The role of the 4th Reich play Lofty Caliphate

Play the role of the Fourth Reich "Great Caliphate"

Global systemic crisis pushes to accelerate the task of restructuring the world. For Western civilization, with its economy and usurious credit lending rate (the West in the last century, is in control of the direction of the world's population), it is time to "reset" debentures, update the matrix. It is completely natural course: the owners of the West will update the system (it is always accompanied by the modernization of bloody wars and mass casualty) or other project development there of the world population (Russian, Islamic, Chinese), and this leads to a geopolitical defeat of the Western world.

Already in the 1990s, when the U.S. was in its heyday, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the western society was analytical work on the development of modern strategy. In the United States launched the programs from which different universities and organizations to study the development of the post-war world. Namely, in 1997, a work by Geoffrey Kemp and Robert Harkavy, "Strategic Geography and the Changing Middle East. " In its creators have put their eyes on the future of the region's tremendous — North Africa, Near and Middle East. They told about the upcoming revival of politically active Islam which claim to leadership in the world and the era of confrontation on the strip north — south. Then President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld voiced the theory of "Greater Near East." One of the details of this plan was the so-called prince. Colonel Peters map.

The owners of the West decided to reformat the "Big Neighbor The East. " Western "think tanks" virtually proposed to repeat the strategy of the first and second world wars. To do this, create a "common enemy", a kind of "Resident Evil" (Mordor), which should bring a lot of public land issues. Then valiant "force for good" prevail against it. But before that, many countries will be destroyed and devastated (the destruction of infrastructure is very crucial for the Westerners — all need to be restored, and this multi-billion dollar contracts), millions will die, 10's of millions of people. The role of the "Third Reich" which will fire and sword near and distant neighbors, bled themselves and must play the Islamic world. This feature of this strategy — not a specific country, which plays the role of "Mordor", the enemy — a collective.

This will allow the West to solve some important problems:

— Get out of the systemic crisis with fewer losses, to solve the problem of debt and economic utilization (useful weight guns, ammunition, ammunition related industries will be loaded).

— Push the top contenders among themselves and their very weakened: the Islamic world with China, India, Russia and the Old World (German-Romanesque Western Europe should be a vassal of the Anglo-Saxons, and not an independent power center).

— To solve the problem of Islam. The Quran is completely discredited and goes into the category of banned literature as "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. Islam will share the fate of National Socialism.

— Emerge victorious from World War II, does not prevent the recurrence of past mistakes, such as the creation in the second World War, the other superpower — the Russian Union.

— Kill the "excess" biomass. On the West is no longer the first decade stroll idea of the "redundancy" of the population of the planet.

— Make the transition to a new technological system, which will allow to divide the world into a caste of long-lived gentlemen who own "divine techniques" and serving their slaves.

— Get access to the historical heritage of mankind, to the unique relics. Part of invaluable material disappeared (and lost) for private meetings, the other will be destroyed and eliminated already in the crucible of war. The owners of the West do not want the world to have access to data that can be one hundred percent change adopted by the history of mankind. News of the robbery and winding up of unique historical materials come from all States that have already affected "controlled chaos" (Egypt, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan).

Arabic (Islamic) world has been elected as a battering ram, which crush and bleed the enemies of the West, not the case. In 1-x, the Western colonial powers, having gone from North Africa and the Middle East, so redrew the boundaries that have done all the prerequisites for future wars. In-2, the West is in these regions a good network of agents, their clientele in the form of the Arab monarchies. B-3, Islam has the potential for confrontation between the Western "values", making it difficult to establish the New World Order. The Islamic world should be one hundred percent devastated, having lost the more energetic part of the population in the world war. B-4, the Muslims have large communities in almost all centers of power, states civilizations that are subject to destruction or weakening of the greatest — India, China, Russia and the European Union. They become a "fifth column", which is used for ramming attack on rivals Anglo-Saxons.

An act of terrorism September 11, 2001 was organized to provide a pretext for the immediate implementation of the plan. It was a kind of programs from the start. Iraq and Afghanistan have become the first "zones of chaos", the gateway to the inferno. And cut through this gate specifically the United States and its NATO allies. In Iraq, worked tactical solutions on the collision of religious groups (including intra), different ethnic groups, the creation of centers of myatezhvoyny, permanent chaos, crushing the country apart. Immediately launched the process of disintegration in the adjoining states. For this purpose we used the Kurdish card. Iraqi Kurdistan has become a de facto independent state. Refugees from Iraq have become fuel for transport chaos in the area adjacent countries, namely in Syria. In Afghanistan, it was a question to form a stable channel of financing — drug trafficking (drugs directly inhibit the development potential future owners of slaves NMP). In addition, the United States suffer chaos in Central Asia. West received a springboard for multilateral pressure on Iran, Central Asia, the Russian Federation, China and India.

In the first step of the strategy of "Greater Near East" must be carried out new boundaries (legal destruction of Sudan in two, there was the actual destruction of Iraq into three parts — the Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite, Libya — Cyrenaica and Tripolitania on, the occurrence Azavad Tuareg in Mali) , dismembered and destroyed the major countries of North Africa and the Middle East. Universal destruction, disintegration lead to a sharp archaic Islamic world, strengthening a constructive part of it. The emergence of millions of disadvantaged people, local conflicts give rise to the core "army of chaos."

Libya and Syria are the countries where the troops "army of chaos" are proving ground tests. West moved on to the concept of "myatezhvoyny" when statehood breaking open inside various opponents of the regime and the "chaos of troops." These criteria army of industrial type — Syria, Iran, China, India and the Russian Federation is losing its an advantage. On the example of Syria, we litsezreem that the armed
forces have to wage war with its own citizens, on its territory, destroy the town, the infrastructure to fight the Islamist underground, the actions of the enemy intelligence. In the worst scenario, the Russian Airborne divisions and brigades of the Army will have to not only restrain the pressure the enemy troops on the Caucasian and Central Asian fronts, and crush the rebellion of young migrants and Muslim citizens of Russia, who have been educated in Cairo and Riyadh.

It should also be noted, and the fact that the pumping region instrument. West contributed to the arming of Iraq, Libya, the Arab monarchies (these countries are the real arms race). On the example of Libya, we have litsezreem as a tool replenished stockpiles "army of chaos." Earlier in the same way the United States and Britain helped create the Wehrmacht, the military-industrial complex in Germany, followed a policy of "appeasement." All stockpiles will fall into the hands of "the army of chaos."

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