The role of women in the Russian majestically War: Facts and Figures

The role of women in World War II: Facts and FiguresThe female part of our multinational people together with the men, babies and the elderly made on his own shoulders all the burdens of the war majestically. Ladies inscribed in the annals of war, many glorious pages.

The ladies were at the front of the band: doctors, women pilots, snipers, in parts of the defense, communications workers, spies, chauffeurs, surveyors, reporters, even tankistkami, gunners, and served in the infantry. Ladies heavily involved in the underground, in the guerrilla movement.

Ladies have made a huge amount of "pure male" professions in the rear, because the men went to war, and someone had to stand up for the machine to drive a tractor, to become inspector of railways, to learn the profession of metallurgist, etc.

Facts and Figures

— Military service in the Soviet Union is a venerable duty not only guys, and ladies. It is their right was written in Art. 13th Law on Conscription, IV adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR September 1, 1939 It is said that the People's Commissariat of Defense and the Navy has the right to take the army and navy ladies with honey, veterinary and specially and technical training, and involving them in training sessions. In wartime, the ladies who have designated training may be drafted into the army and navy to carry the auxiliary and special services. A sense of pride and gratitude Russian ladies party and the government over the decision of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR expressed the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR E.M.Kozhushina of Vinnytsia region: "All of us, young patriot — she said — are ready to act to protect our lovely country. We, ladies, are proud that we have been given the right to defend its par with the men. And if you would call our party, our government, we all come to the defense of our amazing country and give the enemy a crushing rebuff. "

— Already the first news of the treacherous attack of Germany on the Soviet Union caused the ladies boundless anger and a burning hatred of the enemies. On held across the country rallies and meetings they announced their own willingness to stand up for their own country. Ladies and girls go to party and Komsomol organizations, military recruitment, and there aggressively sought sent to the front. In the middle of volunteers who have applied to send in the army, and 50% of applications were from women.

— During the first week of the war statement to send to the front came from 20 thousand Muscovites, and after three months of enrollment in the ranks of the defenders of the motherland have gained 8360 ladies and women of Moscow. Among the Leningrad Komsomol, served in the first days of the war with the request to send the application to the army, 27 thousand applications were from women. Sent to the front have gained more than 5 million women of the Metropolitan District of Leningrad. Two thousand of them were soldiers of the Leningrad Front and selflessly fought on the outskirts of his native town.

The role of women in World War II: Facts and Figures

Rose Shanin. Killed 54 of the enemy.

— Made 30 June 1941 Municipal Committee of Defense (GKO) adopted a number of decisions on the mobilization of women to serve in the army air defense, communications, internal security, on military roads … There have been several Komsomol mobilizations, namely the mobilization of Komsomol in the Navy, in the Air Force and Signal Corps.

— In July 1941, more than 4 thousand ladies Krasnodar region have asked them to send in the army. In the first days of the war had gone four thousand volunteers will give the Ivanovo region. On Komsomol Red Army began about 4 thousand women from the Chita region, more than 10 thousand of Karaganda.

— At the front at different times fought from 600 thousand to 1 million women, 80 thousand of them were Russian officers.

— Central sniper training school for women gave the front sniper 1061 and 407 instructors sniper case. Graduates of the school was killed in the war over 11,280 enemy soldiers and officers.

— Ryazan infantry school at the end of 1942 an order was issued — to prepare women volunteers from around 1,500 officers. By January 1943, the school came up two thousand women.

— For the first time in history, during the Russian war in the Armed Forces of our country has the ladies' combat formations. Of female volunteers was formed three air regiments: the 46th Guards night bomber, 125th Guards Bomber, 586 th Fighter Air Defence Regiment, separate women's volunteer infantry brigade, Private ladies' reserve infantry regiment, the Central girls' school snipers, Private company of women seafarers.

The role of women in World War II: Facts and Figures

Snipers Faina Yakimova, Shanin Rose, Lydia Volodin.

— Located near Moscow, 1st single ladies' Reserve Regiment and trained cadres of motorists and snipers, machine-gunners and junior commanders of combatant units. In 2899 there were personnel of the ladies.

— In the Special Capital Air Defense Army served 20 thousand ladies.

— Some ladies were commanders. You can call the Hero Russian Union Valentina Grizodubova that throughout the war commanded the 101st Aviation Regiment distant acts which were men. She made about two hundred sorties, delivering guerrilla weapon, explosives, food, and taking out the wounded.

— Head of the department of artillery ammunition management Polish Army colonel was Antonina consoles. She graduated from the war near Berlin. Order it in the middle of awards: "Rebirth of Poland" IV class, "The Cross of Grunwald" III class, the "Golden Cross Awards" and others.

— In 1941, the first military farm labor, priemuschestvenno collective farms, were employed 19 million women. This means that almost all the hardships of food serving army and the country fell on their shoulders, their hands labor.

— The industry employed 5 million women, with many of them were trusted and command positions — directors, foremen, foremen.

— Culture, education and health care are taken care of, priemuschestvenno, ladies.

— Ninety-five women in this country are of the highest rank of Russian Union of Heroes. In the middle of our astronauts.

— Most countless Russian consulate member majestically in the middle of war, other specialties were female physicians.

— Of the total number of doctors who were in the army, there were about 700 thousand, 42% were women, and among doctors — 43.4%.

— Middle and junior medical staff at the front served more than 2 million people. Ladies (paramedic, sisters, medical orderlies) were the best part — above 80 percent.

— During the war, was created by a harmonious system of health care fighting army. Was so called doctrine of military field medicine. At al
l steps of evacuating the wounded — from a company (battalion) to hospitals in the rear of the deepest — selflessly carried the generous purpose of mercy physicians are women.

— Glorious patriot served in all military branches — in aviation and the Marine Corps, on the Black Sea Fleet warships, the Northern Fleet, the Caspian and the Dnieper flotilla in floating naval hospitals and hospital trains. Together with the cavalry, they went into the deepest raids in the rear of the enemy, were the partisans. With the infantry came to Berlin. And everywhere medichki provided specialized assistance to victims of the fighting.

— It is estimated that women-medical orderlies rifle companies, medical battalion, artillery batteries CONTRIBUTE seventy percent of the wounded soldiers to return to duty.

— For the special courage and heroism of 15 female doctors were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union.

— On the exploit women — military doctors resembles a sculptural monument in Kaluga. In the park on Kirov Street rises on the highest pedestal of full-length front-line medical sister in a cloak-tent with the sanitary bag over his shoulder. Kaluga city during the war was the focus of numerous hospitals that cured and returned to the system 10 of thousands of soldiers and commanders. Therefore is erected a monument in the holy place, which always flowers.

History has never seen such massive role in the armed struggle will give for their country, which showed Russian ladies Russian majestically in the years of the war. Having admission to the ranks of soldiers Paint Army, ladies and girls obsessed with almost all military specialties and, together with their spouses, fathers and brothers were carrying military service in all branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian troops.

The role of women in World War II: Facts and Figures

Unknown Russian girl from ordinary anti-tank artillery piece.

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