK Queen.
According to the director of the plant — the performance of the experimental technique can be compared with Belgian counterparts. Conjuncture of the equipment is a new swimming on the waves of the market now favors.

"The market prices from the previous year increased by 2 times. Last year it was 20 rubles. per kilogram, it is now more than 50. And the entry of raw materials goes. Money is made now, they are made of linen, because the quality of paper is very good — better than anything else ", — The director of MUP "St. Daniel Flax" Eugene Chekalov.

Already mounted machine for the production of fibers for building. The plans also linseed oil. Inventories of raw materials until the next harvest will be enough. Expanding fields of flax in the area for the plant opens up new horizons.

"The seed wedge, 1,200 hectares of which we have already planted this year, giving us the ability to provide a highly productive plant and equipment work for a year. The program is quite promising and I would like to implement it in the near future ", — Says the head of the Danilov MP Alexander Smirnov.

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